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Everything you need to know about the English Bulldog breed

The English Bulldog is a medium-sized dog. His body is quite sturdy. This breed has a sweet,
gentle disposition, but on the other hand, they can be stubborn, so it’s advisable to start
training them in their early puppyhood.

What will you learn from this article:

  • The English Bulldogs are cheerful and happy
  • They like regular exercise adequate to their needs
  • Dogs of this breed suffer from joint disorders

English bulldog

When talking about the English Bulldog breed, we most often think of the French Bulldog. They enjoy great popularity among bulldogs. However, today I just want to focus on the English Bulldog breed. I think it’s impossible to pass these doggies by indifferently. Their distinctive appearance arouses a lot of interest.

You wouldn’t consider the English bulldog a small breed. It’s a stocky and sturdy dog. I think you should take it under consideration before choosing a dog like this. It is so unique, and there’s no way that you could confuse them with any other breed.

If you are thinking about taking a dog like this in your care or you’re already raising English Bulldog, this article will provide you with all guidance you need.

English Bulldog – external appearance

As I already mentioned earlier, English Bulldog is quite a massive dog. Their weight is not one of the largest among the other dogs, but considering the height of these dogs, they weigh a lot. I would describe their body build as stocky and solid.

The dogs of this breed achieve an average size of 35 – 40 cm in height. Their weight is about 23-26 kg and depends on the sex of the dog. The female dog – as it goes with other breeds – is smaller and finer than males.

The English bulldog’s muzzle is short, flattened and the head is large. Their legs are short. Combined with the large weight makes it difficult to move quickly.

English bulldog’s hair is very short and rough. The coat can be either unified or blended with shades of white, brown, and reddish parts. 

English Bulldog – Personality

What is the English Bulldog like in everyday life? It appears to be a very sensible dog with quite controlled behaviour. But what is it like?  As we learn from the many situations in our life, the bulldog’s appearance can be misleading.

The dogs of this breed have a very gentle disposition.  Despite their body build and weight, English bulldogs like sport but rather in moderation and not too long. Therefore, if you have a dog of this breed in your care, don’t forget that daily exercises are necessary or advisable.

Dogs of this breed are very people-oriented and enjoy spending time with their guardian. It’s important to adjust the intensiveness of the play to the dog’s endurance. Do not overload your poppy. If you notice any signs of tiredness, it’s a good moment to end the play or to take a break.

English bulldogs can be stubborn, so if you decide to raise a dog of this breed, you need to be patient and understanding. If you’re expecting total obedience from your pooch, it isn’t probably the best dog breed for you.

When caring for your English Bulldog, remember that this beer doesn’t like to spend time without his owner. They find it highly stressful and uncomfortable when they must stay alone in the house for a long time.

English Bulldog Health and Care

It’s worth mentioning – even highlighting – that English bulldogs are susceptible to various diseases. When caring for this breed, it’s crucial to know that their health needs to be constantly monitored. Knowing which diseases can threaten your four-legged friend helps you to notice any anomalies and to act quickly and efficiently.

The English Bulldog is a medium-sized dog. His body is quite sturdy. This breed has a sweet,
gentle disposition, but on the other hand, they can be stubborn, so it’s advisable to start
training them in their early puppyhood.

A common condition of English bulldogs is hip and elbow dysplasia. As I mentioned earlier, because of the high body weight and disproportionate figure of the dog, his legs are prone to various diseases and degeneration. Therefore, if you have an English bulldog in your care, it’s important to keep his weight within the specified range.

An unquestionable advantage of grooming the English bulldog is the ease of caring for his coat. That is very short and simultaneously not very demanding. However, remember that your pooch will shed twice a year.         

Wrinkles distinguish English bulldogs in their skin. The skin condition needs to be regularly monitored. Due to the limited access to these areas, frequent hygiene is essential.  Otherwise, your dog’s skin may develop sores or abrasions.

The best accessories for an English Bulldog

When completing a layette for your dog, you should consider the individual needs of your four-legged friend. As you know, every dog is different, and what worked for one dog may not be a hit for another one.

I would like to focus on accessories in this article that work best for English bulldogs.

Firstly, I want to focus on your dog’s bowl. English bulldogs are medium-sized dogs. That’s why I recommend buying a slightly elevated bowl. Bearing in mind the breed’s joint problems, it is a good idea to limit the situations when they must bend down.

The appropriate bowl for the English Bulldog would be the DELI from the Bowl&Bone Republic. It is based on a wooden frame combined with metal removable inserts and makes a perfect whole.

The sleeping place is extremely important for your dog. If you’re looking for the perfect bed for your English Bulldog, I recommend one of our products. This kind of bed is extremely popular with many dogs. The model you decide on should match the character of your four-legged friend.

If your doggy is a true city pooch, the COSMOPOLITAN bed from the Bowl&Bone Republic could be a hit.

Taking care of English Bulldog

You already know the distinctive traits of the English bulldog breed. In my opinion, this breed is underestimated. Mainly due to his strict and serious appearance. Do you have an English Bulldog in your care? Or are you already considering raising a dog of this breed? Leave me a comment.

If you have more questions or topics you want me to cover, please feel free to share them in the comments section.


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