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Can a dog and a cat live in harmony under one roof?

Dog and cat under one roof? Why not? Living together in the same house for a pooch and a cat is possible. The most important aspect is that both pets must feel equally loved and cared for. Jealousy leads to many conflicts in the relationship between a cat and a dog.

What you will find from this article:

  • a good relationship between a cat and a dog is possible
  • the guardian must take care of the needs of both pets equally
  • jealousy is the most common cause of conflict between a cat and a dog

Can the dog and the cat live together?

Dog and cat under one roof? Why not? I think that this very often repeated myth that a good relationship between a cat and a dog is impossible is becoming less and less common. If you are a lover of both cats and dogs, you can choose both pet to care after.

However, what does it depend on if the dog and cat get along well with each other? What determines if the dog and cat get along well with each other? Several factors are responsible for their good relationship. First of all it is worth mentioning that for pets to feel good with each other, you must ensure that their individual needs are met.

If your pooch and cat feel that they are important to you, their relationship will be devoid of the need to compete for your attention. So they won’t see themselves as competitors.

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Should the dog and the cat live together

First, consider whether taking care of a dog and a cat at the same time is a good idea. If we approach our pets responsibly and wisely, then yes. There are no clear reasons why these two animals should not live together.

Dogs are herd animals and feel good to be in a larger group, both when it comes to people and animals. Therefore, the presence of a cat in the house will not be negatively perceived by the dog.

Of course, the relationship between a cat and a dog may be different. However, this does not mean that this is due to the nature of these species that cannot get along with each other. Much depends on the nature and personality of the animals. The aversion between pets can also occur in two dogs and can be as intense as in a cat and a pooch relation.

Therefore, you cannot assume in advance that it will be a great solution to take care of another dog because he will certainly get along well with your pet. It mainly depends on the character and personalization of both dogs. Perhaps they will not be able to get along at all. This may also be the case.

On the other hand, many dogs and cats that live under one roof have a great friendship. They love to spend time together, they are real buddies. Such a relationship can connect these two completely different animals, although it might seem difficult.

So, as you can see, a dog and a cat can live together, and there are no serious contraindications against this. Whether they get along with each other largely depends on their nature. Your commitment and skilful approach to both of your pets are also important.

A dog and a cat in one house

For the relationship between your dog and cat to go perfectly well, your commitment and the right attitude will be necessary. First of all, you need to be aware that your pets will care about your attention. Although it might seem that cats are more individualists than dogs, your love is just as important to them.

Moreover, raising a dog means taking him for walks during the day, your cat may feel jealous. This is one of the causes of tension in the cat-dog relationship. Pets are simply jealous of the attention of their beloved guardian. As a result, they may have a lot of dislike for each other.

This lack of sympathy is not due to the pets’ reasons, but because both pets care about maintaining the best possible relationship with their guardian.

– treat your dog and cat equally

Thus, the basis for a good relationship between a cat and a dog is that they are treated equally by the caregiver. However, this is not such an easy task as the dog and the cat have different needs related to intimacy with their beloved owner. Therefore, it is important not to treat them in the same way, but to satisfy their needs equally.

It is known that you will show love to a dog differently than to a kitten. The fact that your pooch loves going out together and playing outdoors does not mean that from now on, you should also spend time with your cat in this way. Match the activity to what your pets like.

The most important thing is that both your cat and dog feel that you treat them equally. Neither of them should feel inferior or less loved than the other. Consider whether both of your pets are getting as much attention as they need to be completely happy.

– don’t force them to play together

Will the dog and cat be able to play together? Maybe they are, but probably not the way you see it. You cannot expect that you will call your pets and you will alternately throw a ball for them, and they will be happy to have fun together. Your cat will not understand what you expect from him and he will leave quickly.

On the other hand, if you decide to use the so-called cat’s fishing rod with feathers, a bell or a small toy, the situation may be quite the opposite. Your pooch will probably break a quite delicate cat toy in a few moments and this will be the end of the fun together.

If your pets decide to spend time together, they will do it on their terms. Moreover, this kind of intimacy between a cat and a dog is only possible when the animals form a bond with each other. Play is only possible if they trust each other and know that neither of them has bad intentions towards the other.

– the asylum for a dog and a cat

Even if your dog and cat like each other very much, for their relationship to be healthy and good, you need to ensure that each of them have their asylum. This is very important. Your pets need a place that they recognize as their own. They can go there when they need time only for themselves or when they want to take a break from others.

What is such an asylum? Most often the animals choose a place where they sleep. Therefore, when you look after your pooch, you must ensure that he has a comfortable bed, fully suited to his needs.

I can recommend you very good quality bedding from the Bowl & Bone Republic brand. My pooch has an URBAN lair, which is perfect for him. It’s filling is made of hypoallergenic materials, which is very important for my four-legged friend.

Dog and cat can be friends

So as you can see, a good relationship between a cat and a dog is possible. What is needed, however, is your full commitment and care for both pets. This is the most important point.

How do your pets get along? Did they find a common language? Let me know in the comment.

If you have any questions for me or want me to bring up a topic in the next post, be sure to share them with me in the comments section.


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