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Dogs and other home pets

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The decision about which animal to choose when having a dog should be well thought out. You must consider all the pros and cons. Consider the nature of your pet and his approach to other animals. It is also important whether he finds it difficult or easy to make new friends. The relationship between dogs and other home pets does not necessarily mean trouble. However, if you act too rashly, your pooch may stop feeling comfortable and safe in his own home.

Like a dog with a cat

Contrary to all stereotypes, a good relationship between a dog and a cat is possible. Nevertheless, it will require your help and commitment. It is important for both pets to feel that they are treated equally by their guardian. Neither of them should feel less important.

If you decide to have a dog and a cat at the same time, you must skillfully divide your attention between the two of them. No doubt one of them will try to impose their dominance and superiority. However, if you want the relationship between them to be non-conflict and tense, you need to get involved.

Both the dog and the cat must have their own safe space. A place where they will be able to go when they feel fear or threat. Both pets in your common home must have their little asylum. This place may be their message. When looking for a comfortable dog bed in which your little pet will feel just good, I recommend you the LOFT line from Bowl & Bone Republic. Dog beds of this brand are characterized by the highest quality materials.

A doggy and other pets

Of course, cats are not the only pets that can live under the same roof with a pooch. So if you are wondering what animal to choose with a dog at home, I will present you other, less standard proposals. It is believed that dogs in general, and other home pets (apart from the aforementioned cats), are in most cases non-conflict, and dogs are good companions for most pets. This is because they are extremely friendly and they try to avoid conflicts and unpleasant situations.

Fish aquarium

One of the examples of domestic animals that can easily live under the same roof with a pooch is aquarium fish. However, be careful because, as we all know, dogs are very curious about the world. The doggy can put his paw in the aquarium there, and when he is small, even fall inside. Therefore, the aquarium should be placed in a place where your pet does not have direct access.

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Rodents and dogs

Having a dog and a rodent at home requires a bit more commitment from you than it is in the case of a cat or fish. Why? Remember that dogs are characterized by a strong hunting instinct, which is ultimately intended to fulfil their functions during hunting. Most of today’s pooches have nothing to do with hunting in their everyday life. Nevertheless, it is an inborn trait worth keeping in mind. While the cat is as strong an individual as the pooch and will be able to repel his attack to a greater extent, the situation is different in the case of rodents.

Unfortunately, a direct meeting of a hamster or a rabbit with a dog may not end well. You should not allow them to come into direct contact, because you cannot fully correctly assess how the pooch will behave then.

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Nevertheless, the life of dogs and other pets together does not mean that they couldn’t have a good relationship with each other. You can be happy guardian of a hamster and a dog at the same time, and only not allow for mutual contact. The cage with the rodent should be placed in such a place that the pooch does not have access to it on his own.

However, I think that you should not completely separate the lives of the pooch and the rodent. It is good for the dog to be aware that a small, furry animal lives in your house. In my opinion, the pooch should get used to his presence. Otherwise, it may treat him as an intruder, growl or bark at him.

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Dogs with reptiles and spiders

The relationship between the reptile and the dog can be considered quite negligible. The two kinds of animals are unlikely to come into closer contact with each other. In the case of reptiles and spiders, the situation is additionally complicated. Some individuals have venom. Then they can be a danger to the dog. The doggy does not understand why close contact with such a pet may not be perceived as an invitation to play, but rather as an attack.

Therefore, if you decide on this type of pet, make sure that he will be as completely separated from your dog as possible.

What are your experiences with dogs versus other home pets? Share your opinion in the comment.


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