dog sleeping bag BLISS ecru

Does your pooch love to bury and drill tunnels in bedding? If so, we have the perfect lair for him! The BLISS dog sleeping bag in a classic shade of beige was created especially for such occasions! A fashion-like sleeping bag will wonderfully wrap your four-legged friend and provide him comfort during rest.

Bowl&Bone Republic as a European brand constantly follows the latest trends and analyzes dog’s needs. The BLISS ecru dog sleeping bag is the answer to even the smallest dog desires and fulfils his dreams. Learn more about this model of bedding, and it will definitely take over your heart!


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Sleeping bag for dog BLISS ecru –
give your pet a touch of luxury!

The BLISS dog sleeping bag in beige due to its soft form perfectly wraps the dog’s body. It also gives him a sense of blissful peace. In turn, it makes it easier for you to carry this unique dog bed wherever you need to move.

So you can easily take it on a journey, put it out in front of the fireplace in the winter evening, and on warm days you will take it to the terrace so your dog can enjoy the first rays of the sun.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

A subdued, pastel shade of beige, which the Bowl&Bone Republic designers chose to create the BLISS ecru this model of the liar, wonderfully corresponds to almost any dog hair colour. In turn, the pleasant to the touch texture of the fabrics used to make this bed makes the puppies willingly use it.

Dog sleeping bag BLISS ecru encourages them not only to bury in it joyfully but also encourages moments of rest after walking, pleasant consumption of favourite treats or blissful sleep.

BLISS sleeping dog bag – a great choice for your pet!

The bedding in the form of a soft sleeping bag is a combination of timeless classic and elegance with functionality. The top layer of the material from which it was made has a pleasant texture. The delicate weave is a guarantee of a perfect match to almost any style in which the apartment has been finished. The interior of this dog sleeping bag was made of a very soft and downy fabric, which makes your four-legged friends after a moment of use indulge in blissful moments of relaxation.

Used with other Bowl&Bone Republic dog accessories, whether for a walk, travel or just at home, the BLISS lair creates a sensational set for everyday occasion.

dog sleeping bag ecru

If you are looking for a comfortable, designer and resistant bedding for your dog, then certainly the BLISS model will meet your expectations. For representatives of different breeds, such as Yorkie, Shih-Tzu, Maltese, French Bulldogs, Cavaliers, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Jack Russells, Schnauzers and Dalmatians, we have prepared them in three sizes and three different colour versions.

So you can easily complete the whole dog layette not only ideally suited to your pet’s preferences but also in your favourite colour!

Sizes of dog sleeping bag BLISS
in ecru colour

S – 50 cm x 50 cm (≈ 19.7 x 19.7″)

M – 70 cm x 70 cm (≈ 27.6 x 27.6″)

L – 85 cm x 85 cm (≈ 33.5 x 33.5″)


* dimensions from the outer side of the dog sleeping bag BLISS ecru

Dog sleeping bag BLISS ecru – a great choice for a long time!

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we are well aware of the fact that our four-legged friends use lairs in various conditions. For this reason, we have made sure that the BLISS ecru dog sleeping bag is not only durable but also easy to keep clean.

Bedding for your pet BLISS in a beige shade can be washed by hand and in the washing machine, in the program dedicated to delicate fabrics. During the cleaning procedure, remember that the water temperature should not exceed 300C. Also, avoid detergents that contain chlorine or bleach. The BLISS ecru bed cannot be cleaned in dry cleaners. After completing the treatments, we recommend that you dry the bed flat.

For more information on how to wash our dog accessories, see the label attached to the product. Please read them.

If your dog needs a different size of dog sleeping bag, please let us know. Our designers will make a dedicated MADE TO MEASURE bedding in accordance with dimensions sent to
The average waiting time for individual orders is about 10 business days.

We also encourage you to familiarize with other colour versions of Bowl&Bone Republic dog sleeping bags: marine OCEAN and salmon PINK. Regardless of the chosen colour line, for sure, your dog will spend pleasant and unforgettable moments in the BLISS sleeping bag!