dog treat bag MIDI beige

Bowl&Bone Republic designers know very well that walking and playing outdoors is a real joy for dogs! Usually, the slogan “walk” evokes joyful tail’s wagging and waiting at the exit door. Having such moments in mind we have prepared a dog treat bag MIDI which will make your walking experience even more pleasant.

Dog treat pouches MIDI beige can be quickly and easily attached to the belt loop or the pocket. You can always have treats placed inside it, which definitely facilitates the organization of every stroll.


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Dog accessories useful during walks
– pouch for treats and poop bags MIDI beige

Bowl&Bone Republic as a European brand and leader among designers of dog accessories always puts the pet and its needs first. All our products are an expression of concern for the four-legged, their health and safety.

We also try to make their guardian’s life more enjoyable with their functionality, and their modern and minimalist design fits into the canons of modern times.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Dog treat bag MIDI in beige will certainly be useful during any outdoor activity. This seemingly small interior has many possibilities. You can easily hide your dog’s favourite treats in it, which you will always use when it is appropriate.

There will also be a place for poop bags. After all, taking care of cleanliness is a very important issue, regardless of whether you are a guardian of a chihuahua, Maltese, yorshire terrier, pug, Italian greyhound, miniature poodle, schnauzer, jack russel terrier, labrador, dalmatian, basset or any other dog breed representative.

Pouch for treats and poop bags MIDI beige
– comfort during walks

The designers of Bowl&Bone Republic made sure that as a canine guardian you had easy and quick access to both treats and poop bags placed in MIDI case. Bags are stored in a separate compartment and pulled out through the side dispenser for your convenience.

Thanks to this, you can easily tear off a single piece by performing the whole operation even with one hand. In addition, the case has two hooks, thanks to which it adheres very well to a belt or pocket. Even during intense fun with the dog, you are not exposed to uncontrolled unfastening of the MIDI dog pouch.

dog treat bag MIDI beige bowlandbonerepublic magnifier

Importantly, the inside of the case is lined with waterproof material. This facilitates both cleaning and protects treats during inclement weather. You don’t have to worry that the treats placed in the case will get wet. You can clean dog treat bag interior quickly and easily.

We recommend the CANDY red harness with a lead. The whole will create a very elegant set that will add charm and designer appearance to your pet.

Dimensions of the MIDI dog treat bag
in beige colour

12,5 cm x 8 cm x 5,5 cm*

Dog treat pouch MIDI beige fits standard rolls with waste bags in size 6 cm x 3 cm (≈ 2" x 1")

Easy-to-clean dog accessories –
dog pouch MIDI for treats and poop bags

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we are well aware of the fact that the dog accessories we produce, in addition to their unique design and functionality, must also be easy to clean.

For this reason, we have made sure that the dog treat bag MIDI in beige can be washed – both manually and mechanically. All you have to do is choose a program for delicate fabrics, whose water temperature does not exceed 30 ° C.

Minor dirt can be removed by wiping the case with water and a mild detergent. Please remember not to use chlorine, bleach or chemical cleaning during the cleaning. After washing, we recommend that you dry the case flat.

Information on how to clean the dog treat bag MIDI in a shade of beige we also put on the label attached to the product.

Dog treat bag MIDI – take it for every walk!

Dog treat pouch can also be purchased in other colours: black, pink or blue. Match the colour to your pet’s harness to your wardrobe. After all, a fashionable and elegant look is always important, also during the walk with your pet!

If you have questions about the dog treat bag MIDI or you would like to learn more about the Bowl&Bone Republic dog accessories, please write to us at

We will be happy to answer any question.