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A closer look at an Italian Greyhound

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An elegant and dignified dog – the Italian Greyhound, will surely steal the heart of every dog lover. His charming personification perfectly harmonizes with an energetic spirit. Italian greyhounds are perfect companions for spending time actively.

Italian Greyhound: a brief description

Dogs of this breed are exceptionally dignified and distinguished. Their elegant appearance perfectly harmonizes with their slightly feisty personification. The Italian Greyhound does not belong to dogs that like boredom. On the contrary, spending time actively gives them a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Greyhounds like movement because they have a lot of energy, especially in puppies of this breed. They feel great in the company of other greyhounds. Similar personification and cheerfulness make this breed get along very well during joint, active play. Moreover, if the Italian Greyhound will not get sufficient opportunities to use his energy, he can be capricious and inconsolable.

The History of the Greyhound Dog Breed

The ancestors of the Italian greyhounds we know today lived in the times of ancient Egypt in the company of the pharaohs. The greyhounds there were slightly smaller than the ones we associate with nowadays. They were also a frequent element of paintings placed on Greek vases.

The times of the Renaissance are the undeniable flourishing of greyhounds in Italy at magnate courts. As in the times of ancient Egypt, the greyhound dog breed was also a kind of inspiration for artists. The most eminent artists of the Renaissance painted these quadrupeds.

What does the Italian Greyhound look like?

An exceptionally slender silhouette characterizes Italian Greyhounds. Their body has a square shape. The back is well-muscled. The legs are long and relatively slim. The body ends with a thin but long tail. The head is set on a relatively long, arched neck and is not very large compared to the rest of the body. The ears of the Italian Greyhound are thin and slender, set high on the head. When at rest, they are in a drooping position. The nose is dark black. In addition, its size is proportional to the rest of the head. The eyes of the Italian Greyhound are incredibly expressive. They have a large, oval shape and a dark colour.

Italian Greyhounds reach a size of about 14,96 inches, and their body weight varies up to 5 kilograms. Their colour can be black, blue or beige.

Dog character

This breed of greyhound dog belongs to the group of hunting dogs. They have a unique hunting instinct. Therefore, the Italian Greyhound is very alert and carefully surveys the environment where he is. He has perfect eyesight, which is his additional advantage. Moreover, due to the intense hunting instinct of greyhounds, we should pay attention to the environment where we allow the dog to run freely. If the canine catches the trail, he can follow him regardless.

The Italian Greyhound loves to run, but running speed is more important than the distance covered. Short-distance but intense runs give him the most joy. Learning new skills will not be a problem if he trains consistently and successively. However, let’s remember that greyhounds can get bored quickly, so if you want to teach them new skills, make sure that the exercises are varied and not monotonous.

Health and care

Italian Greyhounds belong to the group of dogs that live up to 15 years. An occurring hereditary disease in this breed of dogs is an eye disease. Sighthounds also suffer from joint disorders, including the displacement of the kneecap.

The winter months often cause Italian Greyhounds to weaken the condition of their hair. The coat things, especially in the back area, become dull, losing their healthy glow. That is a short-term problem that brings the dog’s coat back to normal with the arrival of the spring months.

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If you want to properly care for the Italian Greyhound’s proper care and hygiene, you should pay special attention to the condition of his teeth. This breed requires increased teeth care because plaque and tartar settle on them quickly. Thorough brushing and regular check-ups with the veterinarian are essential in caring for healthy and robust greyhound teeth.

Italian Greyhound and his accessories

Greyhounds do not tolerate cold, low temperatures and humidity very well. Therefore, the winter months are not their favourite part of the year. Appropriately clothing is a must during everyday walks with a greyhound when it gets colder outside. It will protect the dog from the cold and bad weather, thus allowing you to enjoy walks together fully. Italian Greyhounds will look great in all kinds of sweaters. The ASPEN dog sweater from Bowl&Bone Republic will provide your pet with excellent protection against the cold while giving your dog a fashionable look. Also, the folded turtleneck protects your pet’s neck from the wind on unpleasant days.

Playing and actively spending time is the Italian Greyhound’s favourite form of relaxation. If you want to ensure that boredom is not scary for him, all kinds of toys will be perfect. That is why we recommend those that allow you to play with your beloved pooch. For this purpose, dog toys from the Bowl&Bone Republic will be perfect, which will work when playing alone with the dog and actively spending time with the owner.

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The slender physique of Italian Greyhounds requires proper adjustment of the harness they wear. The wrong size can cause the dog discomfort when moving. Moreover, greyhounds have smooth coats and not very thick skin, meaning that poorly selected harnesses or made of poor-quality materials can cause abrasions on their body. Therefore, you should choose the correct harness for your Italian Greyhound, and it is worth paying attention to the ACTIVE line from Bowl&Bone Republic.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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