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At work with your dog

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Dog at work

Many dog owners struggle with the problem of leaving their beloved pet home alone while they go to work themselves. What if you could take your dog with you? It would help to solve the problem of both – longing for the owner and our fear of leaving the pet for many hours alone at home.

This solution also has other positive effects. The presence of a dog in the office has a good effect on employees who perform their tasks more efficiently. Given this, many supervisors have enabled their employees to bring their four-legged friends to work. This initiative gains more and more followers. Hence the view of the dogs in the office slowly become something usual.

Dog and other employees

Before the company decides to allow employees to take with them pets to work, they should discuss this issue with the whole team. There is a possibility that within the company there are people with a strong allergy to dog fur. In addition, there may also be some employees for whom being in the company of dogs in one closed space causes strong mental discomfort. Therefore, the employer should first check the opinion of all employees. Only when everyone accepts this idea manager should officially allow to bring quadrupeds to the office.

However, at the very beginning the purposefulness of introducing this idea into the life of the enterprise should be checked. Perhaps it turns out that in a given company the interest in bringing dog to work will be practically zero. Therefore, before taking steps to create such an initiative it is worth first to make sure if anyone would like to try out this opportunity.

What does a dog’s stay at work look like?

  • Dog corner in our workplace

So, we decide to work with our pooch and what next? First of all, we should provide him with a convenient place, preferably close to us.

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It is very individual for each company whether we need our own comfortable bed and bowl for water and/or food or the employer supplies supplies it to us. This is individual matter of each company. The dog should has its own place in order to not disturb other employees in any way. The most optimal solution is to prepare a comfortable bedding for your pet next to our workplace.

Also remember that the pooch should have permanent access to water. If you feed your pet in the morning and in the evening, try not to feed your dog during work. When there are several dogs in the company at the same time, there is a chance that they can disturb each other while eating. However, if your pet is a unique gourmand you can take his favorite treats with you and serve him during the break.

If you want your dog to feel comfortable and well in your workplace, make sure he has there some of his own things. Nice to touch blanket or dog toy will make the time spent in the office more pleasant. Remember, however, that the toy you decide to take does not make any sounds. It’s good that your dog would not be too absorbing because otherwise he could disrupt others work.

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  • Who to get your dog ready to stay at work

When choosing to spend time with your dog at work, make sure that you have all the necessary vaccinations current. This is especially important when he is in contact with other dogs. It is also important to observe the behavior of the pet in relation to other pets. If in his everyday life he is negatively oriented towards other dogs or, what’s more, he reacts with aggression, taking him to work may not be the best idea. Remember that the pet should not distract us with his behavior while performing his daily professional duties.

If several dogs are going to come to your office, it’s worth getting acquainted with them first. It’s good to organize the first meeting in a neutral place for them. This will facilitate subsequent cooperation between the dogs and will help to minimize the possibility of conflicts between them. Thanks to this, no dog will feel more important than the others. In addition, this allows you to capture the possible lack of acceptance between some dogs.

Is my workplace the right place for my dog friend?

A dog at work is a serious decision, but we should not be afraid of it. Whether we can take a pooch to work depends mainly on its character and temper. If our pet is antisocial, it feels bad among people or, what is more, in the company of other dogs, we should not add additional stress to it. Being in your workplace may be more unpleasant for him than being alone at home. In this case, taking dog to your work will not be a good idea.

Usually, a puppy does not have a problem with communing with other dogs. What’s more, being alone at home means missing you tremendously and constantly waiting for your return. Therefore, definitely taking it with you to work will be a good idea.

The advantages of working among dogs

It has been proven that the presence of a dog in the workplace has a positive effect on employee performance. It also works to reduce the level of stress and improves well-being. Employees, through the presence of dogs at work, feel greater satisfaction with the tasks performed. In addition, they are more involved and honest while performing their duties. A dog at work is also a drive to learn empathy towards animals.

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The unquestionable advantage of the presence of our pooch at work is our lack of concern about his being alone at home. Many quadrupeds wait with longing for a return of their beloved ones from work. This is a particularly good solution if your pet feels a strong separation anxiety during our absence. This of course also works the other way round. We often feel uncomfortable and alone without our four-legged friend at our side.

Dog at work – yes or no?

A dog presence at work is a fairly new and developing initiative. A lot depends on the specifics of a given company because there are not always favorable conditions for dogs to stay on the premises of the company. However, if your employer allows such an action, it is worth using this option.

For a dog, it will certainly be a much more interesting option than lonely hours spent at home every day. However, if you notice that your dog is not very keen on going to work together, do not force him to do so. Some dogs much more appreciate the quiet time spent on the couch rather than being in the company with unknown people and other pets.


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