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Border Collie – the most crucial information about the breed

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Do you want to take care of a dog and wonder if the Border Collie breed is right for you? If so, I have prepared an entry for you fully dedicated to this breed. You will learn from it the Border Collie’s character traits, needs and rules of care.

The Border Collie is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. That also results in the extraordinary ability of these dogs to learn new rules and commands. Border Collies love physical exertion and spending time actively. Therefore, it is a good breed for those who want to play sports with their pet.

What you will learn from this article:

• Border Collie is one of the most intelligent dogs

• Dogs of this breed learn new commands very quickly

• The Border Collie breed likes to spend time actively

Border Collies

If we are wondering what dog breeds we consider the most intelligent, there is no doubt that the Border Collie will be in this group. It is a breed belonging to a group of herding dogs. Border Collie is a brilliant and energetic dog. Thanks to the training, he is very obedient and well-mannered at the same time.

I want to tell you the characteristics of this dog breed, both in terms of appearance and character. Border Collies are amazing dogs, so I think it’s worth getting to know them better.

Border Collie appearance

Border Collies are shepherd dogs, but this is a breed whose size we will describe as medium. Dogs of this breed measure up to 55 cm at the withers, while females are slightly smaller. The body weight of a Border Collie is approximately 15-20 kg. The body of dogs of this breed is very proportional.

Dogs of this breed come in several different colour variants: black and white, red and white, brown, red or blue marbled, and three-coloured. Among this breed of dogs, we can distinguish three coat lengths: short-haired, long-haired, and medium-haired.

Border Collies’ eyes come in two colours. They are often brown, but we can also meet dogs with blue eyes. As in the case of Huskies, there are also individuals with heterochromia of the eyes in this breed. Then one eye of the quadruped is blue, and the other is brown.

The ears of the Border Collie breed dogs are usually erect or slightly raised. The tail is long but fully proportional to the rest of the dog’s body. Similarly, the paws, which do not look very massive, are powerful, allowing dogs to run fast.

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Border Collie character

At the outset, it is worth mentioning that Border Collies occupy one of the top places in the rankings of the most intelligent dogs. We can find there also Labradors or Poodles. These dogs stand out from other dogs because of their wisdom.

But what is a Border Collie like? Dogs of this breed, you cannot deny enormous energy. Physical activity is the Border Collie’s favourite pastime.

If you love sports and are looking for a dog that will be your companion while spending time actively, the Border Collie is the breed for you. These dogs love to run and walk on trails and mountains. They are not tired of practising sports with a guardian.

However, it is worth paying particular attention to this when considering this breed of dog. If you don’t like to spend time actively, the dog may feel unhappy at your side. The Border Collies need a considerable dose of sport every day. Daily walks or even living in a house with a garden is not enough for this breed. Dogs require much more opportunities to exercise.

Border Collies, as I have already mentioned, are often very intelligent. They quickly learn new commands, and acquiring new skills gives them a lot of joy. So, if you care about having a pet who will be willing and happy to train, this is the right breed.

It is worth mentioning, however, that these dogs can be stubborn and wayward if you do not devote enough time to their upbringing. That is due to the high intelligence of these doggies. In dogs of breeds considered extremely smart, the lack of saving the right amount of time to arrange the pet often results in its arrogance.

Border Collie health and care

As a rule, Border Collies do not have any significant health problems. We can include them in the group of non-problem dogs. In the case of this breed, there are no diseases that are characteristic of these dogs.

What is worth paying attention to when taking care of Border Collies is degeneration. Orthopaedic problems are the most common health problems in dogs of this breed. The degeneration most often affects Border Collies is elbow and hip dysplasia or patellar dislocation.

There is no denying that the most common diseases in Border Collies are those related to motor skills and movement due to their great passion for sport and exercise. It is, therefore, evident that as a result of increased physical activity, these dogs are more vulnerable to this type of injury.

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Border Collie grooming

It is impossible to pass by indifferently next to Border Collie dogs. Their beautiful coat and brilliant eyes make almost every dog ​​lover charmed by this breed.

However, they want the Border Collie’s coat to be hygienic and maintain its beautiful shine; regular, frequent brushing is necessary. Especially if you have a long-haired Border Collie in your care, combing the dog’s hair should take place weekly. Otherwise, the dog may have knots.

Bathing dogs of this breed should take place as often as in the case of other dogs. The same goes for caring for your dog’s claws. Suppose you want to learn more about how to take care of a dog’s claws. I hope you will find all the valuable information in it.

Perfect accessories for the Border Collie

I am wondering what accessories will be best for your Border Collie. I have specially prepared some of my suggestions for you. I hope you will like some of them.

Border Collie harness

When buying walking accessories for your dog, I recommend you pay attention to the BLOOM harness from Bowl&Bone Republic. They are available in three unique colours: grey, burgundy and pink.

The BLOOM harness has a guard cut. That is why they are perfect for the Border Collie breed. I am sure they will perfectly fulfil their function during walks with your dog.

Dogs bed

When choosing the best bed for your dog, pay attention to the comfort of your dog and the high quality and design. The LOFT dog pillow from Bowl&Bone Republic combines all three of these features.

The dog’s bed is where the dog regenerates his strength and rests. That is extremely important in the case of such an active breed as the Border Collie.

Bowl for a Border Collie

The most important feature of a dog bowl is its functionality. That is why I focus on bowls consisting of frames and removable inserts. That is the best solution to ensure the hygiene of the bowl entirely.

The bowl for a Border Collie should be medium-sized due to the height of dogs of this breed.

Border Collie – is it the right breed for you?

I could introduce you to the Border Collie breeds a bit. Without a doubt, they are exceptional dogs. Their intelligence is perfectly combined with a beautiful appearance.

Think a Border Collie is a suitable breed for you? Please write me your answer in the comments.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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