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All about Chihuahua

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Chihuahua – in few words about the dod

Undoubtedly, these are extraordinarily lively and energetic dogs. The breed belongs to the group of very small dogs. However, despite his inconspicuous size, the chihuahua is exceptionally vigilant and mobile, and courageous.

These dogs are not fully aware of their small size, which is why they are extremely confident and firm. They feel very well being in the center of attention  but they love their guardian the most. They are characterized by a special attachment to their beloved caregiver, who is the most important person for them. They are willing to spend all their time with him.

Chihuahua, despite its small size, needs the right dose of movement and active leisure. It is an energetic breed , therefore the owner should remember to provide his pet with a proper portion of physical activity. It is true that these dogs are not among the quadrupeds with a sporty personalization, however, they love movement and having fun together in the open air.

The history of the chihuahua breed

The country where this breed comes from is Mexico. This is where locates the state called chihuahua. Up until now, we can meet there tiny dogs which resemble known to us breed called Chihuahua. In the ancient days, their ancestors were considered to be guides of souls. That is why they were often sacrificed to help souls of the dead find their destination and end their life journey. However, this is a story passed down from generation to generation, so we can not be certain of  it.

The official history of the breed goes back to the middle of the nineteenth century. It was then in the province of Chihuahua that there was exceptionally increased sales of dogs of this breed. The dogs were mainly migrating to new owners from the United States. The breed enjoyed great interest. Small, cute dogs aroused great sympathy and friendliness.

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How does chihuahua look like

The silhouette of this breed resembles the shape of a square from the profile, at the same time it is quite stocky and slightly squat. Big, rounded head, with its shape resembling an apple. It is distinguished by clearly protruding, large ears with rounded ends. Dogs have a conical structure, at the bottom they are wide while narrowing towards the top.

A characteristic element of the chihuahua’s head are beautifully large, round eyes. Typically, widely spaced with a dark color, they are a great distinguishing feature of this breed. The head ends with a short muzzle. Chihuahua has a stiff, long tail, usually wrapped at the end. Short paws, however, are proportional to the rest of the dog’s body.

Dogs of this breed can be characterized by two types of coat: long-haired and short-haired. The first is characterized by a delicate and very soft bristles, which can be both straight and wavy. The second one has a hair a little less pleasant to the touch, adjacent to the body and extremely shiny.

Dogs of this breed achieve small size and a really low weight. Adult individuals reach a maximum of 9.8” (approx. 25 cm). Their weight varies approximately between 3.3 lb and 6.6 lb (1.5 kg and 3 kg).

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Tiny dog with big heart – chihuahua’s character

The small size of these pets in any case does not mean that this dog can be treated like a mascot. Chihuahuas are small dogs with a spontaneous personality. This breed is extremely cheerful and joyful. . Dogs love to be the center of attention but it’s the owners’ opinion and feeling they care about the most. This doggy can not be forgotten. If you give him too little time, you can be sure that he will ask for your attention.

They love to spend time by sitting on the lap of their beloved caregiver. However, active time makes them equally happy. It is an extremely active breed, who likes games that let you release the latencies of energy lying in them. However, remember that due to their small size they have limited physical condition and endurance. They accept the company of children, however, they do not belong to a breed that is perfectly compatible with the youngest.

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Doggy health and care

Chihuahua do not require complicated care. Long-haired chihuahuas need a little more attention in terms of hygiene and cleanliness than short-haired ones. Though they lose their fur seasonally, you should remember about regular combing. This will help to protect our carpets and furniture from settling small tufts of dog hair. Regular baths with nutrient-based shampoo for bristles are a permanent element of dog care.

There may appear dark coloring around the eyes of dogs, which should be cleaned regularly with the appropriate preparations.

Due to their small size, dogs have extremely sensitive joints and delicate bones. Dogs are susceptible to all kinds of injuries caused by strokes or abrasions. In addition, unfortunately the dislocation of the knee patella often occurs in this breed.

Dog accessories for Chihuahua

In the first months of puppy’s life, we recommend to use a collar. Harness for a dog are only indicated when the pooch grows older and becomes an adult body builder. Dog harness from Bowl&Bone Republic perform very well. They are perfect even for such a small breed.

Due to the susceptibility of the breed to many kinds of injuries, it should be ensured that the his dog bed is sufficiently soft and pleasant to touch. Make sure that the pooch will not hurt himself  with  any of the items on the bed. A good choice for bedding are DREAMY sleeping bags, which can be used separately or as a sensationally soft padding for its main dog bed. Doggy will be able to cuddle in his soft interior and in full comfort go for a nap.

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Chihuahuas are small dogs, so in cold days they need additional protection against low temperatures. They will feel great in sweaters. The ASPEN line is an excellent choice for those who want their dogs to feel warm and comfortable but at the same time look very fashionable and stylish. The Bowl & Bone Republic brand offers a wide range of colors of  their sweaters, so every dog lover will surely find something for themselves.

Toys for chihuahuas should primarily be adapted to its dimensions. If the toy is too big or too heavy, the dog will not be able to fully enjoy the fun. That’s why small dog mascots are perfect for this breed. Of course, there is no rule for it. As you can see, some dogs are also great with slightly larger dog toys 🙂


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