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Dog allergy – how to deal with it?

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What causes dog allergies?

Very often looking for the cause of your pet’s bad mood or lack of appetite, we focus on incorrect diagnosis of serious diseases, when in fact the source of those symptoms can be allergic reactions. Of course, we shouldn’t underestimate it, however frequently eliminating an ingredient from your dog’s diet or changing the dog bed to one made from a different material can bring a big relief to your pet.

Human allergies, as well as dog allergies are a type of hypersensitivity to a given allergen, which is a factor causing reactions. Depending on the type and degree of the dog allergy, when in contact with the allergen the body defends itself. This condition often has a genetic base and is inherited. However, this isn’t the only reason behind dog allergies. Accumulation of many infections, serious health problems, and the environment can cause allergies as well.

There are certain breeds that are especially vulnerable to allergies. We observe an increased percentage of dogs with allergic reactions among them. Breads that are particularly at risk are: Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd, Miniature Schnauzer, French and English Bulldog.

Types of dog allergies – symptoms and methods of treatment

Contact dog allergy

is mainly shown by dermatitis after direct contact between skin and the substance causing the allergic reaction. Many allergens can start contact allergy: substances, plants or materials.

The most commonly diagnosed allergens are:

  • Plants – conifers, ivy, milks, cedar, lilies, chrysanthemums, dahlias
  • Materials – artificial fabrics, nickel, chrome, leather, rubber, formaldehyde, all detergents
  • Drugs and other substances – neomycin, glucocorticoids, thiabendazole, benzoyl peroxide, chlorhexidine, and tea tree oil, Peru balsam

Symptoms of contact allergy

are most often seen on the body where the hair is weaker: the belly, groin or space between the fingers. Allergic reactions usually show by hair loss, skin lesions and discolouration. Drug allergies usually cause a reaction around the place where the substance was applied. We can always recognize that something is wrong by monitoring your dog’s behaviour. He can scratch himself, lick his fur or rub it against the furniture. In the case when the allergies are particularly troublesome, he can yelp and cry out.

Contact allergy treatment

is most importantly the diagnosis of the allergen and its separation from the direct contact with your dog. Very often allergic reaction is the strongest when in contact with your pet’s own stuff like a dog bed, bowls, and a leash. Those items are always around your dog. The Bowl&Bone Republic brand sales only dog beds with hypoallergenic filling which is made especially for the most demanding dogs. Those kinds of beds will guarantee his comfort even if his skin is particularly sensitive. Not only that, some bowls can be made with a metal that can also cause an allergic reaction. At Bowl&Bone Republic we thought of a great solution for our customers, and we offer bowls in two options: metal and ceramic.

Dog food allergy

is the most common type of diagnosed allergies among dogs. Identifying the allergen is a very difficult process. Most often, food allergy associate with abnormal immune reactions to the protein. Therefore, the most common allergic reactions in dogs occur after eating:

  • poultry, beef
  • soy, cereals, potatoes, rice
  • eggs, milk

Symptoms of food allergy

are often shown as digestion problems. Unfortunately, many owners mistake it for food poisoning. When digestive problems occur more frequently and persistently, we should visit the vet as soon as possible.

Food allergies treatment

should take place under a close supervision of a vet. Experimenting with your dog’s diet can cause him serious stomach problems. Unfortunately, dog allergy test aren’t as reliable as in the case of humans. The most effective solution is to adjust your dog’s diet by slowly excluding ingredients that most commonly cause allergic reactions. Together with your vet, closely monitoring your dog’s reaction to the new menu should help with identifying the cause of the problem. There are available hypoallergenic food options on the market as well. They don’t contain ingredients most commonly causing allergic reactions and also help to strength your pet’s digestive system.

Inhalation dog allergy

is a type of dog allergy to all kinds of pollen, very similar to the one affecting people. Dog reactions can be caused by dusty plants, dust, mould and even fungi. Inhalation dog allergy is particularly severe in the months of intense pollution: March, April, and May. Dogs as well as people feel enormous discomfort due to inhalation allergy so it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Symptoms of inhalation allergy

are very similar to those most common in humans; therefore we shouldn’t have any problems identifying them. Symptoms are: rashes and pruritus, and with dogs suffering from inhalation allergy you can also notice problems with breathing.

Treatment of this type of allergy

is equally slow and tireless with dogs as it is with humans. There’s no way to avoid the allergen completely, but we can limit the contact significantly. You can fight the allergies with desensitization or right medication. The vet will recommend treatment especially suitable to your dog’s needs after giving him a proper examination.

Dog allergies are a common phenomenon

More and more dogs suffer from conditions related to allergic reactions. In most cases, with the right medication, diet, or simple lifestyle changes you can bring a big relief to your dog. However, steps that we take should depend on the type of the allergy. Remember to always consult with the vet, as taking unsupervised actions can bring more harm than good to your pet.

A life with a dog with allergies doesn’t have to be difficult. The important thing is to be aware of how to help him.


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