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6 things your dog should learn

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What is good dog care for you? For me, success means the balance between freedom and the development of essential rules. Therefore, I will present you 6 things that, in my opinion, you should teach your pet, wanting to make your everyday life easier for you both.

Your dog should learn commands, except for basic ones, that will make your life together easier. I can mention recommendations such as: “leave it”, “sit-stay” or “take it and drop it”. It is also good to teach your dog to eat neatly from his bowl and to sleep in his bed at night.

What you will learn from this article:

• It’s good to teach your dog commands like “leave it”, “sit-stay” or “take it and drop it”

• Convince your dog to sleep in his bed

• You can teach your dog to eat straight from the bowl

Things that a dog should know

Upbringing a dog is an enormous responsibility for every dog ​​guardian. Our task is to provide the dog with a good and happy life. However, caring for a dog also enriches his knowledge with new skills. So I’ll tell you what I think are the 6 most important things you should teach your dog.

Mastering these skills with your dog will help you in your everyday life. Moreover, it will also help commune your pet with other quadrupeds he encounters on his way.

Mutual understanding and respect for each other’s needs are the basis of a good relationship between a man and a dog. Therefore, teaching your dog to express your emotions and showing him how you show your happiness or sadness will significantly support your bond.

6 things your dog should learn

First, I want to tell you that my purpose is not to tell you that you have to teach your dog to go outside or walk on a leash. Indeed you are well aware that this is the basis for caring for a pet.

That is why it is essential for me that you know what it is worth for your dog to learn. In addition to these basic commands, he certainly already knows and understands them well. I hope that you will find something here that will have a very positive impact on your relationship with your pet.

Take it and drop it

Young dogs are curious about the world. Everything is exciting to them. Therefore, if they often find something that catches their attention, they decide to take it in their mouth. Unfortunately, as you probably know, our dogs have a unique taste for what is inappropriate.

Therefore, it is essential that from an early stage of the dog’s life, at your command, he learns to give what is currently in his mouth. That will avoid many unpleasant situations.

Your dog may unknowingly destroy a thing that he found exciting and decide to take it in his mouth. What’s worse, the dog may also want to eat and accidentally encounter something that will interest him with its smell. That can be very dangerous to his health.

Teaching my dog ​​the give-back command during the puppy period allowed me to save my new shoes, which he happily carried towards his lair. Fortunately, he released the boot from his mouth as I had instructed. In this way, I could save them with almost no damage.


The stay command is also essential in everyday life with the dog. That is more than a simple command given to a dog. This command is necessary for sudden, unexpected situations when something happens that makes your dog panic and then stop acting rationally.

A strong hunter’s instinct characterizes our dogs. Having spotted a potential victim to track down, they can focus so much on their target that what is happening around them is of secondary importance. Of course, the intensity of this behaviour depends on how strong your pet’s instincts are.

A dog may chase after such a cat or squirrel in the park regardless of anything. He desires to catch it at all costs and will not consider that he will be running across a busy road or into a pond.

In such situations, the dog must respond appropriately to the stay command. It can have a direct impact on the health, and in hazardous cases, even on the life of your dog. Therefore, I believe that this is one of the things you absolutely must teach your pet.

If you want to teach your dog this command, I refer you to my post, which you can find HERE. I explain in detail how you can teach your dog to follow this command correctly.

Food from a bowl

Probably every dog ​​guardian will agree that our dogs have a particular liking for taking individual bites from the bowl and eating them straight from the ground. Such behaviour can be bothersome, and certainly not only for those who value cleanliness in their home.

However, not everyone knows that we can effectively unlearn our dog from such behaviour—the answer to how to do it is in the article HERE.

Maintaining hygiene around the dog is very important, especially in the area where he eats. That has a direct impact on his health, as well as his desire to eat. That’s why I especially recommend you teach your dog this skill.

Command No

Our dogs are curious about the world around them. A lot of things are interesting to them. Unfortunately, as you probably know, dogs are most often interested in what, in our eyes, they should not be interested in.

That applies to other animals and places or objects he just encountered. Every time we are in the park, my dog states that he is hungry and must look for something to eat when he notices garbage lying around the bin. As you can probably guess, he got a bowl of delicious food at home.

Unfortunately, tempting with treats in this situation did not bring the expected result. The dog ignored me in such a situation, too absorbed in what interested him—only mastering the command “No” helped to solve this problem. He knew it was a command, not just my request.

Sleeping in his bed

I think there are as many supporters as opponents of a dog sleeping in our bed. I believe there is nothing wrong with the dog occasionally coming to us. However, it is more important than that he spends the night in his lair. Otherwise, he’ll be baffled about when he can sleep with us and when he can’t.

That’s why I only let my dog ​​jump on the bed in the morning. In this way, we sleep the last minutes before getting up, or when it’s the weekend, we relax.

The dog should sleep in his bed because it is his sanctuary. He has the whole bedding space, and we don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting him while he sleeps. Moreover, it is a much more hygienic solution.

If you want to learn how to teach your pet to sleep in his bed, I encourage you to read my article, which you can find HERE.

Being in sight

When raising my dog, I focus on making him feel good and at ease with me. If it is unnecessary, I try not to limit it in any way.

I can afford it because I managed to get my dog ​​into the habit of always keeping me in sight. I know he feels safe during free play when he can quickly locate where I am.

He knows that he can quickly be at my side in danger. It is also very reassuring for me. Being within sight of a pet is a kind of invisible barrier for us, which we do not cross.

two dogs on grey cushions

These are the things you should teach your dog – did you know that?

I shared with you a list of things that, in my opinion, greatly facilitate my daily life with a dog. I’d love to know which are familiar to you and which ones you haven’t thought of before.

If you have a list of things to teach your dog, share it with me in the comments.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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