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Dog massage – what is it?

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Dog massage

However, professional dog massage is more than just stroking during an afternoon rest on the couch. It has a healing effect. It is recommended by dog rehabilitators for certain diseases and injuries. Massage performed on dogs is gaining more and more popularity. The positive effects of its performance speak for itselves.

Can you massage your dog yourself? The answer is yes, but some rules must be kept in mind. First of all, before you undertake a massage that is more intense than ordinary stroking, you must consult a specialist in this field.

When is dog massage important?

Why is dog massage important? First of all, it provides the dog with relaxation and rest. By massaging the pooch we show him care and affection. Our pet will certainly be grateful to us for this way of showing love. This is important for building a strong relationship with your four-legged friend.

However, first of all, I want to focus on the healing effects of massage. When is it indicated, and in what diseases is it important? The massage is recommended if pet suffers from all kinds of muscle problems. Then, a properly conducted, specialized massage will help soothe the pain and bring relief.

The situation is similar in the case of problems with joints or complications following injuries or operations. Generally speaking, in the case of many ailments that somehow limit the pooch’s motility, massage is the best. Remember, however, that this is not a treatment that brings relief alone. Many diseases require more specialized exercises than simply assisted with a massage.

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A lot depends on whether the pooch has comfortable sleeping conditions at home. The bedding should be appropriate to the size of your pet. A good-quality dog bed is the basis of good sleep, so it is worth taking this matter seriously. The Bowl&Bone Republic brand creates its exceptionally comfort lairs with the comfort and convenience of our four-legged friends in mind. The COSMOPOLITAN or LOFT lines are an excellent choice for every pooch.

Therapeutic massage of the pooch

Massage with a therapeutic effect should be performed by a person with specialist knowledge on this subject. Why? A poorly performed dog massage can do more harm than good. It may aggravate the current pain or, in extreme cases, cause other ailments.

Due to the anatomy of your doggy, such a massage requires more precision and accuracy. The masseur’s task is to assess what level of massage can be performed for a given canine patient. It is particularly difficult when dealing with very young dogs or those belonging to the group of miniature breeds.

Such quadrupeds will require much more precision from the masseur because they are very sensitive to touch. It is not always possible to assess the pooch’s reaction at first glance. A pupil may not show discomfort or pain during the massage. That is why it is so important to entrust this task to a specialist.

In the beginning, we must make sure that the pooch trusts his masseur. Otherwise, he will not be able to fully relax and his muscles will be very tense. It is worth trying to make the dog as relaxed as possible before the massage. Some of his accessories with a familiar scent will certainly help, for example, a soft pooch blanket.

Massage requires very close contact between the masseur and the dog. Therefore, when he is a stranger to him, the pet will certainly need time to get used to him and allow him to this kind of closeness. In the vast majority of cases, the pleasant feeling of relaxation resulting from the massage will make your pooch quickly understand that he is safe and that it is good for him.

Who can massage the dog?

As previously mentioned, we can divide the massage into two main categories. The first one is a massage with healing properties. Contrary to appearances, the dog is a very delicate animal, so you need to handle him properly. Therapeutic massage should only be performed by a specialist in this field. Such massage draws a lot from the techniques used during rehabilitation massage for people.

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Therapeutic massage can apply to the entire body of the pet as well as its individual parts. Most often, canine patients come to visit massage the paws or the back. The duration of such a meeting is approximately 30 – 50 minutes. A longer massage may be ineffective because the dog usually gets bored with lying in one position all the time.

Massage at home, performed by the caregiver, looks much easier. Nevertheless, I think that it is still worth consulting a specialist. It is known that such a self-performed massage at home is only intended to bring the pooch a bit of relaxation and comfort. However, this does not release us from the obligation to make sure that we do it in an appropriate way that does not adversely affect the pet.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on dog massage. Share your experiences on this matter in the comments section.


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