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A closer look at Maltese dog

Shiny, soft hair, charming dark eyes – that is the Maltese in full splendour. This cute small doggie will delight you with his fidelity and affection.

a dog in the pink harness

The Maltese – a short description

A small doggy with fair hair and unquestionably charming eyes – this is the Maltese. Dogs of this breed feel most comfortable in the company of their owners. Then they can freely vent their vigorous nature. Maltese dogs are not typical couch dogs that will sleep all day long. Therefore, if you care about a pet that will be happy to spend time with you playing together, perhaps this breed is just for you!

The history of this great breed

Maltese dogs have been known to people for a very long time. The first mention of this breed comes from the times of Aristotle. At that time, the philosopher mentioned little dogs, who were especially fond of Roman women, who treated quadrupeds as pets. These were probably the ancestors of the Maltese people we know today.

Over the years, the Maltese breed gained more and more followers. Painters creating in the Renaissance era especially liked these dogs. Moreover, artists often put dogs of this breed in their paintings.

A Maltese appearance

First, you cannot deny that Maltese dogs have an exceptional and natural charm. They can arouse sympathy and delight every canine sympathizer.

a small dog sits in the grey dog bed

A Maltese dog’s weight corresponds to his body size and ranges up to 4 kilograms. The height of adult dogs ranges from 20 to 25 cm. The head of the Maltese is medium in size, not different in proportion to the rest of his body. The doggy has ears of medium length, set relatively high, directly adjacent to the dog’s head. The nose is black and rather large but not dominant. The eyes of the Maltese express his charming character – round, large, and dark-coloured with a black frame. They make the Maltese gaze steal the heart of every person they meet. Maltese paws are not very long. The entire body of the Maltese is rather tiny, ending in a relatively long tail.

Of course, the tremendous dazzling hair of the Maltese dogs is their undisputed hallmark—long, snow-white, extremely pleasant to the touch.

The nature of the Maltese dogs

What is the Maltese like? Above all, he wants to spend time with people. Dogs of this breed accompany people in everyday life. That has developed a unique need to be close to their caregivers. People consider it exceptionally faithful to their owners. Doggies don’t like spending time alone.

The Maltese dog, despite his small size, is energetic. Admittedly, this does not make dogs of this breed outstanding athletes. Instead, we cannot classify them as dogs with a typical sports soul. However, their energy is an excellent release during active fun together. They treat strangers with reserve, and getting to know the new person may take several meetings.

Travelling with a Maltese dog shouldn’t be a problem. Dogs do not react badly to the trips, provided their beloved guardian accompanies them. What’s more, dogs of this breed are intelligent and have no problems learning basic commands.

Health and care

Quite a distinctive feature of Maltese dogs is that they live longer. They are not an exceptionally susceptible breed, which is their definite advantage. In addition, the Maltese guardian should pay attention to the possibility of dark, brown stains in the area – he teaches. That may be due to conjunctivitis or an infection of the tear ducts. It is quite a common condition observed among dogs of this breed.

Maltese dogs’ great advantage is beauty; shiny hair requires proper care. Regular brushing is a necessity. If we neglect or omit this step in the care of the Maltese, his hair will become matted, which does not look aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, this breed’s hair grows quite quickly, so it is worth visiting a groomer regularly for the dog’s comfort.

a dog sits on in the dog bed

Small dog breeds, including Maltese dogs, are predisposed to tartar build-up. That is due to the construction of the jaws and mandible of these dogs. Therefore, if you are a guardian of a Maltese dog, you should regularly check the condition of your dog’s teeth and adequately care for his oral hygiene.

Maltese dogs do not belong to a particularly problematic breed regarding grooming. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they do not require our attention. Taking care of their hair, teeth, and eye area is essential.

Accessories for Maltese dogs

Maltese dogs are among the small dogs. They need additional warming on cold days as their hair cannot protect against low temperatures completely. Due to their small dimensions, they will look charming in elegant dog clothes. Among the Bowl & Bone Republic assortment, you can find the YOLO line, a comfortable and, at the same time, incredibly stylish cut of dog sweatshirts. However, if your dog does not feel well in a sports edition, check out the dog sweaters for the iconic ASPEN line.

As already mentioned, Maltese dogs love to play. Therefore, purchasing high-quality toys is an investment in the dog’s joy while having fun. Your Maltese dog will be delighted with the toy – a bunny mascot, BAX, REX or DEX. The rustling insert will additionally diversify the fun together.

A bowl for a Maltese dog should be adjusted to his size. Too much can cause discomfort while eating, making the dog lose his appetite. For Maltese dogs, the DUO line bowls are perfect, which not only come in many colours but also their inserts are available in two variants – metal and ceramic.

a small dog eats form a duo grey ceramic dog bowl

Choosing suitable accessories for a dog is a real challenge and a great pleasure. Because what wouldn’t we do for such a wonderful and joyful dog like the Maltese?

And what does your Maltese like best?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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