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How the dog rests

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Dogs and humans need to rest. Both physical and mental effort can be tiring for a dog. Most often, dogs regenerate their strength by napping. Another form of relaxation for a dog may be stroking him or giving him a dog massage, both at home and with a dog specialist in this field.

What will you learn from this article:

  • the dog needs to rest both after physical and mental effort
  • one of the favourite forms of relaxation for a dog is a nap.
  • your dog may need some rest in the form of going away and changing everyday surroundings

Dog rest

For your pooch, rest play an equally important role as it does for you. It is the moment during the whole day when you can regenerate your strength and relax. It is very important to take care of a healthy balance between work and rest in life. When it’s gone, our joy and satisfaction with life automatically decline.

Do you know how your dog rests? It is very important that your pooch also has a moment during the day when he can fully relax. Although it may seem that your pooch’s life is so peaceful that he does not need a break from everyday matters. Nothing could be more wrong.

For your four-legged friend, his daily canine affairs can be very exhausting. He needs time to regenerate and to enter new challenges with full strength and vitality.

Why dog rest is important

Do you know why rest is so important for your pooch? The answer to this question is not surprising. For your pooch, rest has a very similar meaning in life as it does for you. Without it, the proper functioning of the body is virtually impossible.

– a moment of respite for the dog’s body

Your pooch needs rest for his body to recover. As you probably noticed when taking care of your pet, dogs have a lot of energy. They like to spend their free time actively.

My pooch likes games that we can engage in together, such as toy BULLET dragging. It is great fun, but it cannot be denied that it is also quite a tiring effort. I know that after spending the afternoon on that activity, my pet will need to regenerate his strength.

So it’s safe to say that there is a time when your pooch needs a break after the fun. Although it may sound quite absurd, I hope I managed to explain to you that playing for your dog is also a time of increased physical activity. You also need some rest after intense sports, right?

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– time for canine’s mind

Some situations and events remain in your four-legged friend’s mind for a long time. The emotions that accompany them can be very tiring. I think you know this feeling well in your life.

During my studies, I always needed a break after writing a very difficult exam. Although I spent this time sitting in one place in the room, my mind did so much work that after the exam was finished I only dreamed of a nap. Your pet’s mind works similarly.

If a pooch experiences intense emotions related to an event, then when everything starts to return to normal, his body must react. Then he needs rest and a moment only for himself.

For your doggie, different situations can cause mental strain. I think you know your pooch well and you know what situations evoke strong emotions in him.

My pooch doesn’t like water. He always feels a bit depressed and tired after taking a bath. That’s why I try to prepare a relaxation zone for him later. After bathing, we always lie down on the couch together, I cover the pooch with my favourite blanket and stroke him until he falls asleep. I know that in this situation he needs such form of rest very much.

How the dog rests

You already know why rest in your four-legged friend’s life is so important. Therefore, it is good for you to know how your pooch is resting. A lot depends on the personal preferences of the dog.

– dog’s nap

I think one of the most beloved ways for dogs to rest is to go for a nap. This is the moment when the dog has the opportunity to regenerate his strength before the rest of the day.

A dog’s nap is different from a night’s sleep. When evening comes, the pooch goes to bed because he feels sleepy after the whole day. In the case of a nap, the situation is slightly different. The dog does not meet his sleep needs but gives the body rest and relaxation before the rest of the day.

However, for your dog’s nap to be fully effective, you need to keep your four-legged friend comfortable while sleeping. How to do it? First of all, make sure that his bedding is as comfortable as your pet needs it.

I am aware of the importance of sleep in my pet’s life. Therefore, when choosing a bed for him, I focus primarily on quality and comfort. My pet has a URBAN bedding from Bowl&Bone Republic and he is delighted with it. The bedding is extremely comfortable, which makes my pooch’s naps very satisfying.

– massage and stroking the dog

Many dogs love to be stroked and massaged. This way, their muscles have the opportunity to relax and unwind. I think that as a dog’s guardian you know very well where your pooch likes to be petted the most.

However, it is worth mentioning, that not every stroking will be relaxing for the dog. It all depends on who will be touching the pooch. If it is a stranger, not well-known to him, the pooch may become even tenser instead of relaxing.

If you want to learn more about why you shouldn’t pet a foreign dog, then I refer you to my other post, which you can on this blog as well. I have the impression that too little is being said about it. Therefore, I will be very happy if, as a conscious dog sitter, you gain more knowledge about stroking a foreign dog.

Dog massage is more than just stroking. Its task is to loosen the tense muscles of the dog. This is especially important when your pooch wants to rest after very intense physical exertion. Only then the massage will allow him to truly relax and unwind.

However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the massage is something different than simply stroking your pet. Doing this, you must have adequate knowledge of the subject. Otherwise, you can hurt your dog.

Therefore, before you start giving your pooch a massage, read the article I have prepared on this topic.

If you know that your pooch needs exceptional rest, you can take him to a professional dog massage performed by a specialist.

– holiday trip

My pooch lives with me in a big city. It cannot be denied that it is loud and crowded here. Although I know that my pooch is used to being in the city, I try to take him out to nature from time to time.

I can see from him that he really needs it. He has the opportunity to commune with nature, run without any restrictions, spend the whole day outside. It is his form of rest.

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Take care of your dog’s rest

In the life of each of us, including your pooch, it is very important to maintain a balance between activity and rest. Therefore, it is good to know how your four-legged friend rests. Not having a moment to rest can negatively affect your pooch’s health and well-being.

Do you know how your pooch rests? When he needs a moment to rest, he goes to a nap, or does he prefer another form of relaxation? Write to me with your thoughts in the comment below.

If you have any questions for me, want me to bring up a topic for the next post, be sure to share it with me in the comments section.


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