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Dog bed in a modern version

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A dog bed is a permanent element of your home decor. Therefore, it is worth choosing one that will perfectly fit into your space. If you value a modern style, choose a loft-style dog bed for your dog. For city lovers, I recommend a dog bed in an urban style.

What will you learn in this article

  • the dog bed can be designed in a loft-style
  • for those who appreciate the energy of the city, a dog bed in an urban style will be the best
  • for lovers of elegance, I recommend a dog bed in a classic edition

A modern dog bed

Does your dog’s bed have to be boring and expressionless? Nothing could be more wrong. By choosing a bed designed for demanding dogs and their guardians, you can be sure that your pet receives a unique product.

However, how do you find a lair style that will fully meet your expectations? First of all, you need to determine what design you like best.

Also remember that you cannot be guided only by the appearance of accessories for your dog. They must also be functional and comfortable to use by your pet.

I want to tell you what are the most popular styles in dog beds. Hope you can find a design that meets your visual expectations.

Modern style dog bed

A dog bed is not only a place where the dog sleeps at night or goes for an afternoon nap. It is a permanent element of the interior design of your home. That is why it is so important to choose a bed that will not only be comfortable for your dog, but at the same time will meet your aesthetic taste.

I attach great importance to the appearance of my apartment. I like nice, neat and thoughtful spaces. Therefore, when buying a new bed for my dog, I make sure that its design will fit well with my decor.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with looking for aesthetics in our dogs’ accessories. At the same time, the quality of dog products is my priority. If you want to find out why it is worth choosing only good quality dog accessories, I refer you to my other post, fully devoted to this subject.

dog blanket nap grey bed loft grey bowlandbonerepublic ls1sa

Loft-style lair

Which bed should you choose to match a modern, stylish interior? A bed in a subdued color, designed with a loft style in mind, will always be a good choice. Such a dog bed is a tasteful combination of fashionable design with a timeless style.

You don’t know which dog bedding to choose to be a perfect fit to your modern living room? Choose a lair with a soul. Designed to please the eye of loft style lovers with its shape and material.

What is the loft style in interiors really characterized by? First of all, we can notice the severity and visibility of the structural elements, also when it comes to furniture. The colors that are chosen in the case of a loft style are primarily dark, gray and white, but also colors with subdued saturation.

Loft design is a combination of metal, brick and simple patterns. It is an excellent choice for someone who appreciates the industrial look of an apartment and focuses on the whole interior, not individual, small accessories.

The LOFT dog bed from Bowl&Bone Republic was created especially for those dog lovers who want to keep a bit of austerity in the appearance of their apartment. The bed is available in three colors, perfectly matching the loft design. It is gray, graphite and coral.

What’s more, the LOFT dog bed also has a decorative and useful element in the form of a handle. It makes it easier to carry your dog’s bedding, but also provides a unique visual finish to the product.

If you think that the LOFT dog bed is exactly what you were looking for for your four-legged friend, then also pay attention to the dog cushions from the same line. In the case of my apartment, such a duo works best.

In the bedroom there is my pooch’s lair where he spends all night. However, in the living room I have placed a matching cushion on which my dog ​​loves to take afternoon naps.

A lair for a lover of urban style

Distinctive urban style in dog accessories? Why not! Do you appreciate the charm of large metropolises, do you like the energy of the city and its vibrant life? If so, express it with your pet’s accessories.

Do you want your dog’s lair to be special? Choose one with interesting and modern embroidery. For those who like an urban style, a combination of classic and bold colors will be just what they need.

How can you better express the energy of the city, if not by combining subdued colors with expressive colored embroidery. This is what the COSMOPOLITAN dog bed from Bowl&Bone Republic is like. It is worth paying attention to the originality of the embroidery placed on the bedding.

The embroidery on the COSMOPOLITAN lair consists of the names of global metropolises, creating a coherent whole. You can choose from three bedding colors: platinum with orange embroidery, burgundy with lime embroidery and cream with pink embroidery. Such color combinations make it impossible to pass by this lair indifferently.

dog bed cosmopolitan platinum bowlandbonerepublic ls1sa

So if you value city life, you like to travel and explore new places, the choice of a bed designed with urban style in mind will be a great choice for you and your four-legged friend.

A lair with a classic character, yet with a modern line

For those who value elegance and sophisticated character the most, the classic style will be the best choice. Timelessness in interior design is a feature desired by many of us. What can better fit into the canon of design that will always look good? It is definitely the classic style.

Therefore, if you focus on elegance in your interior, you want your dog’s accessories to also have a classic design, I know which bedding for your dog will be the most satisfying choice for you.

The CLASSIC dog bed combines all these features. It is a bed that is very stylish at the same time, but also perfectly suited to the needs of your dog.

dog bed classic style graphite sleeping pooch

The key issue when designing a dog bed is its functionality. For me, this means that it is easy to clean, among other things. I attach great importance to the hygiene of my pet’s accessories. Therefore, I always choose those that I can easily clean in the washing machine.

Thanks to this, I can be sure that my dog’s bedding is perfectly clean. This is another reason why I bet on Bowl&Bone Republic lairs. All bedding designed by this brand have a sewn-in zipper, so you can easily and quickly remove the cover and put it in the washing machine.

However, pay special attention to the information on the product tag, where the manufacturer provides the rules for cleaning a given item. Only thanks to this you can be sure that the product will retain its original properties after washing.

If you want to know more about cleaning dog accessories, I refer you to my other post on this blog with much more information on the topic.

A modern dog bed perfect for your space

When arranging the space in which you live, you certainly had a vision of how you would like everything around you to look like. It is absolutely normal that we want to feel at home as well as possible. The space we live in on a daily basis has a huge impact on how we feel.

Designers of dog accessories try to meet the expectations of their customers. Therefore, you can buy a loft, city or classic style bed for your dog.

And what style of accessories for your dog do you like the most? Do you prefer urban character or maybe loft austerity? Let me know in the comment below.

If you have any questions for me, want me to bring up a topic in the next post, be sure to share your idea with me in the comments section.


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