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How to make your dog happy?

a small dog with a lilly dog toy

Happy dog

Since the dog appeared in my house, I can confidently admit that my life has changed completely. At some point, I realized I was ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet. I knew very well that from that moment on I should make my dog happy ​​ and healthy.

So, let’s see what happiness means for a dog. You certainly know that your puppy perceives the world around him differently than you do. Consequently, other things make him happy, sad or cause him fear.

A while ago, I was telling you about how to keep your dog healthy. This time I want to tell you what to do to make the dog happy and lead a joyful, carefree life.

Is my dog ​​happy?

In the beginning, I want to remind you that every dog ​​is different, and thus, he can show his happiness differently.

I find it very cute if a dog shows happiness in his way. Only you both know that this is how the pet communicates to you when he is very happy.

a small dog stands on the grey dog mat

Nevertheless, we can distinguish various signs in the behaviour of the dog, which can certainly prove that it is a happy dog ​​that feels safe. I can list some of them:

Happy tail-wagging

One of the most common signs of happiness is a dog tail-wagging. However, I want you to know that not every tail-wagging is a sign that he is doing well and feels okay.

Therefore, I refer you to the post on dog communication, where I discuss in detail the relationship between the way a dog wags his tail and his mood.

Encouraging our pets to have fun together

Probably every dog ​​guardian will agree with me that dogs equal happiness and fun.

Good appetite

If your dog doesn’t have any problems or concerns, you will certainly notice it because of his good appetite. Provided of course, that your pet is not a fussy eater.

He is looking for contact with the guardian

The lucky doggy wants to share his joy with you. He is looking to stay close: playing or cuddling and stroking. You are his best friend and he may want to spend his most joyful moments with you.

He has lots of energy

It’s not hard to notice when your pet exudes energy and excitement. Dogs express emotions with their whole body, and that’s the same when it comes to the feeling of joy. The dog shows happiness with his behaviour, body posture and facial expressions.

a dog with a collar

What to do to make your dog happy?

I think that a pooch’s happiness is one of the most important things for every dog ​​owner. Do you wonder what you can do to give your four-legged friend a nice, happy and carefree life? If so, I have prepared a few helpful tips for you.

1. Be close

Although it may sound very trivial, you can’t deny that friendship is the greatest value for your pooch. Give him as much attention as he needs. Don’t just wait for your doggie to start to play together. Initiate the play yourself too.

Try buying a dog toy that will be used not only for play by the dog itself but also for the two of you. For this purpose, freebies or various jerks will work. We have BULLET by Bowl & Bone Republic. Stretching and wrestling together is now a permanent part of our games when we go out to the park.

If your pet is asking for your attention and you aren’t doing anything important and absorbing, don’t dismiss him. Dogs do not like to be ignored very much and they often take care of this behaviour personally.

2. Provide your dog with a sense of security

As soon as you notice that your dog is scared of something, don’t leave him alone with this feeling. However, it doesn’t mean that the pooch needs a hug and stroking in such a situation.

Sometimes it is enough to let him know that you are nearby. The feeling of security and stability is very important for a dog. It is in you that he places all his trust that you will protect him in case of danger. Read more on canine anxiety.

3. Take care of good living conditions

Dogs also love to eat a delicious meal and have a nice nap in comfortable and comfortable bedding. You can impact his sense of happiness by ensuring that your dog has good living conditions.

a small dog on the blanket lying

I can see how much joy lounging in the lair gives my pet every day. I have chosen the specific bed considering all his needs. His bedding is large enough so he can fully stretch his paws, and is of appropriate height so that he can observe what is going on in the living room.

If you want to know how to find the best bedding for your dog, please refer to this post.

Clean and hygienic accessories, undamaged clothes and harnesses all have an impact on your dog.

Taking care of the dog’s good living conditions also includes regular visits to the vet. Your dog’s health condition has a direct impact on his well-being. It works the same as it does for us. When we feel bad, or something hurts us, automatically our mood gets worse.

4. Socialization with other pets

Certainly, your doggie considers you his best friend. Nevertheless, he needs the presence of other quadrupeds as much as yours.

My pet has his favourite dog friend Franie. Whenever we are on a walk in the park and my dog sees Franie, you can see how much he enjoys this meeting.

The friendship of dogs is completely different from the relationship of a quadruped with a human. Nevertheless, the bond with the other dog is very important to his happiness and satisfaction with life. If there are no other dogs in your park that your pet likes to spend time with, why don’t you go to a special run for dogs?

Remember that not every dog ​​you meet on your way must turn out to be your pet’s best friend. Your pooch needs a four-legged friend who will have a similar temperament to him and like similar games.

two dogs in jackets on the stone stairs

Surely you have witnessed an attempt to set up a bond between the senior canine and the puppy. The little pooch wants to play in a lively and energetic way. An adult dog appreciates sedate and quiet games. It will be difficult for them to set up relationships even though they meet in the same park every day.

Happy dog ​​- joy in the eyes of your pet

To see happiness and joy in a pooch’s eyes is a great feeling. Every day I try to keep my dog’s life free from worries and troubles. I take care of his health and sense of security, and I try to show him my tenderness and affection.

How do you keep your dog happy? Maybe there is something I did not mention, and you would like to share it with me in the comment?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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