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How to choose the right dog toys

Having a toy is the right thing to do for every dog. Moreover, lack of accessories to play with can often have a bad impact on the health of our four-legged-friend. The proper dog toys allow our pet to fulfill the needs written in his genes. To him, they’re something much more than just the objects bringing happiness and fun.

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Why toys are important for a dog?

Dogs have an innate need to sniff, track and hunt. They treat dog toy as a kind of victim to capture. After successful hunting there’s time for intensive chewing which makes his jaw muscles stronger. We can also expect that the hunted toy will be given to us as a trophy. This is how the dog shows his attachment and willingness to share it with his companions. Dogs do not grow out of toys, they only change their type or shape preferences.

The right dog toy – how to choose the one?

Choosing the right dog toy is a key issue because not all kinds of accessories will bring joy to our dog. It should match not only to the age of our pet, but also to his character and personality. A well-chosen dog toy brings maximum satisfaction and joy.

  • puppy or adult dog

Young doggy has completely different needs and preferences when it comes to toys and fun. In the case of a puppy, first of all, we should get a teether that will help him to reduce the pain caused by his growing teeth. Chewing and biting is a way to get rid of the discomfort and itchy gums. This is why, when our puppy doesn’t have a toy to rub and massage his teeth, he often begins to bite other things, such as shoes or furniture.

When choosing a dog teether, it’s a good idea to pay attention to its size – it should allow our dog to grasp it and move freely. In addition, puppy’s teeth are not yet too strong so the toy shouldn’t be too hard. For young dogs, good choice will be all kinds of mascots – they can not only play but also fall asleep with them. Bowl&Bone Republic offers many dog toys such as BAX, REX or DEX, which thanks to the material and the shape are just perfect for a puppy.

When choosing a toy for an older doggy, we should reach for the one that do not require excessive physical activity. Dogs seniors will enjoy playing with toys that can be rolled, bitten and tossed. In their case, you should consder to give up the types of play that could overload the joints.

  • dog’s temperament

Dogs, as well as people, can have different characters and preferences. When deciding to buy a new dog toy let’s focus on their personal needs. If our dog is lively and active, it’s a good idea to choose some frisbee or ringo. A great solution in that case will be also a Tug-of-War dog toy. The dog toy BULLET available in Bowl&Bone Republic store is just perfect for playing with dogs full of energy. If our four-legged-friend prefers the entertainment that is slightly less absorbing, let’s choose the ball to play fetch or any type of teethers and mascots.

  • how to keep our dog safe

When choosing a dog toy, first of all, pay attention to whether it can harm your dog. Its size should be big enough to prevent the pet from swallowing. Let’s also pay attention to whether the dog toy is made of small elements that can fall off or be bitten off easily. Example can be eyes or nose of mascots. This is especially dangerous when the dog stays on his own during play, because in that case when he would start choking, our reaction might not be fast enough.

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The key issue is also the material from which the product is made. Especially when it comes to the inexpensive dog toys, manufacturers often use cheap materials that can get destroyed very quickly or even contain harmful substances.

Control the condition of dog toys

Let’s also remember that no toy is safe when it’s in a bad condition. In order to keep our dog away from the danger, we should replace such product with a new one as soon as possible.

Dogs use toys to unload the accumulated energy and get rid of boredom, especially the puppies. Choosing the right dog toy is not difficult. However, we should remember to make sure that the product we buy is tailored to the individual needs of our pet. It’s also crucial to choose the dog toy that is safe and doesn’t bring any the risk to the life or health of our pet. To summarize all the tips mentioned above, the owner who knows his dog well, won’t have any problem with choosing the dog toy that will make his four-legged-companion really happy.

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