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Groomer – invaluable help with your dog’s care

Dog care | 21 March 2019
Caring for your beloved dog is more than just regular bathing and brushing. If you want to take the best care of your pet, it’s a good ide...
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Dog hotel in practice

Dog care | 19 March 2019
Faced with the dilemma of figuring out whom to entrust with the care of your beloved pet if you must leave him behind for a time, one of you...
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Is your dog overweight?

Dog health | 14 March 2019
The problem of obesity in dogs is becoming more common and should not be overlooked. Eating a balanced diet and getting enough physical acti...
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How to take care of your dog’s sleep?

Dog health | 12 March 2019
Dogs love to sleep. Sleep is a very significant part of their day. For this reason it’s important that they get as much pleasure out of th...
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A winter walk with your dog

Dog care | 9 March 2019
Winter walks with dogs can be really pleasant. Even on cold days, with proper preparation, we can enjoy joint walks with our pets. A good di...
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What is dog-assisted therapy?

Dog care | 7 March 2019
Therapy with assistance from our four-legged friends is becoming more and more popular. Contact with dogs provides people with a sense of se...
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Dog allergy – how to deal with it?

Dog care | 28 February 2019
Dog care isn’t only about the evening walks, feeding them with their favourite snacks, or playing together. It’s most importantly, being...
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Focus on Frenchies – The French Bulldog

Dog accessories selection | 26 February 2019
If you appreciate exceptionally playful and friendly dogs, living with a French Bulldog will bring you enormous joy. Frenchies are very devo...
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Introducing our dog to new dog family member

Everyday life with a dog | 21 February 2019
A lot of dog owners ask themselves the same question: is my buddy feeling lonely? These concerns often lead to a decision about bringing hom...
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Holiday with a dog

Dog care | 19 February 2019
When summer comes and the longed-for days off are already here, we all start to think about going for a dream holidays. It’s time to face ...
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