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Is my dog in a bad mood?

The dog is in a bad mood

Pooches are indeed very smart quadrupeds. They understand a lot and thus are characterized by an ability to perceive the world around them. So a dog can have both a good mood and a bad mood. How our pet feels at a given moment depends on several factors. For example, what stimuli from outside reach him and what his life situation is. The mood of our pet may also depend on the weather, and whether he ate his favourite food for breakfast that day.

Symptoms of malaise in the doggy

How to correctly recognize that a dog is in a bad mood? First of all, a lot depends on the disposition and temperament of our pet. Therefore, the person who will be able to best assess whether the doggy is having a bad day is his guardian. Some dogs are very quiet and calm by nature, which can be perceived by outsiders as a symptom of apathy in a dog.

So how do you know if your dog is feeling unwell? By scrupulous observation of his behaviour and emotions. Take appropriate action as soon as you notice that something is wrong.

At the outset, it is worth noting that dogs are usually characterized by a positive attitude towards the world around them. Therefore, when you stop seeing the joy in your pet’s eyes, it may mean that he or she feels worse. Another often noticeable symptom of a dog’s bad mood is a lack of appetite and a general decrease in interest in eating. The vast majority of dogs are greedy. Unauthorized abandonment of a favourite delicacy can be a warning sign for us that something is wrong.

A dog’s bad mood is not just about being depressed, resigned or apathetic. It happens then that the pooch displays behaviours that do not happen to him daily. These may be manifestations of aggression, to a greater or lesser extent. Fears can also be unusual behaviour. Especially noticeable when your pet is not one of the fearful and easily scared dogs. When we observe this kind of symptoms of malaise in our four-legged friend, we cannot ignore the situation under any circumstances. Then you will need to consult a specialist. Trying to deal with the problem yourself can turn out to be fruitless.

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How to deal with a dog’s bad mood

Encourage your dog to be active together. Your favourite game is good medicine to improve your mood. Dogs love to spend time with their guardian. During active play, endorphins are produced in the pet’s body, which directly improves the mood of the pet. Even if the doggy is initially quite sceptical about playing together, you should be very patient and understanding. The vision of a great time with the guardian will convince even a very grumpy dog.

However, if all attempts to encourage the dog to play together turn out to be ineffective, think about a long walk. Dogs love to explore new areas, hitherto unknown smells. Take it to a place that you don’t visit often. Let the doggy feel like a little explorer. The desire to explore a new space will quickly obscure his bad mood and negative attitude. Join the pooch’s exploration, follow him and become a companion on his adventure.

Each of us loves surprises. If you want to improve the mood of your pet, give him a new toy that will surely catch his attention. TOFFI or FELIX mascots from Bowl&Bone Republic are a guarantee of your pet’s joy for long hours.

Give the pooch some freedom

However, when all attempts to encourage your pet to spend time together do not bring the expected results, then it’s time to let go. Do not try at all costs to make your four-legged friend happy when he himself does not want it. Then give him some space and freedom. Perhaps our pet only needs a little peace and quiet. I think you will admit that in our lives there are also days when we get a bad mood and in a bad mood for no good reason. Then the only thing we dream about is a bit of relaxation and time for ourselves. Trying to cheer us up makes our mood even worse. Remember about this when trying to put your pet in a great mood at all costs.

Let your pet spend the day the way he or she wants to. Sometimes your pet will only want to lie on the couch or be his dog bed. Then don’t try to talk him out of it. If he needs your company, he will come to you himself.

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As you probably know, each of us has better and worse days. This also applies to our pets. Nevertheless, if you observe that your dog is in a bad mood for a long time, it may not be so much sick as a sign of health problems. Therefore, as soon as you notice any disturbing behaviour in your pet, try to observe its further behaviour and mood.

What are your ways of dealing with your pet’s bad mood? Does your dog have a bad mood in some specific cases? I’d love to hear your opinion on this.


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