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Light dog’s hair – how to care for it?

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The colour of a dog’s hair is a very important determinant that directly affects the way it is groomed. Light dog’s hair will undoubtedly cause more trouble than dark hair. Why? In the case of light-coloured hair, unfortunately, we can often observe various types of discolouration. Especially now, when we can see more and more puddles and mud after autumn rains. Snow can also be troublesome. The discolouration itself most often occurs around the paws, around the eyes and the dog’s mouth. Lack of proper care can cause a visible change in the colour of the hair in these places. Therefore, the care of a dog’s hair coat should be well-thought-out and well-chosen.

A white-haired dog gets more dirt – is that true?

There is a belief that the fair coat of dogs gets dirty more than others. Nothing could be more wrong. First of all, the colour of a dog’s hair does not affect his disposition. Thus, there is no confirmed relationship between a dog’s hair colour and his tendency to play in the dirtiest places.

All dogs get dirty in the same way. The dirt is much more visible on light dog’s hair. It is worth bearing in mind, first of all, when you look after a doggy with dark hair. Then we may come to the erroneous belief that our dog practically does not get dirty. This is not true.

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I can assure you that a pet with a dark coat will be as dusty and dirty after playing outside as his friend with a light hair. However, it will be much less noticeable on darker hair.

So if you hear a suggestion that it is not worth choosing a light-coloured pet, because it will require more frequent washing, do not be fooled. Our task as guardians is to take care of the proper hygiene of our pets. Bathing and grooming should be a constant element of caring for the doggy, even if it seems that the dog is clean. Regular care for your dog’s hygiene is essential.

How to take care of a light dog’s hair?

Light dog’s hair requires a slightly more thoughtful grooming routine. First of all, you should equip yourself with cosmetics designed especially for light-coloured quadrupeds.

Shampoos designed for the care of white hair contain not only the basic washing ingredients but also those that are designed to eliminate the discolouration. Such a cosmetic does not have to be used with each pet’s bath. You can use it interchangeably with your regular washing shampoo. Its use should be adapted to the condition of the dog’s hair.

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In the case of dog breeds where discolouration around the face and eyes is a common problem, the shampoo itself may not perform its full function. In this case, use a cosmetic designed to reduce stains on the dog’s hair. These sensitive areas should be wiped regularly and not only when bathing.

However, before you decide on this type of pet care, consult your veterinarian on the choice of cosmetic. The eyes and the area of the dog’s mouth are particularly sensitive places. We must also be sure that we do not make any mistakes during beauty treatments. Too much cosmetics or a wrong composition can have more unpleasant effects than benefits on a dog’s hair.

If you want to provide your pet with comprehensive care for light hair, it is worth reaching for a supplement in the form of a conditioner. It is designed to take care of the quality of the dog’s hair and protect it against external factors. It will be much easier to maintain a beautiful, bright colour of the hair when it is fully healthy and shiny.

Taking care is not everything

Taking care of a dog’s fair hair is not only about choosing the right cosmetics. Regular brushing is also important. It helps to keep hair in good condition, giving it shine and a neat look. At the same time, we also brush the dead hair from the pet’s outer coat.

Keeping your dog’s coat looking healthy also depends on eating a balanced diet. Rich in essential vitamins and microelements that have a huge meaning on the condition of our dog’s hair.

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Rounding out the care of the dog’s pale hair should be regular visits to the dog’s hairdresser. It is he who will be able to objectively assess the condition of our pet’s hair and, if necessary, provide us with advice on its daily care.

I am eager to learn your ways to get rid of the troublesome dirt from your dog’s hair. Do you use some proven cosmetics, do you have your proven home remedies? Be sure to let me know in the comment!


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