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A dog on a plane – a common journey with a canine

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Flying by plane with a dog seems to be a difficult task. The airlines’ requirements are worth remembering to ensure the flight goes smoothly and without unnecessary surprises. You do not have to worry. If you prepare your pet well for a joint flight, everything will go smoothly, and you will reach your dream destination.

The dog on the plane

Are you going on a plane trip with your beloved pet? I know very well how many questions arise for every dog ​​guardian. Unfortunately, a dog on an aeroplane is still quite a complex undertaking. If you want to make this difficult and, unfortunately, potentially stressful adventure a bit easier, you should take the subject seriously. Proper preparation will allow you to act thoroughly and rationally without fear of unexpected situations that could stand in your way.

Flying with your dog will require you to complete a few essential steps. If you neglect them, the airline may refuse to allow you to travel by plane with your dog. The requirements are much more restrictive and uncompromising than in the case of other means of communication. Nevertheless, knowing the applicable rules, you don’t have to worry about anything. I want to present some directions and tips to make travelling by plane with your beloved pet easier. In this situation, you and I are most concerned about the well-being of our pets.

First, the formalities of a travelling pet

When travelling by plane with a dog, you should first remember to obtain his passport. A veterinarian issues the dog’s passport with the appropriate permissions. When giving a passport, the doctor must mark the dog with a chip unless your pet already has one. Your dog has to have a chip, which is an unquestionable requirement to receive a passport for a dog. So it’s worth thinking about it well in advance.

The price for issuing such a document for a dog is about GBP 100. That is a one-time fee. What’s more, it is worth mentioning that the passport issued for a dog is indefinite. I think it’s an excellent convenience if you plan to travel often with your pet.

When taking your dog on a plane trip, you must ensure it has all the necessary vaccinations. Without this action, the dog cannot participate in the flight. Knowing about the journey waiting for you, ensure your dog’s health booklet contains information about all current vaccinations.

a small dog cuddles with her guardian

Buying a dog ticket

First, ensure that your chosen airline allows you to travel with your dog. Not every carrier offers this option. Many low-cost airlines have an explicit ban on transporting dogs in their regulations. A dog on a plane can be on board with other passengers when his weight, combined with the importance of the cage, does not exceed 8 kg. Otherwise, the dog will have to be transported in the luggage hold.

The price for the ticket for our pet also depends on his size and weight, as well as the flight length. The fee for a quadruped not exceeding 8 kg is usually around GBP 200. The situation is different if your pet is slightly larger. Then we will pay up to GBP 400 for his trip by plane. If you decide to take an intercontinental flight, these prices increase by about 25%.

You must purchase a ticket for your dog well in advance of departure. However, remember that the space on board the aircraft is limited. That is due to the care for the comfort of passengers and other transported animals. Some airlines have limits on the number of animals on board the aircraft. Sometimes only two dogs can travel by plane and more animals.

Therefore, if you want to ensure your dog will board the plane without any problems, contact the selected airlines. Mark your desire to fly with your dog while buying a ticket for yourself. After receiving information from a specific carrier, you can know the rules applicable to a flight.

How to prepare a dog for a plane flight?

Without a doubt, air travel is a stressful event for your dog. If you want to protect your dog from the negative emotions a flight can cause, it is worth preparing him for this trip. So how can you do it? First, let him get acquainted with the carrier or cage where he must spend the flight. Put it at home in a place accessible to him. You can put his bed and favourite dog toys inside. My proven solution is to put a fluffy and warm NAP dog blanket from Bowl&Bone Republic inside. During the flight, the dog will undoubtedly need comfort in the form of a soft, fluffy blanket he likes.

The dog on the plane will feel uncomfortable. Unfamiliar surroundings and unprecedented situations are the leading causes of stress in dogs while travelling. The familiar smell of the carrier, with which the pet has already become routine, will give him comfort and relief.

If your dog is highly stressed, you should take him to the vet in advance. The doctor will tell you how you can reduce the feeling of anxiety in your pet. Perhaps calming fragrance essences are a good solution. In extreme cases, ask your vet to prescribe medications that reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. However, it is not worth choosing this option if there is no such need.

It’s time for a joint journey – a dog on a plane

The day of your journey has come. Try not to show nervousness and excessive excitement around the dog. Dogs can easily pick up on these emotions and interpret them as a cause for concern. In addition, getting too emotional can also negatively affect your dog’s mood. He may feel overly excited about what will happen, making the flight difficult. Calmness and composure are essential in this situation. Remember that.

Do not give your dog food a few hours before departure. It is imperative. Take a long walk before heading to the airport. Let your dog deal with his needs and spend some time actively outdoors. I always walk my dog to his favourite park for an hour before a long flight.

Maltese sitting on the turquoise sleeping bag

How to behave at the airport with a dog

Remember that the check-in process when travelling with a pet will take longer. Therefore, it is worth appearing before the planned flight to complete all the necessary formalities without unnecessary haste. To ensure your pet’s safety, remember to put your data, phone number and the dog’s name next to his carrier.

The transportation rules will differ depending on the dog’s location during the flight. However, in both cases, the dog must not leave this place for the entire flight. That is a rule that the cabin crew will undoubtedly enforce.

That is why the dog’s transporter must contain accessories that will substitute for a home for him. If your canine is a real chill, in this situation, bedding in the form of dog sleeping bags will be perfect. In the article, you can find HERE how to find the ideal model for your quadruped.

Is the dog on the plane

Travelling together by plane is challenging for the dog and his guardian. That is quite stressful, but remember that it is not impossible. Calmness and good preparation will allow for a conflict-free flight with your pet.

Remember that flying by plane is only part of your journey that will allow you to get from one place to another. After landing, the next part of the joint trip awaits you, and you will indeed have an excellent time.

I keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well and your dog turns out to be a real connoisseur of sky travel! Tell me, will you travel with your pet for the first time or have you already had a few flights together?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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