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Dog training – key rules

Training the dog and the goal set

Training a dog is a painstaking process. At the outset, think about what you want to teach your pet. Think, do you want him to understand what you expect from him at the moment? Or maybe your goal is to achieve something more? Perhaps you want your four-legged friend to be able to perform many different commands, including more advanced ones. How you want to shape your pooch’s skills has a direct impact on how you should conduct the training. This has an impact on the regularity of training, as well as its intensity and diversity.

Having a clearly defined goal will be much easier for us to get to work. So if you only want your pet to grow up to be a polite and well-behaved pooch, approach the matter a bit more gently. There is no need for you to carry out difficult training with your dog in such a situation. Or was he teaching commands that will not be of any use in your everyday life together?

Training will be much more pleasant and effective when you know exactly what you expect from your pet. Moreover, the dog himself will feel comfortable when the rhythm of your exercises is steady, and each new skill is introduced gradually and without rush.

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Don’t be afraid to ask

During joint training, a crisis may come, e.g. when your pet will not be able to understand your commands. Then you shouldn’t give up. Ask a dog training specialist for help.

Even if you follow the pro tips, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a reliable way. A lot depends on the nature of your doggy. Perhaps, to understand a given command, he or she will need a different training course than the one you originally chose. Without this knowledge, you can wrongly say that your pet is unable to understand the command. The help of a specialist can help you overcome an obstacle that might have seemed insurmountable before.

Remember that it is always worth consulting with other dog handlers. The experience of other pet owners may help train a doggy. To do this, you can visit all kinds of online forums dedicated directly to self-training dogs. Or you can find help with blog articles about dogs. After all, it cannot be denied that this is how you came across this entry, right? 🙂

Each doggy is different

Dogs can differ dramatically in terms of their susceptibility to training and the desire to learn new skills. Therefore, we cannot treat all dogs the same way. An individual approach is the key to successful training and learning new commands.

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If we want to teach your doggy many different types of commands and commands, first think about whether your pet has the appropriate predispositions to do so. Some dog breeds are exceptionally easy and quick to gain new knowledge. Learning to properly execute commands comes easily to them. Moreover, developing their skills gives them a lot of joy and satisfaction. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this aspect when choosing the breed of dog, which we will take care of. The training of the dog will then be more effective.

There are dog breeds that appreciate a much more leisurely afternoon on the couch than practising new commands in the park. Attempting to act against their nature may not bring the expected results. If the doggy doesn’t want to learn fancy tricks and commands, he simply won’t. If your pet belongs to this group, do not force him to do something that he does not enjoy.

Practice makes perfect

The rules of training a dog also apply to regularity. If your pet learns a new command, it doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. A skill that is not regularly repeated and practised begins to fade away. If your pet doesn’t follow the commands you taught him every once in a while, don’t expect him to do it as well in the future. Therefore, remember that dog training is a continuous, ongoing process. Unfortunately, many dog handlers forget about it.

Remember about your pet’s free time

Training is important, but spending free time together with the dog is also extremely important. Knowing the key principles of training a dog, it will certainly be easier for you to achieve the intended results. Remember, however, that the balance between learning and relaxation is equally important. Everything to make your bond with the doggy the best possible.

What is your opinion on dog training? I am happy to read your comments. As mentioned above, it is important to exchange experiences.


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