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Dog kindergarten – pros and cons

Dog kindergarten is where you can take your puppy and then go to work or perform other duties. However, do you know what a dog kindergarten is and what your pet can learn there? The mind of young dogs is very receptive. Therefore, instilling knowledge from a puppy age is very important.

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Dog kindergarten is a place where you can take your little puppy. There, he learns the basic principles of socialization through contact with other quadrupeds of a very similar age. In addition, carers in kindergarten teach their charges basic rules and commands. As you know, a puppy’s mind is the most receptive.

What you will learn from this article:

  • Only young puppies can go to the dog kindergarten
  • The dog learns socialization with other dogs in this place
  • Guardians from the dog kindergarten teach their charges basic commands and commands

Dog kindergarten

What is a dog nursery? Surely you know very well how a regular kindergarten works. It is where children are brought during the day, and parents go to work or perform other duties.

For a dog kindergarten, it looks very similar. You’re probably wondering why such institutions exist at all. There is no denying that this is a relatively new initiative.

And yes, before that, dog handlers were fine without these places. However, if we now can use dog kindergartens, why shouldn’t we?

First, I want to tell you how many advantages it gives our four-legged friends to attend a dog kindergarten. Undoubtedly, this has a direct impact on increasing the quality of life of our dogs.

Who is the dog kindergarten for?

First, you need to know who the dog kindergarten is the right place for. Most of these institutions accept dogs up to the age of 6 months.

So it works in the same way as in the case of a regular kindergarten. Namely, it is a facility adapted for the youngest just entering life.

When is a good time to enrol your pet in a dog kindergarten? Usually, dogs are accepted after they are 2 months old. Then the dog is independent enough to be able to cope without the presence of his caregiver.

It will, therefore, not be possible to enrol the dog in kindergarten earlier. It would be ineffective and, above all, very stressful for the dog himself.

If you want your pet to be able to attend classes in a dog kindergarten, you must make sure that he has all the vaccinations necessary for his current age. Without them, your dog will not be able to go to kindergarten.

It is also essential to what your four-legged friend is like. Sure, I understand that having a puppy at home, you can certainly not determine his character yet. Your journey together has only just begun, so it’s perfectly normal.

However, I mean the dog’s attitude towards other dogs and people. He can undoubtedly tell without any problems that your puppy is behaving aggressively. In such cases, individual classes with a behaviourist will be better.

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Advantages of a dog nursery

The kindergarten created especially for our dogs has many advantages. If you are wondering if a dog nursery is a good choice for your puppy, I hope the list below will make it easier for you to make the right decision.

– dog socialization

The unquestionable advantage of a dog kindergarten is learning socialization. Dogs learn to be in the company of other pets. They meet new dogs with different characters and temperaments. That makes them able to function better in society as adults.

They will not be afraid of other dogs that they will meet on their way during their lives. Perhaps even your pet will meet his canine friend in the dog kindergarten. I will tell you more about dog friendship in the article, which you can find HERE.

In dogs, socialisation is not only the ability to create relationships with other quadrupeds. In dog kindergarten, canines also learn to communicate with other people outside their homes.

Thanks to this, he does not feel uncomfortable when you take the dog to a place where there are people he does not know. The dog will not be hiding in the corner then and will be happy to invite new people to play.

– learning the rules

Indeed, as a good babysitter, you try to instil all the most important commands in your pet. Nevertheless, we do not always have enough motivation and skills to teach the dog a given command.

The dog kindergarten also aims to train the dog in the most absorbent moment of his life, i.e. when he is still a puppy. In such a place, specialists work. Therefore they may have more effective methods of learning than you.

What’s more, the dog will also learn by observing his peers. Imitating their behaviour will make his development faster and more effective because it will proceed naturally.

Learning the rules is not only the correct execution of commands such as sit or stay. It is also the acquisition of skills necessary in everyday life, such as respecting others, obedience and patience.

Unfortunately, we are often very lenient towards our dogs and turn a blind eye to the dog’s incorrect behaviour. As a result, he gets used to our attitude and knows he can afford a lot because he will always get away with it. A dog in the kindergarten will be in a different situation.

– the dog is not left alone at home

There is no denying that our dogs do not like to be left alone at home. What’s more, if we are talking about puppies, this situation is highly annoying to them. Young dogs are just learning to live and do not fully understand the world surrounding them.

They can feel terrible when left alone at home while we go to work. As a result, dogs often destroy many things, both their accessories and our objects and furniture. If you want to learn how to stop your puppy from chewing furniture, I refer you to the post that you will find HERE.

Therefore, leaving your pet in a dog daycare while you go to work can be a much better solution for him and your apartment’s condition.

What are the disadvantages of a dog nursery?

Speaking of the dog kindergarten’s shortcomings, I think we can find faults in individual units rather than in this institution. First, before you choose a specific kindergarten for your dog, do some research and get many opinions about this place.

Why is it so important? Remember that the dog’s mind is the most receptive during the puppy period. Thus, if bad habits are instilled in him, it will be difficult for him to unlearn unwanted behaviour from his pet.

Before sending your dog to a dog kindergarten, think about what your dog is like and how he approaches strangers and other quadrupeds. Some dogs exhibit extreme social anxiety, much more than fear of the unknown. Going to kindergarten can be a very stressful experience for such a dog.

Before sending your four-legged friend to a dog kindergarten, ensure that it is where he will feel good. If you have doubts about it, remember not to force your four-legged friend to do anything.

a small dog on the cushion

Dog kindergarten – yes or no

Dog kindergarten is a place that is primarily created with your dog in mind. Its employees will ensure that the puppy feels happy and safe there while learning socialization and life in society.

What is your opinion about the dog kindergarten? Did your dog go to such a place, or are you wondering whether to send your pet there?

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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