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Can the dog apologize?

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After the pooch realizes that he has acted in a way that disappointed you, he may try to apologize to you in his own doggy way. One of them is the desire to be close to you all the time, hug you, and put his head on your lap. As an apology, the pooch may want to give you his treats.

What will you learn from this article:

  • dogs feel bad when they do something that can make their handler angry
  • one way to apologize is to be constantly close to the guardian
  • a dog that wants to express his remorse may offer his treats or toys

The dog knows how to apologize

Does your four-legged friend ever do something that upset you? Mine, unfortunately, has such moments very often. He was especially severe and troublesome when he was still a little puppy. Today, yes, he is a bit more polite. However, sometimes happen he still spills all the soil out of the flower or bites the door frame.

Most of the time, my little dog knows very well that he did something wrong. I can see it from his behaviour, even before I can find evidence what he is upset about. The guilt is evident in his doggy eyes. I know he realizes he did wrong.

However, I would like to ask you a question – do you think that in such situations your little dog has a way apologizes to you? And if so, what is his apology look like?

Today I will discuss the issue of dogs’ apologies. Do you think your dog understand the importance of such behaviour and can use it when he feels he should? Write to me your opinion on this matter in the comments section below.

Does the dog know he did wrong

Before we move on to the interesting issue of dog apologies, I want to raise a slightly different issue. Namely, is your pooch able to understand that he has done something wrong.

The answer to this question is not completely clear. Yes, your dog may be able to understand that he has done something wrong, but on the condition that you teach him what is right and what is wrong.

After all, your pooch may not be aware of himself that tearing a flower from the ground, standing in the living room, is not a very good idea. It is only your reaction to this type of behavior that your dog learns about your approach to a given event.

Dogs can sense our emotions. They know whether we are satisfied or, on the contrary, angry. I think my dog ​​can read the messages I send to him when I am clearly dissatisfied with his behavior. Therefore, he can understand when he has done something wrong.

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The dog is driven by instinct

Remember that your dog rarely does anything for no reason whatsoever. He want to be seen by you in the best light possible. Therefore, he will not be deliberate to behave in a way that you will perceive as bad.

Your doggie is driven by an instinct, which in many situations overshadows the doggy’s logical thinking. Therefore, your pooch might have behaved in a certain way because his original instincs spoke through him.

The doggy can act rude when he is very bored. If you do not devote enough time to him, he may, as a result, try to organize the entertainment for himself.

As you probably well know, dogs enjoy games the most, which we somethimes do not apreciate. One of the best games for my little dog is taking the freshly hung laundry from the dryer.

Most of the time your pooch knows that he has done something wrong. However, his need to kill his free time at a given moment was so strong that he was unable to control it. Usually, you can later observe visible regret for his behavior in the pooch’s eyes.

I am always amused when in such a situation my dog ​​starts to pretend that he absolutely does not see my nervousness with his bad behavior. The last time he bit my shoe, and showing him I asked who did it, he kept his eyes fixed on one point on the wall. He did not want to establish an exemplary contact with me. He knew he had done wrong, but his tactic was to convince me that it was definitely not him.

Does your dog apologize to you

Now let’s focus on the main issue of this post. Namely, the answer to the question whether dogs can apologize. I realize that this can be quite a controversial issue as it is not supported by any scientific research. We can only rely on conclusions drawn from the observations of canine behavior.

Therefore, I fully understand that someone may believe that dogs do not have the capacity to apologize. However, I personally have a different opinion on this. It results from my everyday life with my pet by my side. Observation of his behavior and emotions in various situations.

My job is to show you what your four-legged friend’s behavior may indicate that, in his own doggy way, he is trying to apologize to you. I have compiled them into a list that I present to you below.

– licking by the dog

The dog shows his sympathy by licking. I noticed that my pooch often licks me when he wants to cool my anger towards him a bit. I think this is one of his canine ways of apologizing to me.

Dogs very often lick their owners, wanting to show them their devotion and sympathy. Therefore, in the eyes of your four-legged friend, this is a good way to show your repentance and apologize to you.

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– the dog does not leave you even for a moment

Another way your pooch may want to express his regret is by wanting to accompany you as much as possible. The doggy in such situations does not leave you even for a moment. He’s with you all the time.

Have you ever noticed this behaviour in your pooch? Perhaps it was because the dog wanted to apologize to you in this way.

– the doggy gives you a gift

Another way a dog apologizes to his owner is when he “donates” things of his. My pooch at such moments often brings me his treats, hidden somewhere for a special occasion.

In addition to the treats, my pet brings me one of his toys as a form of apology. One of his favourite toys is the DEX 🙂

The dog’s apology

A doggy apology is one of the loveliest dog behaviors. Could there be anything sweeter than a doggie trying to express willingness to cheer you up. Such behavior of my pet means that I cannot be angry with him for long.

How does your pet try to apologize to you? Share it with me by leaving a comment below.

If you have any questions for me, want me to bring up a topic in the next post, be sure to share it with me in the comments section.


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