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The determinant of Bowl&Bone Republic’s work is to follow the needs and expectations of pets. Pooch’s guardians who love to surround themselves with tasteful and functional items will get  a unique addition to the interior of their home. Certainly, URBAN dog bed is an accessory , which we also design  specially for the individual size  of your pooch.

Each dog bedding from the URBAN line, in addition to fulfilling their priority functions, is also a sensational addition to your home interior where your pet is most eager to relax. Certainly both you and him will be delighted with this unique, made-to-measure canine bed!

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Made to measure URBAN dog bed – a bit of luxury for your pooch

For Bowl&Bone Republic designers, nothing is impossible when it comes to creating dog beds. We are aware that every dog is different and that’s why we make every effort to ensure that your pet, regardless of size and weight, can rest comfortably in comfortable conditions.

Thanks to the aesthetics of the URBAN dog bedding, you can put it in any room. Regardless of its decor, the URBAN bed will become its great decorative element.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

The URBAN bed has a minimalist form which gives it a timeless character. Thanks to the universal stylistics, its design is always a fashionable combination. Our attention to detail helps to create an aesthetic home decor that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Resting in custom-made URBAN dog bed made especially for your dog will make him feel really special!

A comfortable rest in the dog bed for the most  demanding pooch

The great advantage of URBAN tailored dog bed is the materials used for its production. The antiallergic inserts will meet the requirements of even the most demanding quadrupeds, struggling with various types of allergies.

In turn, a cover made of high quality material will provide your pet with the comfort of every day rest and sleep!

Bowl&Bone Republic brand creates an extraordinary resistant to deformation and intensive exploitation of dog bed, which perfectly match the shape of your pet, regardless of its size and weight. Made to measure URBAN beds also have these  features.

Dogs can rest comfortably in a solid bed, created especially for them.

Easy to clean, unique URBAN lair for your four-legged friend

Comfort and timeless design are not the only advantages of custom-made URBAN beds. We are proud that our beds are also very durable and easy to clean. to include durability as well as the ease of cleaning them.

You can quickly separate filling from the cover thanks to the convenient zipper. Then, depending on your preferences, you can wash both parts of the bed by hand or in the washing machine in a delicate program, at a temperature no higher than 30 °C. Remember also not to treat your bed with bleachers, or other stron chemicals. Before re-use, dry the bed in a flat spread position.

If you want to maximize the bedding time of use, follow the washing instructions, which you will find on the label attached to the product.

How to order a tailor made dog bed

If you wish to order a URBAN dog bed in a size dedicated to your pet, send us a message to the following e-mail address:

Be sure to specify your preferred dimensions and any additional information that allows Bowl&Bone Republic designers to prepare a personalized bed for your pet, which is ideally suited to his needs. We will contact you first priority to arrange the order details.

The approximate time of an individual order preparing is about 7 working days.


Order made to measure product