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Fun for a couple of dogs

a dog on the grey dog mat

Do you want to spend an active day with your dogs? Having fun together is a great way to spend time excellently and nurture your friendship. We’ll tell you how to go about it.

Fun for dogs

One of the most pleasant ways to spend time with your beloved pet is active fun together. It allows you to strengthen the bond between us and the pet. In addition, pleasure has a perfect effect on the mental and physical development of the dog. Moreover, it allows him to use his energy to effectively satisfy the need for movement.

There is a lot to play with a pet, but how to deal with more than one dog. That is a slightly more difficult task, but we guarantee that the number of smiles increases even more with the growing number of pets willing to play together.

Having several pets under our care, we want them to be able to spend time not only with us but also on their own. If you want to create a strong and friendly relationship between your pets, it is worth focusing on their fun together. Spending active time will allow dogs to learn mutual respect and understanding. That is why it is essential to show dogs how much fun they can get from playing together.

Find common interests between pets

If you want the dogs to get along well with each other while playing, you should focus on their character and personification at the beginning. Dogs with completely extreme temperaments have different needs and likes. Under no circumstances should any party be allowed to force through. See what forms of active spending time your pets like separately, and on this basis, create a range of games that will suit each of them.

a dog with red bullet running

The likes of dogs depend not only on their character but also their breed or age. The young puppy will love dog games where he can run, jump and perform all kinds of tricks. Older or less temperamental dogs will prefer games involving tearing or finding things.

It would help if you kept this in mind when playing dog games

The opportunity to play together with dogs is a great pleasure. They can then spend a friendly and active time and satisfy their needs related to socialization. Unfortunately, we are often unable to assess at first glance whether our pets are having a great time with each other or, on the contrary, competing with each other.

The ability to read dogs’ behaviour is essential to exercise control over maintaining a healthy and friendly relationship between your quadrupeds.

Fairness and balance in dog play

Neither of the dogs should feel inferior to the other. Maintaining emotional balance in the relationship between two dogs is extremely important.

If you notice that while playing, one dog is constantly in a dominant position over the other, it is a sign that something is wrong. Fun together should be based on volatility. Once one dog runs away, and the other chases him, there is a change after a while. Equal activity is crucial for the relationship between two dogs.

Play time harmony

Like people, dogs need time to be at their full strength and well-being. That applies not only to our interaction with the pet but also to our other charges. If you notice that one of the dogs counts on having fun with his companion, and the other, try to keep him calm and devote your attention to the dog who needs active play.

And what if the fun of our dogs lasts too long? Of course, this is not a problem, but dogs can forget about eating food or water during joint activity. If you notice that they play for a long time, as their guardian, you can order a break for a moment of breath.

How to play with dogs

Although games for several dogs require a bit more creativity, we can still rely on those we know well. We can have fun with our pets in many ways. A lot depends on the likes of our dogs and what form of active spending time suits them best.

Dog fun outside


That is a game known to all dog owners. Perfect for one dog but also several. Then the dogs, in addition to retrieving, can also chase each other.

a puppy playing with a dog toy on the grass


Dogs love games where they can run and jump. Frisbee is the perfect opportunity for this. However, try to give each dog a chance to catch the disc. It is essential that the dogs feel that this is your collective group game.


A great way to entertain several dogs, also without our participation. However, a good quality jerk or bullet is the basis for successful fun if we want to be sure they will not destroy it after the first use. That is why we recommend bullets from the Bowl&Bone Republic, which are made of durable material that will last for many hours of great fun


As we know, dogs have a perfectly developed sense of smell. Therefore, all kinds of games during which our pets will have the task of finding hidden treats or toys will be great. However, remember to change hiding places because the dog will remember where the hidden surprise was waiting for him before.

Puppies having fun at home


When playing at home, interactive toys and accessories work much better. An example is the olfactory mat or boxes inside which we can hide our dogs’ favourite treats. They will sniff out the delicacy and then get it out of hiding. For several dogs, it is essential to hide several treats at once so that each dog has a chance to find them.

Yes, dogs love this fun just as much as children. If you choose a hiding place for yourself, call your dogs to follow your voice and try to find a location of your choice.

the dog puts his head into the basket with toys

learning commands

Time spent at home is a great time to learn new commands. Dogs learn not only through our tips but also by observing each other.

Nothing difficult

Games for several dogs are different from those organized for one quadruped. Good fun for dogs should be based primarily on equality and fairness. Puppies should have the same chance of winning while playing. Otherwise, they will feel excluded and neglected. Also, make sure that none of the dogs plays the dominant role. Dogs should feel treated equally in their company and by their guardians.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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