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How to make your dog feel safe

Are you wondering how to strengthen your four-legged friend’s sense of security? There are several ways to do this. A dog’s sense of security affects his self-confidence and approach to the world around him.

a dog in the blue harness stands on the grass

A dog’s sense of security directly impacts his self-confidence and approach to life. If the dog does not feel safe, he will approach many situations with great reserve and distrust, even if these are typical everyday events. You can influence your dog’s sense of security through your actions.

What will you learn from this article:

• You can help your dog build a sense of security

• Safety affects your dog’s self-confidence

• A dog without a sense of security will be very distrustful and dependent

Dog’s sense of security

Taking care of a dog, we want to provide him with the best conditions so that his life is happy and full of love. One of the fundamental issues we need to take care of when looking after a pet is his sense of security. Your dog needs to feel good and confident in your presence. Be aware and convinced that they can count on your help and support in an emergency or unforeseen situation.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when your dog worries about his situation, he first seeks support and help from you. My dog always looks for me whenever he worries about what is happening around him. I know that my presence and closeness make him feel much safer.

How to tell if your dog is feeling unsafe

Before we mainly focus on how you can give your dog a sense of security, I would like you to consider how your four-legged friend shows that he feels concerned about something.

One of the most common reflexes of dogs, when they do not feel safe, is to get close to their owner as soon as possible. The dog then tries to hide behind his owner’s legs so that he can protect him if necessary.

When a doggy does not feel safe, he can curl his tail under himself and put his ears back against himself. It also happens that your four-legged friend may squeal then. If you are not in sight of the dog, it may try to hide in an accessible place, e.g. under the table or huddling in the corner of the room.

a dog with his guardian in the city

How to keep your dog safe

You can create a safe space for your four-legged friend in several ways. I believe it is worth focusing on a few different possibilities. Providing your dog safety in only one case may not be enough for him. It happens with a fragile dog, who can be fearful and distrustful of everything around him.

Stay close to your dog

If you see your dog may be in a situation where he is likely to be uncomfortable, try to get close to him. Let him know that in the event of any threat, you are right next to him, and he can count on you. Stay close to or at least in sight of your doggie.

However, you must be careful not to be too overprotective of your doggie. In a crisis, be close to it. However, try to assess the threat realistically. If you know your dog is safe, do not take him in your arms, and do not get too close. Let them know that you are nearby, but at the same time, they also have room for independence.

Feeling safe is not being overprotective of your dog. In some situations, the line is fragile, so your task is to try your best to assess the situation.

If you think the dog has nothing to fear in a particular situation, let him act. It is also not advisable to be too overprotective of the dog. If you do not allow your four-legged friend to explore the world around him, he will not have the opportunity to build his self-confidence naturally.

Don’t put your dog in a stressful situation

If you know that a situation can be stressful for your dog, do not try to change his approach through shock therapy. If your dog is afraid of cats, don’t take them to a place with many cats to get used to their company. These ways of overcoming your fears are never adequate and can negatively affect your relationship with your dog.

Your dog will remember putting him in stressful situations and may lose confidence in you. As a dog sitter, I cannot imagine how terrible it would be to experience such a situation. Your four-legged friend should know that he can always count on you.

Not putting the dog in stressful situations is one of the basics influencing the dog’s sense of security. Your pet meets various people and animals on his way. However, knowing that you can always count on her support and will not disappoint him is of great importance to him.

Avoid situations that may be stressful for your dog

Another way to keep your dog safe is to avoid problems that may be uncomfortable for your four-legged friend. The important thing here, however, is to distinguish between the moments when your dog is in real danger and when you are overprotective of him.

If you know that an event may make your dog feel unsafe, try to act in such a way as to minimize the risk of stress on the dog.

When you walk with your dog, you notice that you will pass a large dog, and you know that your pet is afraid of quadrupeds several times bigger than him. Go to the other side of the street as a precaution. It is a small gesture that protects your dog from stress and fear.

Strengthening the dog’s sense of security also makes it possible for your pet to have fewer situations in his life in which he may feel threatened. As a result, he will be much more relaxed and at ease in everyday situations.

Show your dog that he is strong

In terms of a sense of security, the dog must have self-esteem. If your pet feels solid and brave, his sense of security will be much greater. How can you influence it? Among other things, through the previously mentioned by me, not keeping the dog under a shade.

Let the dog be more independent. If he wants to get into puddles while walking, let him do so. Let him know for himself that the water can be dirty or cold. Don’t do it for him if he wants to jump on the couch. Let him come up, jump up and climb on his own.

Show your dog that he is strong and can cope with the many situations that come his way every day. That will make far fewer things fearful for him.

Confident doggie

I don’t think anyone likes to feel insecure. That also applies to our four-legged friends. Therefore, as a good nanny, you can try to strengthen your pet’s sense of security if you have such an opportunity.

How do you think your dog feels completely safe with you? I was hoping you could write me your answer in the comment below.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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