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How to teach a dog to show his teeth

Do you want to teach your dog to show his teeth on your command, but you don’t know where to start? I have prepared a short, five-step training plan. Thanks to it, you will teach your pet to perform this command step by step.

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You can teach your dog to show his teeth after saying the correct command. Initially, your task will be to open the dog’s mouth. If he does it, he should get a reward. After the training, your dog will do it just at your command.

What you will learn from this article:

• you can teach your dog to show his teeth in 5 easy steps

• for training, you will need treats as a reward

• do not abuse your dog’s trust while letting you see his teeth

Teach the dog to show his teeth

When you took care of a dog, did you already know ​​what you would like to teach him? I knew certainly. I dreamed that my dog ​​would always be able to walk on the lash. On my command, he would leave the garbage he would find in the park. I thought retrieving was a skill every dog ​​was born with.

Imagine my surprise when it turned out that training a dog requires much more patience and perseverance than I initially expected. What’s more, before I became a dog sitter, I wasn’t aware of how many skills are worth teaching your dog for an easier life together. One of them is knowing how to train a dog to show his teeth.

That is a handy skill. Based on my own experience, I want to tell you why and how you can teach this to your dog.

Why should you teach your dog to show his teeth?

You’re probably wondering why you should teach your dog to show his teeth. That is a beneficial skill. It allows you to check your dog’s teeth and mouth.

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is just as important as caring for his coat or pads. This task, however, is so challenging that hardly any dog ​​will not protest in any way when someone tries to look into his mouth.

Before my dog ​​fully mastered this command, checking the condition of his teeth was always a considerable challenge. I remember trying to bribe him with a new toy or a favourite treat.

In this situation, it was not at all that my dog ​​was naughty or disobedient. He didn’t know why I wanted him to open his mouth. For him, this is a very personal zone. The dog did not understand why he expected such behaviour from him and what consequences it would have for him.

Now that I think about it, I think that was the most appropriate reaction. The inside of a dog’s mouth is very sensitive. He trusted me immensely by allowing me to look inside the dog’s mouth. I think even more than touching his belly.

Therefore, I believe that for the sake of strengthening your relationship, as well as mutual understanding, it is good to teach your dog to show his teeth. Then you will avoid a stressful situation for the dog, making it easier for you to take care of his health.

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How to teach a dog to show his teeth

Learning how to execute this command by a dog correctly is neither very long nor complicated. Therefore, if you do not have much experience training a dog, you have nothing to fear.

However, if you want to learn the basic rules useful in the case of dog training, I refer you to the entry that you will find HERE. I hope my tips will make teaching your pet new skills easy and pleasant.

– first stage

First, your dog must be in the correct position before you start learning the show teeth command. To do this, you need to issue the sit command. In a sitting position, it will be easiest to train this skill.

Teaching a dog to show his teeth when standing or lying down would be much more challenging. A lot of commands start with the dog having to sit down. I’m sure you’ve noticed that already.

Therefore, before teaching your dog new commands, ensure he can perform the sit command correctly. If so, we can move on to the next stage of learning.

– stage two

Think about the exact verbal command you want your dog to show his teeth. It is essential to choose one specific command. Thanks to this, the dog will understand what you expect from him. Different verbal commands for the same command can confuse the dog. I chose the phrase “show your teeth”.

So, get close to your pet, and give the sit command. When the dog correctly executes your command, gently grab his muzzle and say the phrase shows his teeth; try to open his jaw slightly.

After a few seconds, praise your dog and reward him with a treat.

– third stage

Now it’s time for, in my opinion, the most challenging stage of learning this command. As before, command your dog to show his teeth while slightly widening his mouth. Then say the verbal command again and slowly take your hands away.

Initially, your dog may reflexively close his mouth. In such a situation, he cannot receive praise from you because he will not understand what you expect.

Repeat the entire command several times until the dog is left with its mouth open after you remove your hands. Then remember to praise your pet and reward him with a treat.

I suggest keeping treats in a sachet to avoid distracting your pet’s attention. Focus is significant here. I use a MIDI pouch that I have attached to my belt. It is comfortable and excellently works when training my dog.

– stage four

You can now gradually limit yourself to saying a verbal command during training without expanding the dog’s jaw yourself. Your dog’s goal is to open his mouth on spoken command; that would signal him to show his teeth.

You can stop a little at this learning stage. Take a little extra time to reinforce your dog’s “show teeth” command right in the learning process.

If you are sure that your dog can correctly perform this stage of training, we can move on to the next, last part.

– stage five

The last stage of dog training will be to tame it with the execution of this command in the presence of others. As I mentioned, the fact that the dog allows us to see his teeth and opens his mouth on our command proves that he trusts us greatly.

That’s why you must assure him that you’re next to him and he’s safe while carrying out this command. Especially when you are not alone, ensure your dog has you in sight at all times. Remember to praise when your dog obeys the command explicitly. Rewarding him with a treat to reinforce positive associations with this command is also very important.

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What not to do when your dog shows his teeth

It is also worth mentioning what you should avoid when your dog has mastered the show teeth command. First, you can’t expect your pet to open his mouth so wide at your command that you can freely examine all his teeth.

This command aims to develop a general reflex in the dog to show his face at your command. Moreover, I would also like to sensitize you not to undermine your dog’s trust.

If, at your command, he allows you to look into his teeth, then fully respect that. Please do not put your hand in his mouth or touch his teeth. That disturbs the dog’s comfort zone. You don’t want your dog to lose his trust in you. After all, it is the basis of your relationship.

I think you also don’t like that feeling that accompanies every visit to the dentist. Therefore, it is not pleasant and comfortable for your dog.

Learning this command is to help control the teeth condition and facilitate this activity in the vet’s office.

Please don’t do anything so the dog doesn’t lose confidence when he shows you his teeth.

It is not difficult for a dog to show his teeth. However, your dog must trust you greatly. Remember not to do anything that might make your dog change his mind about your honesty towards him.

Can your dog show his teeth if you ask him to?

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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