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Dog’s bow – what does this attitude mean

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Dogs often bow, but do you know what this attitude of your dog means? It is worth mentioning that extreme emotions cause this dog’s behaviour that speaks through him. The dog makes a bow encouraging them to play together, but also as one of the calming signals.

A dog’s bow can mean, among other things, an invitation to play, but you need to know that it is also one of the calming signals sent by dogs. In very stressful situations for the dog, a bow will mean an aggressive attitude. That’s why it’s good for you to recognize the dog’s intention and the emotions that speak through it at a given moment.

What you will learn from this article:

  • A dog’s nod can mean both a positive and a negative attitude towards the dog
  • When the dog bows, he can encourage to play together
  • By bowing, the dog can signal an aggressive attitude

Dog bow

Dog bow, do you know what this body posture of your pet means? This dog’s behaviour mainly implies an invitation to play. That is true, but not in every case. There are also other reasons for this behaviour.

Why is it good for you to know what a dog’s bow means? Because this dog behaviour can also be one of the dog’s calming signals, you need to take the matter as seriously as possible.

Dogs send calming signals when they do not feel completely comfortable and well. In this way, they want to defuse the existing conflict and avoid confrontation as much as possible.

You can read more about calming signals in dogs in my other post, which you can find HERE.

When a dog’s nod means fun

Since a dog’s bow can mean an invitation to play, I’m sure you want to know precisely when that happens. That happens when the dog is relaxed and calm, and his mouth is slightly open. Interestingly, dogs perform this movement both concerning humans and other quadrupeds.

For dogs, one favourite game is pretending to fight or hunt each other. During such games, biting each other is more of a form of pinching. However, there is no denying the fine line in such a game. Therefore, the dog’s bowing will be an unmistakable reassurance that it is not a real confrontation.

When watching your dog play with another dog, please pay attention to whether they bow. If so, take a look at what movements they make while playing. Please pay attention to how they attack each other or bite in a way that is more like brushing their teeth. If so, you’ve just witnessed a situation where a dog’s nod meant fun.

This behaviour is widespread in puppies. For young dogs, playing with another pet is one of their favourite forms of free time. For this purpose, all kinds of jerks and bullets will be great, thanks to which dogs can play wrestling. It must be a solid toy that does not tear while playing. That’s why I recommend you a bullet from Bowl&Bone Republic.

The bow of the dog means a break in play

If the dog bows while playing, it may mean that he needs rest. There is no denying that dogs are very active during play; they move a lot, run and jump. That’s why they need a moment to catch their breath and catch their breath.

Bowing while playing also helps to cool down the emotions accompanying dogs during play. As I mentioned, quadrupeds love to play pretend fights or hunting. However, too intense and exciting play can create a conflict between dogs.

Therefore, in such situations, the dog’s bow gives him a few moments to control his emotions before the game unexpectedly turns into a real clash between dogs and gets out of control.

So as you can see, the dog’s bow plays a crucial role during play. It is not just an invitation to spend time together. It allows the canine to catch a moment of respite and cool down his emotions. Have you ever realized how important it is to bow while playing with your pet? Let me know by leaving a comment at the end of the article.

The dog’s nod is a calming signal

As I mentioned at the beginning, the dog’s bowing, in most cases, is perceived as a form of invitation by the dog to play together. In some cases, this is true. However, there are also situations when the dog bowing wants to tell us something completely different.

A dog’s nod can be one of the calming signals sent by a quadruped. How can you recognize that your dog is not inviting you to play with him, but on the contrary, he is trying to convey an important message with his behaviour?

First, the dog’s bow in this situation lasts longer and is more static. The dog inviting you to play is very excited. He bows, jump up happily and returns to bend again. This situation is a bit different.

The dog is tense. His body is tight, and his movements are much slower. In this way, your pet is trying to cope with difficult emotions. It is also a desire to avoid conflict. As you undoubtedly know, our dogs try not to argue with other dogs if they can unless it is necessary for their opinion. They avoid confrontation whenever possible.

The dog’s nod as a state of readiness

The dog may also want to show his readiness to attack by bowing. If the canine is hunting, he assumes this position when he stands eye-to-eye with his prey. Interestingly, the dog wants to make the potential target of his hunt run away.

Why is this happening? This behaviour is typical of hunting predators, written in the dog’s genes. The wolves, sensing that their prey would be able to strike them with a blow, bowed to force the animal to retreat.

In this way, while the victim is on the run, he would not be able to undertake any act of defence simultaneously. That made it much easier for wolves to succeed in hunting while minimizing their injuries.

In your dog’s case, this kind of bow is more genetic than genuine fear of his prey. My pet behaves like this when he’s about to chase a squirrel. In reality, it is not a threatening opponent to him. However, despite this, it sometimes happens that he makes a bow.

a dog in a pink sweater

Dog bow as a sign of aggression

Some situations cause our or other pets’ behaviour to make your dog very nervous. Examples include trying to take away your dog’s food bowl while he is eating or wanting to take away his favourite toy. Then the dog can make a bow showing aggression and anger.

The dog will defend what is of great value to him at the moment, and by bowing, he demonstrates his intentions and offensive attitude. As I have mentioned, quadrupeds try to avoid conflicts if they can. Therefore, if the dog bows in aggression, know that a specific limit has been crossed.

Stay calm in these situations. Try to assess what made your pet react in this way. If possible, try to smooth the problem, but above all, avoid sudden movements. Your dog may misunderstand them.

What to do when a dog bows

How you should behave when your dog bows depend on what emotions drive your pet. Moreover, considering how many meanings this dog’s attitude can have, it’s essential to read his intention well.

Therefore, to understand your dog, you need to know all the dog bows and what they mean to him. That will allow you to behave towards the canine, be adequate to the situation, and often avoid unnecessary conflicts.

First, before taking action, ensure you have read your pet’s intentions correctly. If he’s making a calming signal, your sudden movement can make him even more nervous.

a dog on the coral dog mat

Be alert when your dog bows

There is no denying that because bowing has so many meanings for a dog, it is not easy to judge its intention at first glance. Therefore, when reading your dog’s intentions, consider the context of the situation and who is around him.

A dog’s bow can be a form of encouraging you or another dog to play together. It is also a way to catch your breath. Nevertheless, a dog’s nod can also be a calming signal; even worse, it can manifest a dog’s temporary aggression.

Do you often notice your dog bowing? If so, what do you think most often drives him, then?

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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