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Dog accessories for the winter

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Dog accessories for winter

As the days get shorter and the temperature outside the window does not encourage walks, the winter time is clearly approaching. This is the moment of the year when we hide our favorite summer clothes to the bottom of the wardrobe, and replace them with warm sweaters and sweatshirts. I also have special accessories for my dog for the winter, which are also waiting for their moment of the year.

Although I love summer, I always love to start preparing for winter. It is a time that I associate with family warmth. Rest in the comfort of home and a great time to stop for a while.

I have a favorite winter blanket, under which I enjoy spending long evenings with a cup of warming tea and my dog curled into a ball right next to me.

My pet also feels that changes are coming. He also slowly undergoes to a more winter mode. If you want to know more about how our dogs react to the change of season, then I refer you to an article where I discuss this issue in more detail. To read the importance of the season for the dog click HERE.

What your dog needs during the winter

How does your pet react to the coming winter? He enjoys the sight of snow and cheerfully jumps on the snowdrifts, or maybe quite the opposite? As soon as the temperature outside the window drops a little below zero, then every walk is a sad necessity for him? Depending on what approach to winter time your dog has, he will need different accessories.

Therefore, before you decide to buy something, make sure that it will definitely meet the needs of your four-legged friend. Just because something worked for one dog doesn’t mean it’s going to suit all the other dogs.

I think it will be easiest to divide winter dog accessories into four categories. Depending on what approach the dog has to this period of the year:

– does not like winter,

– likes winter,

– badly tolerates low temperature,

– feels good at a lower temperature.

Accessories for a dog that doesn’t like winter

In this case, you should bet on accessories that will make the dog more pleasant in this not very well-liked period of the year. If you want long evenings to be associated with rest and relaxation, take care of his comfort.

A soft, fluffy dog blanket will work perfectly to make the moments spent on the couch in front of the fireplace were more cozier. As soon as the temperature outside the window begins to drop the blanket of the NAP line from Bowl&Bone Republic becomes our must-have on the couch every evening.

If you want your dog not to sigh longingly for the summer time during winter, take care of his good mood. After all, no one said that you can only have fun while walking outdoors.

During the winter, toys that allow you to spend time together with a dog, but do not necessarily require a lot of space to play, will be perfect.

Products for a dog who likes winter

If your pet likes winter, it’s worth stocking up on accessories that will make him even more happy during this cold season. Comfort during play is very important for the dog.

Therefore, when choosing winter accessories for the dog, such as harness, make sure that they are both comfortable and suitable for long outdoor activities during colder days.

dog harness yeti grey bowl and bone republic ls1sa

In such situations, harness for dogs, lined with warming material such as fur or sheepskin, will work perfectly. They will provide your dog with additional protection from the cold, and at the same time in no way limit the movement during play.

What to choose for a pet who tolerates low temperatures badly

May be is your pet a real chill? If  the thought of walking in the winter gives your dog shivers, then the accessories I will tell you about will be just right for him. First of all, you need to make sure that it is warm to him when he is away from home. In such a situation, it will be necessary warm dog clothes, which will protect him from the cold wind and low temperature.

We have a wide range of sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets for our four-legged on the market of dog accessories. It is important that you pay attention to the material from which the garment was made. It depends on whether it will properly protect the dog from the effects of low temperature.

Clothes for a dog during winter

Dressing a dog at home is in most cases inadvisable. The temperature in the place where we live, if it is suitable and comfortable for ourselves, it will certainly also be fine for your four-legged friend.

Remember that dog clothes are only suitable for some dogs. Large breeds of dogs, having thick fur will not need this form of protection from the cold. They have their own natural protective barrier against low temperatures. Dog clothes are ideal for those breeds of dogs, which are characterized by a lack or small thickness of fur or thin bristles.

This is especially important for dogs living in the house, having easy and quick access to the exit to the court. A sudden change in temperature between the room and fresh air can be a big shock to the dog’s body.
If your dog is among those who need additional protection from the cold, you should reach for clothes for him when the temperature outside the window drops to about 5 or 0 degrees and, of course, below. However, the clothes should be matched to the weather, too thick can cause your dog to overheat while walking.

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Therefore, I advise you not to buy clothes for a dog made of 100% polyester or acrylic. These fully artificial materials provide minimal protection against cold.

Winter home essentials for the dog

In winter, you need to take care of your frostbite dog not only during walks, but also at home. Nothing will please the dog as much as a warm dog bed that will allow him to warm up and hide during winter evenings.

dog bed dreamy silver grey bowl and bone republic ls1sa

In such a situation, enveloping sleeping bags for the dog will work perfectly. The dog can hide inside from the cold and go for the desired nap. However, if you already have a dog bed at home and do not want to buy another one, you can provide the pet with additional protection from the cold in the form of a warm blanket. I think we can certainly admit that the blanket is one of the favorite accessories of any frostbite dog during the winter.

Accessories for a dog that likes low temperature

Some dogs even love winter. Snow is their favorite play area. They enjoy jumping in drifts or breaking through huge layers of snow. This group includes mainly breeds of dogs, which are genetically adapted to live in a more winter climate. Among them we find breeds such as: Siberian husky, Japanese akita, alaksan malamute or anatolian.

So, what accessories for the dog for the winter, when the snow and low temperature are not terrible for him? I’m already coming to you with an aid. Your pet likes to spend a lot of time away from home even on really cold days? Make sure that its harness or collar are fully safe for use at low temperatures.

What do you need to avoid? Fully metal fasteners and buckles that have direct contact with your dog’s body. These elements can take over the low temperature from outside. As a result, they can be so cold to the touch that they will even cause the formation of frostbites on the pet’s body. Make sure that the doggy harness is not made of metal if you put it on during winter walks.

Playing outdoors when the temperature is not one of the most gracious makes the dog tire faster. In addition, his body loses more energy. This is because in addition to being actively moving, it is also designed to protect it from low temperatures. Therefore, if you are planning to play outdoors in winter, it is worth taking with you something that will give the dog energy.

Favorite treats will be a great option. For easy and convenient access, you can equip yourself with a functional and comfortable sachet for MIDI dog delicacies from Bowl&Bone Republic. Thanks to this, your dog will be able to enjoy a nice outdoor fun longer.

dog treat bag MIDI red bowl and bone republic ls1sa

These accessories are worth having in winter for your dog

What accessories to choose for the dog for the winter as you see mainly depends on his individual needs. Something else will please the representative of the breed from the group of winter ones, and something else a typical sofa lover. However, winter is a special time of year.

No matter what approach to low temperature and snow your dog has, you need to have full control over how much time he spends outdoors. No dog is adapted to stay outdoors continuously when the temperature is really low.

And is your dog a typical chill one, or maybe he loves winter time?


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