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Dog’s sleeping positions

The position in which your four-legged friend falls asleep says a lot about how he feels. As you probably know, there are hundreds of them, and sometimes they are super funny. Some are very informative. Dogs usually sleep differently when they feel good and safe and guilty when they feel that something might endanger them. Knowing the importance of your dog’s sleeping position, you know how he feels and whether he is afraid of anything.

a dog in the dog bed

What are the most common dog sleeping positions?

Have you ever wondered how your dog can fall asleep in a strange and uncomfortable position? My pet usually sleeps at night with his mouth and front paws completely protruding from the lair onto the floor. What does the dog’s sleeping position mean?

I found the answer to this question fascinating. It allowed me to get to know and understand my dog better. So, as it turns out, how your four-legged friend sleeps is not accidental.

A dog’s sleep

Dogs sleep about 13 hours a day. The length of sleep depends on the dog’s age, breed and health. Nevertheless, considering that our pets sleep more than half of their day, we can certainly admit that the dog’s sleeping position plays a significant role.

If you want to learn more about your dog’s healthy sleep, I invite you to the entry HERE.

a dog lying in the dog bed

What does your dog’s sleeping position mean?

Your dog’s sleeping position tells a lot about himself, his character, and his feelings. These observations will allow you to understand your pet better.

Doggy curled up in a ball

What does a dog sleeping in this position look like? He keeps his paws and tail very close to the body, and its shape resembles a ball. This sleeping position in a dog can fulfil two functions.

The first one is for the quadruped to maintain the correct body temperature. The dog can sleep in this position because he is cold. It works the same way as it does with humans. If we feel chilly during sleep, we usually curl up similarly, bringing our legs and arms close to our torso.

Your four-legged friend may also sleep this way because he fears something. The doggy curls up in a ball, thus protecting the most sensitive parts of its body, i.e. the abdomen and neck. Moreover, this position allows for a quick reaction in the event of a threat.

A doggy sleeping on his side

You won’t deny that this is probably one of the most popular positions chosen by dogs during sleep. My pet likes to fall asleep this way the most.

When the evening comes, he will lie in his favourite, comfortable dog bed CLASSIC, and you can hear him snore gently after a while. As it turns out, the most comfortable thing for him is putting his mouth on the edge of the bed as if he were sleeping on a pillow.

What does this position during sleep mean for a dog? First, your four-legged friend feels very safe in the place where he is. A feeling of safety while sleeping is significant for dogs.

This position means that the dog has an exposed belly. This behaviour in a dog means that he feels perfect and comfortable with the person next to whom he falls asleep. He fully trusts her and knows that he is safe.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that it is also a very comfortable position for the dog during sleep. The doggy can stretch and fully stretch out.

Doggy lying on his back

Why is the dog sleeping on its back? First, you will surely admit that dogs sleeping this way look cute and funny. So what does this sleeping position mean in dogs? The doggy feels safe in the place where he sleeps.

What does a dog sleep on its back mean? While sleeping on the side shows that the dog feels well and confident, lying on the back is an even more outstanding example.

dogs on the grey cushion

The doggy sleeping in this way shows us the complete trust and the fact that he feels very safe. The fully exposed stomach and neck during sleep means the dog is not afraid that something terrible could happen while he sleeps well.

He feels as comfortable as possible in his place and among the people around him.

When my dog showed up at my house, he slept in a small ball for many nights. I knew it was a turning point when I saw him sleeping on his stomach for the first time.

My four-legged friend finally felt at home. His sense of security and trust in me grew enormously. I remember this moment very fondly while building our relationship.

Doggy is sleeping, lying on his stomach

First, it is worth knowing that a dog sleeping this way cannot enter a deep stage of sleep. If you want to find out exactly how a dog’s sleep works, I refer you to the article that you can find HERE.

A doggy lying on his stomach cannot fall into a deep sleep because his muscles cannot relax. They are tense all the time. Therefore, your pet can only take a short nap in this position. The dog often decides to lie down this way when it is not yet tired and ready to sleep.

Lying on the back allows the dog to regenerate energy, for example, after a walk, and at the same time, the ability to watch over what is happening around him – it is ready for action. In the prone position, he waits for what may still happen around him.

So if you see your dog lying on his stomach, you don’t have to worry about waking him up. The dog is willing to play or spend time together.

How to improve your dog’s sleep quality

Several essential factors affect your dog’s sleep quality. The place where the dog sleeps plays a significant role: the bed and the site at home.

Your dog’s bed should be adjusted to his size. The dog’s sleep quality can automatically be much lower if it is too small or too big.

If your dog belongs to a group of susceptible dogs, pay attention to the bedding filling when choosing. I recommend that you choose a dog bed filled with antiallergic artificial down.

Your dog should have a view of the entire room from his bed. At the same time, the dog will feel more comfortable if the lair is not in the centre of the room.

So it is good to place it in a corner, but at the same time, it can be a good observation point of the surroundings for your four-legged friend.

I remember that dogs, just like us, like to fall asleep in the dark. While they will not be disturbed by the light during a nap, at night, make sure that your pet can fall asleep freely in the atmosphere of twilight.

a small dog on the blanket lying

The position of the dog while sleeping tells us a lot

How the dog sleeps shows how it feels at the moment. Is he happy and safe? Is he tired or even scared and fearful?

Therefore, it is good for you to know how to correctly read the position in which your four-legged friend is sleeping. Thanks to this, you know if he is doing well or needs more care and support.

And in which position does your pet sleep most often? Perhaps it is the confusion of a few of those I told you about today. I’d love to know what it is like with your dog.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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