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We know that taking care of a four-legged friend is quite a challenge. Here we have answers to many troubling questions that dog owners ask themselves. It doesn't matter whether they concern the dog's health, its daily care or the selection of the best accessories for the dog.
Every dog ​​lover sometimes needs advice on an issue that bothers them, and we will try to help!

dog with a collar stands on the grass

Why does the dog bury his things

Dogs most often choose to bury the stacks they have received, as well as their toys. They bury their prey in the ground, but it also happens that they choose their lair as their hiding place. Dogs very often behave this way not because of rational reasons, but because of their inner instinct. What will [...]

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What can dogs drink other than water?

Water is the most important element in your dog’s diet. It has a hydrating and cleansing effect and protects the pooch from overheating. Instead of water, you can give your dog juices, but only those freshly squeezed or made by yourself, and herbal teas. Occasionally, the dog may receive milk. What will you learn from [...]

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dog resting on the dark dog bed

How the dog rests

Dogs and humans need to rest. Both physical and mental effort can be tiring for a dog. Most often, dogs regenerate their strength by napping. Another form of relaxation for a dog may be stroking him or giving him a dog massage, both at home and with a dog specialist in this field. What will [...]

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a samll dog with a red scarf palys

Why is my dog jumping on me

The dog jumps under the influence of strong emotions. It happens when he is happy to see you and when he seeks support in a situation that caused him great anxiety. To stop your dog from jumping on you, you can try to ignore him so he doesn’t feel right, or try to distract him. [...]

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dog eats from the duo dog bowl

How to unlearn your dog to ask for food

If you give your dog food from the table at least once, you can be sure that he will remember it. Very important in this matter is your consistency so as not to break in front of the dog’s pleading gaze. If your dog gets his meals at a regular time, he will get used [...]

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a dog in the graphite dog bed

How a dog shows trust

The dog shows his trust in his guardian by lying on his back and exposing his belly while allowing it to be touched. If the pooch comes up to you on his own, looking for physical contact, it is a sign of his trust. In such situations, the dog often puts his head in the [...]

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a small dog on the blanket lying

Does the dog cry

Dogs cannot express their sadness or overwhelming joy in tears. As a form of crying in a dog, we can consider howling, screeching or huddling into a ball. However, poochs have the ability to produce tears. In this case, the tears are to moisturize the pooch’s eyes or remove impurities or pollen from them. What [...]

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dog sitting in a navy sweater on the snow

How long does the dog grow

Your dog’s height depends primarily on his breed, but also age, sex, and health. Small dogs reach their target height at about six months of age. In the case of large breeds, this process is much longer, and may even last until the four-legged friend is one year old. What will you learn out of [...]

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