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Dog care

a small dog on the blanket sitting

Separation from the dog and how to deal with it

Separation from your beloved pet is a difficult moment. Help the dog cope with longing and let him feel that you will always return to him. How to prepare a dog for separation from his guardian? Parting with your beloved pet is difficult for our four-legged friends and us, even if it is only temporary. [...]

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a dog in the pink harness

Dogs that don’t shed hair

Are you sure the house where the dog lives cannot do without fur? Did you know there are dog breeds that don’t shed their fur? Choosing such a breed will significantly help those who care about sterile order at home, which is sometimes tricky when you have a dog under your care. Moreover, choosing a [...]

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a dog on the grey cushion

How to care for your dog’s nails

Is caring for your pet’s nails a big challenge for you? If so, it’s high time you learned more about how to take care of your dog’s nails on your own. By learning about the structure of the nails, their functions, and the correct rules for trimming them, it will be much easier for you [...]

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a dog sits on the dog bed

Dog’s sleeping positions

The position in which your four-legged friend falls asleep says a lot about how he feels. As you probably know, there are hundreds of them, and sometimes they are super funny. Some are very informative. Dogs usually sleep differently when they feel good and safe and guilty when they feel that something might endanger them. [...]

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dog resting on the dark dog bed

How the dog rests

Dogs and humans need to rest. Both physical and mental effort can be tiring for a dog. Most often, dogs regenerate their strength by napping. Another form of relaxation for a dog may be stroking him or giving him a dog massage, both at home and with a dog specialist in this field. What will [...]

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dog eats from the duo dog bowl

How to unlearn your dog to ask for food

If you give your dog food from the table at least once, you can be sure that he will remember it. Very important in this matter is your consistency so as not to break in front of the dog’s pleading gaze. If your dog gets his meals at a regular time, he will get used [...]

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a dog on the pink dog bed

Why is my dog scratching – what does it mean and how to help him

The cause of the dog scratching may be an allergy, both contact and food. Your dog may also scratch due to parasites on his skin, such as fleas, scabies, and Demodex. The dog may also experience skin inflammation and hair loss. Dog scratching Observing my dog’s behaviour gives me a lot of joy and pleasure. [...]

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the dog takes a toy from the basket

How to care for dog’s accessories

Taking care of your dog’s accessories is primarily washing them by the manufacturer’s recommendations, proper storage, as well as using them as intended and adjusting their size to the size and temperament of your dog. How to care for your dog’s accessories When choosing accessories for my four-legged friend, I try to choose those that [...]

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