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A raincoat for your dog

Walking with a dog is the most excellent day for many pet owners – time for joint outdoor activities, a moment to build bonds and learn new commands. Unfortunately, this pleasure can also become an unpleasant duty for each participant in everyday escapades when unfavourable conditions are outside the window. If rain, snow and wind bother you too, we have a solution – the STORM dog raincoat.

The STORM dog raincoat combines several essential features, thanks to which your four-legged friend can enjoy complete comfort during walks. Its construction allows for easy dressing of the dog and, above all, provides him total freedom of movement when going outside in bad weather. The raincoat protects well not only from heavy rain but also from cold wind. The dog also gets a headcover – a well-profiled hood allows you to wrap this part of the dog’s body. An additional advantage is an intense colour that improves the dog’s safety in bad weather.

Enjoy your walks even in bad weather – check out the dog raincoat from Bowl&Bone Republic

If so far, choosing the proper raincoat for your dog has caused you problems, thanks to the STORM model, you can forget about them. The advantage of the clothes is their easy adjustment to dogs of different sizes and needs. Our designers took care of a wide range of sizes from XXS to L, thanks to which you will find the perfect cut for both the smallest and larger dogs. Refer to the size chart to know which will suit your mentee.

Your choice may also concern the design – the yellow colour of the dog raincoat is not the only one available in the Bowl&Bone Republic offer. Intense orange or a strong shade of pink is another of them worth attention. Choose your favourite colour or invest in a few matching your pet’s leash and harness.

In addition to the unique design, its cut is significant. The STORM dog raincoat available in the Bowl&Bone Republic offer is simply comfortable. Fastening with two wider Velcro ensures easy putting on clothes and adjusting the fit. The fastener runs under the dog’s belly and neck, thanks to which it does not restrict movement and does not cause irritation. The STORM dog raincoat’s advantage is properly matched holes for a leash and harness. Easy fastening will allow you to quickly prepare for going out and enjoy the moments spent together.

No less important is the material itself. The dog raincoat is made of waterproof fabric with a cotton lining. This additional layer protects against cold and provides comfort to the dog’s skin.

Protect yourself from rain and stronger winds with the STORM dog raincoat

The STORM dog raincoat is perfect for many breeds to representatives. It provides protection against adverse weather conditions for dogs of all ages and regardless of their size. If your four-legged friend has specific requirements and habits – don’t worry. In the offer of premium accessories for dogs from the Bowl&Bone Republic, you will find those suitable for him, and if necessary, our designers will sew a raincoat for a dog to size.

A Pug, Schnauzer, Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkie, French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador, Spaniel, Hart or German Shepherd will feel equally good in the clothes. If your dog is not pedigree, you will find the right size. You don’t have to worry about quality. The dog raincoat with the Bowl&Bone Republic logo is its best guarantee.

For the set, we recommend sweaters for dogs with a Christmas theme available in the Bowl&Bone Republic offer – graphite ASPEN and navy blue SNOWFLAKE. They can successfully complement your quadruped wardrobe on rainy and windy days – when worn under the STORM dog raincoat, they look elegant, giving your quadrupeds a sense of warmth and comfort.

STORM dog raincoat – take care of your pet’s fashionable appearance

Rainy days can be an absolute nightmare for dog owners. Dirty paws and wet fur can be problematic. If you’re worried that the set will also include the care of dirt on the STORM dog raincoat, you don’t have to worry. Bowl&Bone Republic products have been designed to make life easier for both you and your pet.

Time to measure! How to choose the size of a dog raincoat?

The standard sizes in which STORM dog raincoats are available to correspond to those you probably know from your previous purchases. If you are wondering whether your pet wears XXS, XS, S, M or L – there is no way to find out more than to measure it accurately. Pay attention to the length of the torso, and then check the circumferences – the ones around the neck and chest will be important.

When measuring, try to wear a light stock. Thanks to this, you can be sure that when the pet changes its shape a bit, it will still feel comfortable. In addition, it will allow you to wear warmer clothes under a raincoat. Thanks to this approach, a raincoat for a dog will work as a year-round garment. Check the obtained measurement results in the table below. If you have any problems with your choice, please get in touch with our designers – at

Raincoat with a hood for a dog – check the tailor-made option

But what if your pet has unusual dimensions? Such a problem may concern non-breed dogs but also, for example, boxers whose males have vast chests. For your pet’s health and comfort, it is not worth giving up a raincoat on rainy days. The right size will provide you with total comfort – that’s why at Bowl&Bone Republic, we offer tailor-made services.

How is it different from a standard order? First of all, it is thanks to it that you can be sure that the STORM dog raincoat will fit even the most demanding dog. If you want to make this type of purchase, all you have to do is contact us.

Measure the circumference of the dog, and do not forget the length of the back. Send information to: We’ll prepare your order within 7 working days. After this time, a package with a yellow, we’ll deliver a made-to-measure STORM raincoat to your home. You will find it in natural packaging. We ensure that it is made of cardboard, which is at least 70% recycled. We send orders both in Poland and abroad.

Premium dog accessories – check out the Bowl&Bone Republic offer

Excellent quality and unique design, which will surely appeal to many owners, distinguish the Bowl&Bone Republic offer. Check out our entire dog assortment and complete a designer layette for your four-legged friend!

In our e-shop, you will find, among others, leather collars and harnesses, slightly thicker dog jackets, and elegant coats for special occasions. Dog blankets, beds and comfortable orthopedic mattresses will ensure your pet’s comfort and well-being. Also, don’t forget about the toys section to make your dog’s free time more pleasant.

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