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Dog in the heat – how to deal with high temperatures?

Summer is a time of joy, rest, long warm evenings and beautiful sunsets. There is no denying that this season of the year is also characterized by high, or even sometimes very high temperatures. Although personally hot days are not terrible for me and I look forward to them longingly, I know well that not everyone shares my excessive taste for sun. This also applies to our doggies.
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Dog in the heat

Dogs do not tolerate high temperatures well. They feel very uncomfortable and physically weak during that time. You, as the guardian of your pet, should make sure that you protect him as much as possible from the negative effects of high temperatures. The dog feels very bad during the heat. I will show you some simple solutions that will bring relief to your pet during hot summer days. I hope they work well with you also.

During sunny hot days, dogs feel much worse than people. High temperatures have a greater impact on our quadrupeds than on ourselves. Why is this happening and where does it come from? There are several reasons.

The first is that the dog’s body is unable to cope with lowering body temperature by sweating. The only organ able to cool the pooch even slightly down, is his tongue. It is worth mentioning, however, that this method brings only slight relief to the dog.

The dog’s body in hot weather attempts to lower hes temperature by breathing faster. However, this method is not very good for very hot days. It is effective only when the temperature is slightly higher than the norm acceptable by the pooch.

Dogs also do not tolerate high temperatures well because of their fur. This applies mainly to dogs with extremely thick fur. Doggy’s silhouette is also very important. When he belongs to the group of gourmands and is obese, he will suffer form heat even more.

If we are talking about pooch’s body structure, it is necessary to mention dogs with a short muzzle. Unfortunately, these dogs have problems with free-breathing which becomes even more difficult for them on hot days. This group includes, among others, French bulldogs, pugs and boxers. If your pet is a representative of the breed, then during high temperatures you need to take care of his well-being in particular.

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Hot days spent in the apartment

That’s how you can help the dog on hot days depends on where you are at the moment. If you spend hot time in the apartment, room for manoeuvre will be somewhat limited.

First of all, it’s worth determining which of the rooms in the apartment is the sunniest. If that is where the pet’s lair is located, it will need to be moved. Choose a room where the temperature is usually the lowest. Most often it is a room with windows facing north. During hot days, dogs seek relief while lying on the kitchen or bathroom floor tiles. Open the door from these rooms allowing the pooch to lie there on cool surface.

The dog should have constant access to cool water during the heat. To this end, you must ensure that water is changed frequently. Water standing in a bowl for a long time will not be cool but will have room temperature.

Adding ice cubes to a bowl of water is not a good idea because the pooch could swallow them whole. However, before giving your pet water, you can put it in the fridge for a while to make it cooler.

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Hot summer in the garden with your pet

Hot days spent in the garden are just as tiring for the pooch as those in the apartment. Open space can be dangerous – under no circumstances leave the pet in the full sun. Also, pay attention that the dog is not on the terrace floor.

In this situation handy can be dog mat which efficiently separate dog from hot surface.

It can get extremely hot during the hot day. Make sure he has a comfortable place to lie in the shade. Regular water change in his bowl to cooler is very important here.

The garden also allows us to organize refreshment for our pet in the form of a small pool with water. Depending on your dog’s size, it can be a huge bowl of water, a small bath tub, or a small children’s pool. Here, of course, a lot depends on the dog’s attitude towards water. Some dogs don’t like taking a bath very much. For them, this way of cooling off will be more stressful than giving relief.

In turn, my pooch loves playing in the water during warm days. He can spend a lot of time this way and it gives him great pleasure. You can read more about taming a dog with water in my separate post HERE.

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Useful gadgets to cool the dog in the heat

Wanting to bring relief to pooch on hot days, you can also help with these additional gadgets. One of them is certainly a well-known air fan. Let’s set it in such a way that the dog in the heat can be in the cooling range.

In the dog accessories market, cooling mats for dogs have recently gained popularity. Its action is that when the pooch lies down on the mat, his body weight activates the coolant inside.

A portable dog bowl will be useful when walking on hot days. Thanks to it, the dog will be able to quench his thirst during a tour of the park. If you do not have such a bowl at hand, you will probably also handle a bottle of still water. When giving water from a bottle you won’t miss a bit of laughter with your doggy 🙂

And your dog how he copes in hot weather? I will gladly read your opinion in the comments section.

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