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I’m going to take care of a canine friend – what to pay attention to

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When deciding on a specific breed of dog, it is worth getting acquainted with his characteristic features. That will allow us to choose the most optimal breed for us, for which we can provide appropriate conditions and care. Of course, it is worth remembering that each dog has an individual personification and temperament. We cannot anticipate our new pet’s likes and needs in advance.

What to look for when choosing a dog:

• financial abilities

At the outset, we should consider how much we want to spend purchasing a dog and his subsequent complete maintenance. The prices of puppies of some dog breeds can be very high. Therefore, it is worth remembering that adopting a dog from the shelter is only a symbolic fee.

Some dog breeds require more money, including the necessary care accessories, cleaning products or food. It is worth finding out in advance whether we will be able to provide the puppy with everything essential for it to grow and develop properly.

• approach to children

Of course, as you know, every dog ​​is different, and we can’t predict his behaviour in contact with children in advance. However, some dog breeds are considered more child-friendly than others. It is worth considering when deciding on a dog when the youngest is at home.

a child holding a dog lead with a dog in rose harness

• the size of the dog

Whether we live in a block of flats or a house with a garden, contrary to all opinions, should not be crucial when choosing a dog. Our pet can be happy even if our apartment has a small area.

Nevertheless, we should approach this issue rationally. If we live in a small studio apartment, choosing an Alaskan malamute or St. Bernard will not be a good idea.

level of physical activity

A canine friend can be a great companion for people who like sports and physical activity. However, it should be remembered that not every breed will be satisfied with a hefty dose of exercise and exercise. When looking for a companion to practice intensive sport with, we should lean towards Labradors or huskies rather than Shih Tzu.

• dog hair

Some dogs are highly prone to hair loss due to the genetics of their breed. If daily brushing of a pet can be a nuisance for us, we should not decide on Malamutes or Huskies.

a dog in the graphite dog bed

It is also worth paying attention to the problem of allergies to dog hair. Some breeds have hair instead of fur, which only slightly causes allergic reactions. Examples of such a breed are Maltese or Yorkshire terriers.

• spending time outdoors together

If we love spending time outdoors, both playing sports and simply walking, then when choosing a dog companion, we must also consider his approach to such spending time. Some dogs, such as the Alaskan Malamute, love to be outside. They enjoy spending long hours outdoors. Choosing a pet with a typical home personification may be a big mistake.

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Of course, it may turn out that a dog that seems entirely unsuitable for us will become our best friend. Nevertheless, deciding on a canine friend is worth considering all the above issues.

Pay attention to the character of the dog

If our character and the way we spend our free time are strongly inconsistent with the personification of the breed of the dog we choose, it will be harmful both for him and for us. Forcing a dog into an activity that costs him a lot of effort can negatively affect the relationship between the pet and its owner. When deciding on a specific dog breed, let’s consider whether we can give him everything he needs to make him feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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