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A dog harness – which one to choose?

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Having a dog is a great experience. We want to take the best care of our four-legged friend. As a rule, our goal is to provide him with the best possible conditions for a happy life. We can deal with some issues ourselves. On the other hand, in others, we need guidance from someone a bit more familiar with the topic. In this post, I want to focus on what dog harness is suitable for your pet.

As you probably already noticed, the selection of available options in stores is very diverse. So how do you choose the one that will be most suitable for your pet among so many different variants?

Character and temperament of the dog

When selecting accessories for a pooch, it is worth considering the dog’s temperament and character. His preferences and passion for spending time activities are also of great importance. Each doggy is different, has different likes and needs. You know your dog best, you know how he behaves during walks and outings together. Therefore, when choosing a dog harness for your pet, first of all, be guided by your own beliefs.

Although some patterns of behaviour can be easily traced to a given breed, it does not provide any certainty. Remember that not every dog will behave exactly this way.

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Harness styles for the doggy

Dog harnesses may differ in size, colour, material, and most of all, their cut. Depending on the intended use of the harness, we have a choice of several of the most popular types of cuts. Some of them will be designed for exceptionally active dogs who like sports and outdoor activities. Others, in turn, are created for those dogs who value comfort and convenience above all.

A well-tailored harness, perfectly matched to their body structure, is the basis for a successful walk. Otherwise, they may refuse to continue the journey and ostentatiously stay still. It is important to meet the expectations of the four-legged friend. You can read more about tailor-made accessories HERE.

Step in – the walking harness

This is the type of harness with the most common meeting. They are perfect for everyday use. They will be suitable for small and small dogs. They have one thing above all to provide the dog with comfort and comfort. Nothing spoils the joy of everyday movement like mismatched harnesses that restrict movement. Which walking harness to choose? First of all, those that will be made of a material that will harmonize well with the delicate skin of the dog.

When moving, a badly chosen harness can ride abrasions on our pet’s body. Wanting to avoid this, is the size of the product well-chosen? Second, check the harness you have found. Avoid party, artificial, non-breathable materials that will deteriorate after just a few walks together.

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The fasteners and snaps on the harness are also very important. First of all, they should be strong and solid. All this so that they will not be damaged when the pooch jerks violently. Dogs have a strongly developed hunting instinct. When they see something for which they feel a strong need to hunt, they will certainly move in that direction without hesitation. In such a situation, we must be sure that the harness buckles will be strong enough to keep the dog with us.

The DENIM, CANDY and SOHO lines by Bowl&Bone Republic are an excellent example of a harness that will be perfect for everyday walks. Choose the type that will suit your pet better. Particular attention should be paid to the method of putting on the harness. Remember that it must be easy and comfortable for your dog that you will not have a problem with it every time you go for a walk.

Sports harness for doggy

If your pet is a real restless spirit who loves exercise and spending time actively, it is worth choosing a harness with a sports cut. They will provide the dog with maximum freedom of movement without limiting its motor skills in any way.

In the case of a sports harness, it is very important to be sure that we have chosen the size that is right for our dog. Otherwise, during vigorous movement, serious abrasions may appear on the dog’s body. If you think that a sports harness is something for your pet, I recommend the ACTIVE line. They will prove useful both during further trips and simply more intense walks with your pet.

Do you need more?

Do you already know what type of dog harness to choose? I hope so! Remember that the typefaces I have presented are among the more popular ones. Perhaps your pet’s needs are a bit bigger. In that case, you may need a more specialized harness.

Share your thoughts on this in a comment. Let me know which dog harness works best for you.


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