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Dog cushion – what you need to know

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A dog cushion can be an excellent alternative to a dog bed. First of all, the most significant difference between the two beds is the specificity of their cut.

A classic dog bed is characterized by soft walls on its sides. They usually supplement the base of the bed. They are made of the same material and in a matching style. The lairs have three or four such walls, depending on how they were designed. It’s a perfect solution for dogs that tend to move around their bedding while sleeping. The construction of the lair protects the dog from sliding to the floor.

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The specificity of a cushions for dogs

A characteristic feature of a dog cushion and the factor that distinguishes it most from a classic bed is the lack of the previously mentioned walls. It is a solution that will appeal especially to those dogs who appreciate full freedom of movement and no restrictions.

One of my doggy’s favourite sleeping positions is to put his hind legs out of his bed. Very often, my pet dreams during which he is very active. In such situations, nothing should disturb him. Therefore, the cushion is the perfect solution for him. At the same time, it is soft and comfortable, and its freedom of movement is unlimited.

Dogs have different needs and preferences. Some feel best being able to curl up into a small ball and cuddle up in their bedding to protect them from nightmares. Others value freedom and the awareness of having no limits. The quality of their sleep largely depends on the conditions in which they sleep every day.

That is why the selection of bedding according to the pet’s, needs is so important. Sleep is the foundation of your pet’s health and well-being. It should be fully regenerating, relaxing and calming down after a long and exciting day.

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Some dogs feel uncomfortable in a bed which, due to its structure, limits them to some extent or disturbs their field of vision. The dog cushion allows the pet to fully observe its surroundings, thanks to which nothing will escape its curious nature.

A dog cushion is also a perfect solution for lovers of minimalism. A simple form with geometric shapes makes this cut of the bedding perfect for any interior. It is a good proposition for those who appreciate unique decor because a dog cushion can turn out to be a stylish accessory.

Cushion and dog bed – a perfect duo

Now answer the following question. Does your pet have only one sleeping area in the house? I think with high probability that your answer is – no. Every pooch appreciates the choice and depending on what his mood, is it depends on what place he chooses for a nap. Therefore, it is worth taking care of several comfortable sleeping places for our four-legged friends.

A dog bedding should be, above all, convenient and comfortable in everyday use. However, should be noted that the tastes of our dogs may be completely different. Therefore, manufacturers of accessories for dogs meet the expectations of pets by designing beds of very different cuts. Thanks to this, we can provide the dog with the maximum possible sleeping comfort, adequate to his needs and preferences.

I admit to you that I love things that fit together. I feel that there is nothing in my apartment by chance. Therefore, I have several lairs for my pet – a dog bed and a cushion from the same line from the Bowl&Bone Republic brand. My choice fell on the URBAN line and a beautiful light shade of grey. In the corner of the living room there is an URBAN grey dog cushion and in the bedroom a dog bed from the same series. For me, it is the perfect combination that looks stylish and elegant.

I would love to read your opinion on dog cushions. I encourage you to comment and share your experiences.


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