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Activities with the dog in autumn

a dog in the park

Autumn is coming, and you don’t know how to spend time actively with your four-legged friend outside? This article suggests my proven ways to spend autumn days with my pet.

Autumn is just as good a time to spend with your dog outside as summer. At this time of year, focus on playing in motion, such as fetching or wrestling with a dog. Instead of hanging out with your dog in the park, go for a long walk in a new place or the nearest neighbourhood.

What you will learn from this article:

• In autumn, you don’t have to give up outdoor activities with your dog

• You can play fetch or drag

• Autumn weather is a great time for long walks with the dog

Dog in autumn

Autumn time is a moment of breath after a hot, active summer. I like this time of year because I have the impression that this is when we can slowly stop and enjoy the moment more. I try to make the most of the warm days during the summer. I try to do a lot so that later I don’t feel like a wasted opportunity for many great activities when the temperature outside the window is the most favourable.

However, the fact that autumn is coming does not mean we should give up spending actively outside time. If we adjust our activities to the aura outside the window, we can enjoy autumn days as much as in summer.

That is why I want to tell you how you can spend time in autumn with your four-legged friend. It is also essential for him to spend as much time outside as in the summer. We should not give up actively spending time with our pets, even if the weather outside the window seems less favourable.

How to prepare your dog for autumn walks

However, before I tell you how you can actively spend time outside with your dog during autumn, I wanted to tell you how to prepare your pet for such an outing.

First, a lot depends on what breed your dog is. Not all dogs need extra protection from the cold. In many cases, a dog’s fur protects him on cold days.

However, if you have a Maltese, Italian Greyhound or Chihuahua dog under your care, your four-legged friend will undoubtedly need additional support against the cold. There are many forms of support for a dog during colder days.

a small dog with a dog mustard scarf stands on the grass

Dog chimney

That is an excellent solution for those dogs who do not like to wear clothes. Not every dog ​​has to feel comfortable wearing a sweatshirt or sweater, which is perfectly fine. However, in such situations, the dog guardian has to keep the pet from freezing in another way during the unfavourable weather outside the window. A good solution in such a situation is a chimney for a dog.

My dog ​​has a dog chimney from the JOY line from Bowl&Bone Republic in a beautiful mustard colour. That is our must-have when autumn comes, and the temperature outside the window becomes less favourable for long walks.

Padded dog harness

If you are looking for a solution that will provide your dog with protection on colder days and at the same time will be very comfortable for him, I recommend an insulated harness. The Bowl&Bone Republic brand offers a unique insulated harness from the YETI line. They are available in several unique colours so that everyone, even the most demanding dog, will find something for themselves.

Dog clothes

The selection of dog clothes protected against cold and low temperatures is extensive. Thanks to this, finding an option where your four-legged friend will feel most comfortable and at ease is much easier.

You can equip your dog with, among others, a dog sweater, sweatshirt, or dog coat. If you’re unsure which option will be best for your pet, don’t be afraid to experiment. Check all the variants and see which one your dog will feel best.

Discomfort while wearing the clothes will prevent your pet from enjoying your outings. The dog cannot focus on playing when something restricts his movements or interferes with his training. That’s why ensuring your pen has a well-fitting outfit is essential.

Activities with the dog in autumn

If your dog is prepared to spend time outside on autumn days, I have some suggestions. I hope that one of them will appeal to you and your dog. Or maybe you suggest playing with your dog in the fall? I was hoping you could share them with other readers and me by leaving a comment at the end of the article.

Having fun with wrestling

One of my dog’s favourite games is wrestling with a jerk. It is such an energetic game that even if it is not the middle of summer, we are happy to play it because it gets warmer occasionally.

We use a rope bullet from Bowl&Bone Republic to play with. When choosing a suitable shredder, I recommend paying attention to the material from which it is made. If it is of poor quality, it may break during the game. If this happens while you are wrestling with your pet, it can be hazardous.

Playing with a jerk is one of our favourite forms of spending free time with the dog outside during autumn.


Another game that my dog ​​ likes is retrieving. Usually, we combine this fun directly with wrestling with a jerk. Surely you know this situation well. The dog wants you to throw the ball at him, but before that happens, you must try to take it away from him. This is often a challenging task.

If we use the ball to fetch, it is more challenging to take it later for the dog to throw it again. That’s why we use the same bullet for dragging. Its construction makes it much easier to take it back from the dog.

Long walks with the dog

There is no denying that the temperature outside the window is much lower in autumn than on sunny summer days. That is why I choose an active form of spending time with my dog ​​outside this time of year. Unfortunately, this is no longer the time to organize picnics and relax on a blanket in the park. After a few moments, my dog and I ​​would be freezing.

That’s why I focus on movement, and I am busy spending time with my dog ​​in the fall and recommend it to you. We go for long walks this time of year. Not only those in the park closest to our house but also sometimes we go to a new place especially to take a walk there.

I can see from my dog ​​that it makes him very happy. He loves getting to know new places. The possibility of experiencing previously unknown smells is significant in the proper development of the dog.

a dog in a brown coats

Doggy in autumn

Autumn with a dog does not have to be scary if you approach it reasonably. Proper preparation of the dog for joint outings is essential. Once you have all the necessary autumn accessories, it’s time to choose an activity together.

And you, how do you like to spend time in autumn with your dog? I was hoping you could write me your answer in the comment below.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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