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Do dogs like music or not?

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Music and the dog

For most of us, music plays a very important role in life. It affects our mood, it can make us happy and feel better. We enjoy listening to our favourite bands and songs. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that people’s musical tastes can be very diverse. There are many genres and sub-genres of music, so each of us can find the kind that suits him best. However, is it similar to our four-legged friends? Do dogs like music?

Can the dog hear the music?

The answer to this question is absolute yes. First of all, it is worth remembering that our pets have very good hearing. This already proves that they cannot be indifferent to music. The pooch’s sensitivity to hear makes it perfect for picking up not only individual sounds but also melodies from the environment.

Consequently, the music that reaches him is not indifferent. The doggy perceives it as an element of the surrounding reality. He may have a certain attitude towards it, either negative or positive. He may decide to ignore melodies reaching him at any given moment.

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How does music affect a dog?

Music can affect a dog’s mood. Depending on its type, it can cause different emotional states in the pooch. Most dogs respond similarly to certain musical genres.

Puppies listening to classical music become calmer and calmer at the moment. Mild sounds have a relaxing effect on them. We know the impact that lying in your favourite place and listening to your favourite melodies or relaxing compositions can have on our well-being.

Also for dogs, this type of music is a perfect background during a nap in their favourite dog bed. Soft cushions and dog beds designed by the Bowl&Bone Republic brand are perfect for this. They make it easier to fall asleep, and also, thanks to the relaxing sound from speakers, they allow the dog to fully focus on rest.

Classical music has a very similar effect both in the case of people and our four-legged pets. We also often choose this music genre when we need a little respite from the surrounding hustle and bustle.

In the case of more energetic music such as rock or metal, the dogs become a bit more agitated. Their activity level increases, they are more lively and mobile.

I think it is worth mentioning here and at the same time debunking a very often repeated myth. Namely, rock music does not arouse aggression in dogs. As has been mentioned before, this species has a stimulating effect on the dog, but music does not have the power to evoke such negative emotions in the dog.

Do dogs like music?

Being aware of the importance of music for a dog, it is worth considering what genre best suits his tastes. Based on the dog’s preferences it is possible to deduce which melodies and sounds make him the most joyful to listen to. Based on this knowledge, music sets are created especially for the canine listeners’ needs, constituting a collection of the genres most liked by dogs.

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The main idea behind this kind of music collection designed specially for dogs is to put your pet in a relaxing mood. Dogs like music with properly selected and juxtaposed sounds. The creators want the pooch to relax and rest while listening.

Music for a dog consists mainly of elements of classical music, taking into account the fact that the resulting piece should be devoid of very low and very high sounds. Why? The reason for this is that dogs experience discomfort when hearing these frequencies.

Nevertheless, the classical genre is not the only component of the music created with our four-legged friends in mind. The melody must be in a calm, steady rhythm without sudden transitions. The sounds of nature are an additional element of music for dogs. Such a combination of sounds and melodies is the most pleasant for a dog to perceive.

What kind of music should I avoid with my dog?

I think it’s equally important to be aware of what kind of music our pooch doesn’t like. Dogs perceive very high and very low frequencies badly. Listening to these kinds of sounds causes them great discomfort and even physical pain.

Dogs react poorly to loud sounds, whether it is background noise or music. Therefore, first of all, when we are in the company of our pet, avoid places with very loud music.

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Dogs are not very good at music, which is filled with single high-pitched sounds that repeat. Each subsequent such sound during the song evokes a feeling of anxiety in your pet.

So should you pay attention to the music around your dog?

As you already know, dog music is not indifferent. If he experiences it mainly in the privacy of his home, at a not too high volume level, then we do not have to attach so much importance to it. However, if you like to listen to music loudly, think if it will not cause discomfort to your pet.

It is also worth observing the behaviour of your pooch. Pay attention to how he reacts to individual bands and songs. If you notice that he is behaving restlessly with given music or even squeals or bark, it is a sign that this melody does not suit his taste.

What are your experiences in this matter? Do you pay attention to music in your pet’s life, or not necessarily?


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