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How your dog receives flavors

Are you wondering how your pooch receives flavours? Check what his taste buds are susceptible to.
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Dog’s sense of taste

Dogs, as well as people, have a sense of taste. With the help of taste buds, they receive what they are eating or drinking. Dogs in terms of taste also have their own individual tastes.

It is true that they feel and perceive flavours in a slightly different way than we do, but their receptors also oscillate around receiving salty, sweet, bitter and sour. So why do dogs love the taste of meat and animal fat?

This is due to the specificity of the functioning of their sense of taste. To better understand the needs of your four-legged friend and better understand his taste preferences, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of his body.

How does the dog perceive flavours?

Our dogs, like us, receive flavours through taste buds. They are located mainly on the tongue of the quadrupeds but also on the palate and the back of the mouth.

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Dogs taste sweet, salty, sour and bitter. They especially like the sweet taste, which they provide with the help of fruit. They are for them a particularly liked supplement to the meat diet, which focuses rather on salty flavours.

Dogs do not attach special importance to the taste of food. For them, a meal is acceptable or not. A small number of taste buds (dogs have about 1.7 thousand of them, while almost 9 thousand,) make them unable to fully enjoy the taste of food.

From here, we can often see that while eating, dogs swallow their food quite quickly and greedily. The dog’s sense of taste plays a secondary role.

Dog’s taste preferences

On the other hand, the pooches don’t like the sour and bitter taste. What it comes from?

This is the natural, instinctive behaviour of a pet’s body. Most poisonous substances found in the environment are characterized by a sour-bitter aftertaste. That is why pooches avoid strong and sour or bitter flavours.

This fact is often used in the production of substances or objects that are ultimate to be avoided by pooches. This is often the case with upholstery furniture or other everyday products that could be of interest to our pet.

Hence, this principle works just the opposite for products with a sweet taste, which is found in various types of food. The dog will not hesitate, lying down in easy access to chocolate or other types of sweets.

Remember that for dogs they are even banned products, so do not leave them in a visible place under any circumstances.

It is worth knowing that our dogs have receptors that are sensitive to the taste of water. Consequently, drinking water not only quenches their thirst but is also pleasant for their taste buds.

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Whether a dog’s sense of smell and taste are related?

The correlation between the smell and taste of a dish is of great importance to people. If the food has an aroma that does not quite suit us, it is almost certain that its taste will also not suit our culinary tastes.

The situation is quite the opposite for our four-legged friends. For dogs, the intense, strongly expressive food smell encourages their taste buds.

The relationship between smell and taste of the dish is not an important guideline for them. The smell of food that is not the most pleasant will not make the dog give up the dish.

What form of a meal will be best for your dog

For dogs, the best meal will be warm and slightly moist food. This form best suits their taste buds because it is usually the most aromatic and inviting.

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Certainly, you have often noticed how your pet eagerly spoils a bowl of wet food, where he didn’t want to look at the dry food next to it all day. The dog’s sense of taste sees the first option as much more appetizing.

How the dog’s taste preferences change over the years

The moment in which the taste preferences develop in a pooch takes place even before his birth. Much depends on the mother’s diet, which directly affects the dog’s later preferences.

Then, even after birth, the puppy shapes his taste tastes by consuming mother’s milk. In the later years of the pooch’s life, some of the flavours he met during his puppy years will be much closer to him, giving him a sense of security and peace.

The taste receptors in dogs are weakened over the years. This is the natural course of things. The regenerative capacity of taste buds is becoming less and less intense. Hence, sensitivity to flavours weakens with age. Hence, we can often see a lack of appetite and a desire to eat of dog seniors. This is due to the natural processes that take place in the pooch’s body.

Lack of appetite is not always associated with a serious illness. If your dog senior is less and less likely to eat his meals, ask the vet for advice. Perhaps additional supplementation will allow you to deal with this problem.

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A dog menu tailored to his expectations

So how should the correct dog menu look like knowing what taste preferences our four-legged dogs have?

First of all, it should be rich in meat and fats including those of animal origin. In addition, remember that pooches also like the sweet taste very much. You can provide them with fruit that is suitable for dogs to eat.

Remember, however, that individual taste preferences for pooches may vary. As we mentioned earlier, a lot depends on the dog’s early life and what flavours he got to know at the time.

Try to choose such food for your pet so that he can get the maximum joy from food.

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