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How to help dogs from the shelter

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How to help a dog – where to start

By taking care of your dog, we want to provide him with the best living conditions. You care about his health, hygiene or varied diet. You try to make him happy, feel your love and know that you will always be with him, no matter what.

Unfortunately, many dogs do not have their beloved caregiver who will take care of them. The situation of many quadrupeds is alarming. What’s more, these dogs can not cope alone, without our/people help. Often even a small gesture can affect the fate of a poor pet. A single person will not be able to help all those in need. Only by acting together we have great strength.

Remember that you can help your dog not only through donations or financial support for charity campaigns. You can do so much by offering a little warmth and interest to dog in need. A little fun, a walk or a nice gesture can soothe broken dog heart.

Help to dogs in shelters

Dog shelters arouse great sadness and depression for every dog lover. You shouldn’t pass indifferently next to tetrapods in need. So how can we help them?

Dog adoption

This is the best way to help a dog placed in a shelter. However, at the same time, it is also the most demanding solution. Deciding to adopt a pooch you must be sure of this decision and that you will be able to provide him with the right conditions to live.

Caring for a pooch is a serious duty and responsibility that will rest on you for a few or even ower a dozen years. Adopting a dog from a shelter is often connected to a necessity to face his past. So how to deal with a pooch after difficult emotional experiences? You can find some tips in our article “Dog with a past – how to give him warmth”. Adopting a pooch with the past requires a lot of work from us, but this unique bond that will be created between you is amazing.

Adoption of a dog is an important decision not only for us but also for the rest of the household. Discuss this idea in a family circle, be aware of their opinion and decide together whether you are ready for it.

Dog’s temporary home

If you can not constantly adopt a pooch, you can create a temporary home for him. Acting within this sector of helping dogs, the task is to provide the dog with temporary shelter and care while waiting for adoption. It is well known that for a dog less traumatic will be staying in a temporary home than in a shelter.

What’s more, the great advantage of a temporary home is that the dog is socializing with other people and animals. He learns relations with people and other four-legged animals. The temporary house gives him a substitute of family warmth, which every dog needs so much. Therefore, if you want to help a dog from shelter become familiar with functioning in the rhythm of family everyday life, think about giving it a temporary home.

Dogs in need of your help

Our help is not always needed only for dogs without a home. Unfortunately, there are many dogs whose health condition is so endangered that they require complicated surgery or long rehabilitation. Often the cost of such treatment is sky-high and … the pet owner is unable to finance such surgery or treatment. As a result, fund collections are created to help collect the missing resources and save the health of sick pooch. Every amount counts. The power lies in getting involved in helping a sick dog as many people as possible.

In many countries, to help seriously ill canine, you can donate a particular percentage of your tax to charities that care for dogs as a part of your annual settlement. This small gesture can help save the lives or health of innocent pets.

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Help in a dog shelter

If you can not adopt a pooch or give him a temporary home, you can offer your help at your local dog shelter. There are plenty of ways to support the dogs in the shelter. Contact the chosen dog shelter and find out what form of help from your site would be most useful for them.

Dog shelters can use your help in many areas. Your willingness to help will certainly be useful when cleaning, caring for the hygiene of dogs or feeding them. However, volunteers also deal with matters related to the dissemination of announcements regarding dogs awaiting adoption, as well as the search for possible forms of external support for the shelter.

Shelters regularly organize days under the slogan of walking with dogs. Anyone willing to come can visit the shelter and take the dog for a walk around the neighbourhood. These events are very popular and attract more and more volunteers. What’s more, going out for a walk is a great joy for dogs in shelters.

Unfortunately, in the daily rhythm of the functioning of the facility, the number of dogs staying there does not provide opportunities for their daily walks.

Collection of useful things in the shelter

Needs of dogs staying in the shelter are not different from the needs of pets live with caregivers. They also need comfortable bedding, a favourite toy or a bowl full of food. If you want to support the shelters, you can provide dogs with everyday items.

You can organize a local collection, which will collect pet food for dogs, blankets, leashes and toys. These things are constantly needed as they wear out regularly. When organizing the collection, contact the shelter asking which products are most needed for them. Perhaps the given shelter has been generously donated by the dog food manufacturer and at the moment they need warm blankets the most.


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