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How to help your dog in the heat outside

Are you wondering how you can help your pet during hot days when the temperature outside the window is way too high? I have some valuable tips for you that will give your dog a little relief during this challenging time.

Your dog should have access to cool, fresh water during hot weather. You can cool your dog down by placing a wet towel on his back or giving him ice cream. Avoid spending time with your dog in the sun at noon. Too much sun can cause your dog to develop sunstroke.

What you will learn from this article:

  • Provide your dog with constant access to cool water during hot weather
  • Avoid walking your dog at noon in full sun
  • Too much time in the sun can contribute to sunstroke in your dog

How to help your dog in the heat outside

We look forward to warm days during the winter and low temperatures. However, when the weather becomes much too kind, summer bothers us a lot. When the temperature outside is very high, we seek solace in the shade, cold drinks or more airy clothes.

However, have you ever wondered how our quadrupeds feel on scorching days? I want to tell you how you can help your dog in the heat by being outside. That is extremely important at a time when we cannot seek solace in cool, air-conditioned rooms.

Without your help and care, a high temperature can be hazardous for a dog. On his own, he cannot protect himself from the heat and its effects. Therefore, as a dog guardian, this responsibility rests with you.

Why are dogs hotter than humans?

Have you ever wondered why our dogs can be much hotter than us on hot days? That is due, among other things, to the fact that our pets do not have sweat glands. In addition, combined with thick hair, it is difficult for dogs to lower their body temperature independently.

Dogs cool themselves with their tongue. Indeed, you have seen your pet more than once, either after increased effort or on a hot day, he sticks out his tongue. That is the only way dogs can cool themselves.

In many situations, our dogs act instinctively. Your dog, feeling that the sun is unpleasantly warming his skin, will seek solace in the shade. Similarly, he will look for water when thirsty due to the very high temperature.

However, finding shade or water is not always easy. If your dog is in a closed space, where the infrastructure does not protect against the sun in any way, then the pet cannot do much on its own. The same applies to access to water.

Therefore, it is much harder for our dogs to cope with hot days than for us. Unfortunately, without your help, your dog cannot cope in many situations. So, you can see how important it is to approach the care of a pet consciously and thoughtfully.

two dogs on the leash in the park

That is how you can help your dog in the heat outside

You already know how important it is to keep your dog calm outdoors on hot days. So, you’re probably wondering how you can do it to bring your maximum pet relief. It’s simple but remember that we should not overdo it the other way. Too sudden and significant changes in temperature can be unfavourable for the dog’s body.

The dog has constant access to water

On hot days, your dog should have constant access to water if possible. That is the absolute basics of taking care to help your dog during the heat by being outside.

If the dog is in a closed space, which may be, for example, your garden, prepare a bowl of water for him, to which he will have constant access. However, I want you to remember to change the water regularly, as it will get hot when standing outside. Warm water will not quench your dog’s thirst, as well as cold water.

However, I do not recommend throwing ice cubes into the water. The water may be too cold for your canine. If you want it to be a little cooler, you can put a water bowl in the fridge. That is why I appreciate dog bowls from Bowl&Bone Republic with removable inserts. It makes such an operation much more accessible.

On hot days, keep water for your dog at hand

When you are outside your space during the heat, you must not forget to provide your dog with water regularly. Remember to have a water bottle and something your dog can drink from.

I recommend you buy a dog travel bowl. Mine is made of flexible rubber so that I can roll it up quickly, and it doesn’t take up much space. I tried to teach my dog ​​to drink water straight from the bottle, but I saw that it was very uncomfortable for him, so I decided that buying a portable bowl would be a much better solution.

Cooling compresses for dogs

As I mentioned, you cannot try to cool your dog down by suddenly making his body temperature drop. Therefore, it is not a good idea if you think about preparing a bath in cold water for him or encouraging him to enter a cold lake. That can result in thermal shock in the dog.

However, what can you do to help your dog in the heat outside? Prepare a towel compress soaked in cool water and put it on his back. My dog ​​loves this form of cooling on hot days.

Water spray for the dog

Having a garden, you can prepare a shower with diffused water for your dog. That is a much better solution than a cold bath. In addition, I am sure that it will be a great form of fun for your dog. Running under the water source will give your pet a lot of joy, and at the same time, it will provide him with some relief on a hot day.

That is a much better solution than filling a bathtub or a basin because the water in them will heat up quickly due to high temperatures and get dirty. Thus, it will become virtually useless if we are talking about bringing relief on a hot day.

Homemade dog ice cream

What is homemade dog ice cream? Nothing but frozen food. Add a tablespoon of meat stock to your dog’s food and pour it into a small square bag for an easier-to-freeze consistency. It is important not to keep the dog’s ice cream in the freezer for too long because it can be much too hard for the dog. I usually keep them for about an hour, and then they have the best consistency.

My dog ​​ likes this form of meal on hot days. At the same time, it is saturated. The very process of eating gives it a pleasant relief during the heat. That is a better solution than giving the dog frozen cubes of water because, in this case, each licking of the frozen snack provides the dog with satisfaction from his taste.

a dog eats from a brown dog bowl

Spend less time outside with your dog in hot weather

If possible, spend less time outside with your dog on sweltering days. Let walks on such days be primarily a form of taking care of the dog’s needs and moving the games home for this time.

I have a few suggestions for you to play with your dog at home. They will prove themselves on scorching days and during rain or bad weather. You can find a post about it HERE. Do not give up spending time with your pet if playing in the park is not possible that day.

Perhaps very high temperatures caught you during the longed-for vacation where you are with your canine. I know that sitting in a hotel or resort may not be pleasant. However, choose the very early hours or late afternoon if you go sightseeing and hiking.

Avoid being in the open with your dog on hot days at noon and a few hours after. Then the sun is at its strongest. Otherwise, your dog may even get sunstroke.

Heat is dangerous for your dog

There’s no denying that high temperatures are bad for dogs, especially if you are outside with your dog and cannot hide in the shade or air-conditioned room.

Therefore, ensure that your dog has access to fresh, cool water. A good solution is preparing ice cream as frozen food for your pet. If possible, avoid the time of day when the sun is at its strongest.

And how do you deal with your dog in hot weather? Do you have any additional advice for me?

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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