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Made to measure dog accessories – is it worth it?

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The specificity of made to measure dog accessories

I always try to provide my pooch with the best. I make sure that his diet is fully balanced, rich in essential vitamins and microelements. I pay attention to keeping my pet healthy and in good physical condition. I choose accessories for him no less carefully. They are a permanent part of his and mine life. Both at home and during walks.

I believe that a well-chosen bedding or a bowl suitable for the size of pooch make him feel comfortable in our home. What’s more, a well-tailored harness increases the sense of freedom during walks.

Why is it worth choosing made to measure dog accessories?

First of all, a very important issue that undoubtedly should be paid attention to is the comfort and well-being of pooch. I don’t think any of us would feel comfortable and confident surrounding ourselves with things that very much don’t suit us. We are talking here about the mismatch in terms of size and cut.

Through our clothes and accessories, we express ourselves, our character and personalization. The situation is similar in the case of our pets. Dogs also have their own preferences. They may like something or quite the opposite.

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Perfect fit accessories for your pooch

The main assumption of made-to-measure dog accessories is that they are designed and prepared directly for individual pooch. That is why it is so important to know the dimensions of the pooch.

If you want to do it properly, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Depending on the product, different measurement values may be needed. Namely, if we decide to make a tailored harness for pet, we will need very precise values, such as the circumference of the chest or neck. However, if we want to order a bed, we take into account the overall size of our quadruped.

Pooch’s comfort and convenience

A well-cut harness or dog clothes have an direct impact how it fits on your pet’s body. First of all, it is of great importance for the comfort of use the accessories by the pooch. During walks, dogs spend their time very actively, they are in constant motion, run and play. Badly fitted harness may rub badly the dog’s skin, causing him a feeling of discomfort. Then the pooch will not be able to fully devote himself to having fun and a good time. The material that stiffens him will restrict his movements and make the dog feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, if you want to provide your dog with maximum comfort while playing and spending time actively, make sure that his accessories are well suited to his size. Both too small and too large clothes, harness or collar will be a problem. So, if you cannot choose the right size of accessories for your pet, or he is of non-standard dimensions, then made to measure products are the solution just for him. By deciding to take such a step, you can be sure that the product will fully meet the requirements of your dog.

Dog’s individualism

Each of us likes to feel special, one of a kind. Our four-legged friends also deserve this feeling. Let’s make them feel that they are unique. People very often express themselves through the way they dress. Why should it be any different for pets?

By choosing accessories for pet that match his character and personalization, we let the surroundings know what kind of dog they are dealing with.

Let’s pay attention to the fact that made to measure accessories are not only well-tailored products, made to the size of our pet. Many brands specializing in the creation of dog accessories allow their customers to customize their products. Of course, let’s remember that such accessories will require additional work from designers in creating an individual solution. So which adequately translates into a higher price of a given product. Nevertheless, if we want to ensure our original appearance, we must be aware of it.

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What products can be made to measure?

Tailored dog accessories are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, producers of accessories for dogs are trying to meet the expectations of their customers and try to enable the customization of most of their assortment.

The Bowl&Bone Republic brand offers the possibility of tailoring many of its products. Among them, we can find the iconic URBAN dog bed, as well as beds from the LOFT or CLASSIC lines. Among the accessories that Bowl&Bone Republic can design directly to the size of your pet, there are also dog cushions, sleeping bags, harnesses, mats, sweaters and even hoodies.

Give your pet a bit of luxury and originality. Made to measure dog accessories provide comfort and individual character to your doggy.


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