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Dog trekking – what is it?

a dog on the red leash

Dog trekking is a sport consisting of fast walking or slow running with your four-legged pet.

What is Dog trekking?

If you love spending your free time actively with your pet, then Dog trekking will appeal to you. What is it all about? Dog trekking is a quick walk or run with a dog fastened to us with a waist belt or other similar solution. The essence of this sport is moving together with the dog at a faster or slower pace.

There are no restrictive rules about which dog can do Dog trekking. It is a sport for every quadruped, but adjusting its pace and intensity directly to the condition and health of our pet.

Dog trekking competitions are for those who like competition. The organizers set exciting routes, and the competitors’ task is to cover the designated distance with the help of a map. Of course, those who complete the trail in the shortest time win. However, a large part of the participants approach the matter purely recreationally.

How the idea of ​​Dog trekking began

Knowing what Dog trekking is, we can ask ourselves how it started. It is a sport born in the United States, where the first official Dog trekking competitions occurred. Their route took place in the Rocky Mountains. Eventually, they became a cyclical event attended by many dog lovers yearly. Moreover, the number of people interested in Dog trekking competitions is constantly growing.

Participants in the competition can choose from several distance categories, which allows them to select a route that fully meets their capabilities. The shortest is usually about 10 km, while the longest is a distance of up to 50 km.

Appropriate preparation

Although Dog trekking is a demanding sport, it still requires proper preparation from us. Before we take part in Dog trekking competitions, it is worth getting acquainted with the topic of this sport with a dog and letting both yourself and your dog get trained in the new physical activity.


What should we have to be able to start the adventure with Dog trekking? First, it is a waist belt to which we attach a special cord. We attach it directly to the dog’s harness.

We do not have to equip our pet with a particular model for Dog trekking. However, it is essential that the harness is very comfortable and does not pinch or rub the dog during movement. Dog harnesses from the ACTIVE or CANDY lines from the Bowl&Bone Republic will be perfect. The harness of this brand is not only highly durable but also made of high-quality materials that provide the dog with complete freedom of movement.

a dog in the red harness

If you want to prepare for Dog trekking, you will need comfortable shoes and a relatively spacious, comfortable backpack.

Remember to take water with your dog when going on a route. It is also worth having your dog’s favourite treats with you.

The necessary equipment required during Dog trekking competitions should be determined in advance by the organizer. Usually, it includes, among others: a map, a compass, a flashlight or a mini first aid kit containing the necessary equipment.

Practice makes perfect

Dog trekking is a form of sports training in itself. However, before starting an adventure related to this sport, it is worth taking care of our and our pet’s condition. Before you make a significant effort to overcome a long trail, prepare your body to face such a task.

So how to start? First, by increasing the intensity and duration of your daily walks. Gradually get yourself and your dog used to hikes that last an hour or more. However, remember not to force your body. Even though Dog trekking is a relatively safe and accident-free sport, excessive training may result in injury. If you have the opportunity, choose a place where you will have the chance to hike in more mountainous terrain.


If you want to participate in Dog trekking competitions, good condition and physical fitness are not everything. It is necessary to read the map and use the compass efficiently.

Of course, when setting routes, the competition organizers are based on relatively uncomplicated trails that do not require in-depth knowledge of using the map. Nevertheless, you should know how to find yourself in the field and choose the right path to your destination.

Why is it worth trying Dog trekking with your dog?

Knowing what Dog trekking is, it is worth considering the benefits of practising this sport. First, we gain another way to spend time actively with our beloved pets. Unlike a common passion, nothing strengthens the bond between a dog and his owner. Building a relationship with a quadruped is primarily based on joint activity. Dog trekking as a permanent element of your life becomes an opportunity for you to spend time only with yourself.

In addition, Dog trekking is an excellent opportunity to socialize our dog with other dogs. Joint trips or participation in competitions allow the pet to get used to the presence of more dogs, learn to associate with a larger group, and also to respect their personal space.

The undeniable advantage of Dog trekking is its impact on our condition and that of our pets. It is a sport that does not require a lot of effort. However, regular training significantly affects our physical form and mental state. Dog trekking will work especially for those who want to maintain an active lifestyle but do not like excessive physical effort.

It is also essential that there are no age limits for participants – this applies to both dogs and their guardians. Any season is suitable for some activity – it’s a year-round sport.

a child holding a dog lead with a dog in rose harness

Is Dog trekking for me?

Definitely yes. Dog trekking is a sport that combines physical activity with fun. It lets you improve your condition by tightening bonds with your beloved pet. In addition, the opportunity to participate in Dog trekking competitions increases the motivation for regular training and maintaining a good level of physical fitness.

Therefore, knowing what Dog trekking is, do not hesitate and start training today!

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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