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All about cavalier king charles spaniel

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Appearance of a cavalier king charles spaniel

We will undoubtedly include the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the group of small dogs. His height is about 30 cm and the weight ranging from 6 to 8 kilograms. As a rule, female dogs are slightly smaller than male dogs. So, dogs of this breed, according to standard dimensions, are quite small, although they are not among the smallest breeds of dogs.

The colour of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed can come in several different versions. This doggy can appear in ruby ​​red, tan black, blending, and also tricolour. Each of these four variants looks very dignified and attractive. It is important for future owners of Cavaliers that these dogs do not have hair, but fur. This is important information for allergy sufferers.

Undoubtedly, a characteristic feature of cavaliers is long ears lowered downwards. The head is quite small concerning the rest of the body. The torso is slightly elongated, ending in a sweeping tail. Cavaliers’ legs are quite long for a small dog.

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Cavalier king charles spaniel temperament

Focusing on the appearance of cavaliers, it is impossible to ignore their beautiful, dark, large eyes. They are the main reasons that make the dogs of this breed look so sweet and adorable. It is impossible to pass by a cavalier indifferently when he looks at you with his wonderful eyes.

They value contact with people and are not afraid to be in their company. They are characterized by spontaneity and great temperament. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs feel good both in contact with people and other dogs.

It is worth mentioning that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed that is very attached to he’s guardian. They don’t like spending time alone. Therefore, they should not be left alone at home for long. Then they feel bad and miss their guardian very much. They love spending time together, both more active and while relaxing and resting.

Although cavaliers feel very good in company, it does not mean that they are very self-confident dogs. Dogs of this breed are characterized by a fairly gentle personification. They avoid conflicts and stressful situations. Although they feel comfortable being in a larger group, it does not mean that they want to be the center of attention.

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Cavalier care and health

When deciding to take a cavalier under your care, it is worth being aware of what diseases most often affect the representatives of this breed. The most common diseases are associated with heart failure. Therefore, special attention should be paid to regular tests in this regard. Other ailments that are often diagnosed in cavalers are also problems with dog paws.

Due to their dense and quite long coat, cavalier dogs require regular grooming treatments. First of all, remember to brush regularly. Otherwise, your dog’s hair will become matted. Regular care ensures a healthy and shiny appearance.

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Remember that brushing out tangled hair causes pain and unnecessary stress for the dog. It is also important because cavalier hair can not be clipped. That’s why keeping it in the best condition is so important. It is worth paying attention to this when deciding to take a cavalier to your home.

After an intense walk, you should make sure that there are no pieces of twigs, leaves or other remnants of playing outdoors in the pooch’s hair.

Accessories that a cavalier king charles spaniel needs

If you want your pet to feel as good as possible in your home, first you must prepare a suitable layette for him. So what should be included in it for your cavalier to be fully satisfied? First of all, the most important accessories for dogs are comfortable bedding.

The COSMOPOLITAN line by Bowl&Bone Republic is a unique dog beds. They are characterized by a fashionable design combined with an extremely well-thought-out cut and cut. Perfect for bedding both at night and during afternoon naps. The COSMOPOLITAN dog bed is available in three exceptional color versions: platinum, cream and burgundy.

When preparing a layette for your cavalier, you must also remember the essentials of every walk, i.e. comfortable dog harnesses. If you want your pet to look fashionable and at the same time not to restrict its movements, I recommend the DENIM dog harness line. You will certainly agree that jeans in combination with unique patches always create a harmonious duo.

Remember that dogs love to spend time actively. There is nothing more fun than an afternoon with your favorite toy. If you want to make your pet happy, give him a lovely dog toy. Unique plush toys will provide the dog with a lot of fun for hours.

What is your experience with the cavalier king charles spaniel? I’d love to read your observations in the comments section.


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