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How to wash and clean your dog’s accessories properly

Keep your dog’s accessories clean – it’s very important!

Regular washing and cleaning of your dog’s items is extremely important for health reasons. It also allows you to minimise unpleasant odours caused by moisture penetrating the your dog’s bed or other accessories.

Choose washable products for your dog

When deciding to buy new bedding for your dog, whether we choose a small blanket or a large bed, you should always check if the item is washable. It’s necessary to keep in mind that some materials can lose their elasticity or softness during the cleaning process.

Bowl&Bone Republic offers bedding which can be cleaned both by hand and in the washing machine. This applies not only to bed covers but also to the lining of the bed. All of the dog beds offered in the LOFT, as well as the URBAN, CLASSIC and SCOTT series are specially designed with a zipper so that you can easily separate the outer cover of the bedding from the filling. The beddings do not lose their colour after washing – they keep their original shape and size.

Regular cleaning of your dog’s bed is highly recommended. This will help keep your dog fresh and clean and give it extra comfort during sleep.

Braces and toys should be washed regularly as well. Therefore, when choosing these accessories for your dog, it is recommended to pay special attention to whether they can be easily cleaned. Bowl&Bone Republic offers toys made only from materials that can be easily hand-washed or cleaned in a washing machine. This makes it easier to maintain their perfect look and helps prevent bacterial growth.

How to do the washing

Producers of dog products should always include cleaning information. A great convenience for the owner is the possibility of washing a dog’s bedding or toys in a washing machine. There are several rules that you should pay attention to when cleaning your pets’ belongings:

  • Appropriate temperature – The optimal choice is 30°C, unless the product’s manufacturer recommends choosing a higher temperature.
  • Washing powder – Normal washing powder is fine, but one that is intended for dogs is better, if possible. There are more and more producers on the market offering detergents intended directly for the cleanliness and freshness of our pets’ accessories.
  • Avoid strong detergents – It is not recommended to use bleaches or other chemicals. This can cause allergic reactions and irritate your dog’s skin.
  • Put aside rinsing liquids – It is recommended to wash your pet’s items in water without adding additional fragrances –they can irritate their sense of smell.
  • Drying process – In order to avoid damaging the items, it is recommended to dry them in a hanging or lying position, depending on the product. For example, sweaters are made of wool, which stretches naturally while being worn. Drying when it is unfolded in a flat position helps restore its original shape. To get your item completely dry, wait a minimum of 24 hours.

Keeping your dogs’ things clean is very important and we should not underestimate this. However, remember that frequent washing can contribute to faster wear and tear of the product. Following the rules outlined above will help ensure that your pet can enjoy maximum freshness without worrying about unintentionally hurting them. Sleeping in a neat and clean bed will be much more pleasant and comfortable for them.


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