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Meaning of the seasons for your dog

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The meaning of the season for a dog

Does the season of the year matter to you? For me – huge. I can confidently say that some seasons make me burst with energy, while others make me feel nostalgic and at ease. Therefore, you are probably asking yourself what is the importance of the season for your dog? The answer is very simple and I am happy to tell you more about it.

Does the dog feel the weather change

At the outset, let’s consider whether the dog feels the changing weather. Like a large part of quadrupeds, dogs can sense that changes are coming. Although your pet does not understand the essence of the seasons, the change of weather is certainly not indifferent to the dog.

Depending on whether the change is favourable or unfavourable, the pooch will perceive it differently. Moreover, some dogs are especially sensitive to weather changing. In this group, we can distinguish:

– dog seniors
– dogs suffering from rheumatic diseases
– dogs with meteoropathy
– dogs with very high sensitivity to low temperature

The dog’s reaction to the seasons of the year

Knowing that changing the seasons of the year can be an important issue for your dog, you probably want to know what each of them can bring to your pooch. Why is having such knowledge important to you? Perhaps more than once, when you noticed sudden and unexpected changes in the behaviour or mood of a pooch, you wondered what they resulted from.

With time, not being able to find the source of the problem, we create our own, often untrue theories that we believe could have influenced this state of affairs. Although we feel in our body and mind a change in attitudes towards life as a result of the transition from one season to the next, we forget that our pets can experience exactly the same. The importance of the season for a dog is a very interesting topic.

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In spring, the dog feels excited

Spring is often referred to as dogs’ favourite season of the year. This is due to the fact that it is a moment of general stimulation and animation of the surrounding nature. You surely feel that spring has something magical about it.

As soon as the days become sunnier and warmer, you can see with the naked eye how the world around us is almost reborn again. The sense of smell is very important for dogs. Therefore, in spring, when the power of fragrances begins to surround us from all sides, our pets become extremely excited. They feel a marked change after the winter, during which the olfactory sensations are very limited.

Spring is not only a huge range of fragrances. This is the moment when the increasing temperature encourages your pooch to play outdoors. The sun stays with us for longer and longer every day. After a long, grey and cold winter, spring gives us exactly what we all lacked. A breeze of lightness and freshness.

For our dogs, spring means a time of longer and longer walks and more frequent games together outside. I think that as a guardian dog, you can clearly notice the influx of new energy and willingness to act in your pet.

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Summer for a dog – the meaning of the season

Summer is the smell of warmth, the sound of birds chirping as soon as the sun rises. It’s warm rain and fresh air after the storm. And what is summer for your dog? It is a time associated with constant fun. Summer is about smaller and bigger trips that we take our pooch on. Discovering new places, previously unknown smells.

Summer is also high temperature, which can sometimes be very troublesome for pets. Then they need shelter from the sun and constant access to water. Some dogs endure the heat badly. This is especially true of those breeds that are genetically adapted to live in a completely different climate. However, it is worth knowing which seemingly less obvious breeds tolerate high temperatures very badly. This group includes, among others:

– miniature spitz
– English bulldog
– boxer
– pug

Therefore, summer is not always received positively by our dogs. The heat can sometimes spoil even the best fun and give even the most persistent four-legged friends a hard time.

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Dog in the fall

The importance of the season for a dog does not play as much as it does for humans. Nevertheless, it can be certainly admitted that this is not a matter of indifference to your pet.

Which doggy doesn’t love to play in the leaves? I can confidently say that probably everyone. Burying in a huge pile of leaves is my pooch’s favourite activity during fall.

What else is autumn for your dog? Certainly a moment of respite after an exciting summer. Our quadrupeds, despite the enormity of energy that lies dormant in them, also need a moment of rest. This allows them to maintain a healthy balance between spending time actively and resting.

In the fall, when the outside temperature gets lower, some dogs will need extra protection against the cold. Do you want to know how to prepare your pet well for the autumn weather? If so, it is with great pleasure that I refer you to the article, where it describes in detail what should be included in the autumn layette for your dog. You can find it HERE – Preparing a dog for autumn. Let me know if you managed to find anything that caught your eye.

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A four-legged pet in winter

The meaning of the season for your dog is important. However, as you may have noticed, it takes a different form depending on what time of year we are talking about. You already know how the pooch perceives the arrival of spring, summer and autumn. So now it’s time for winter.

This is the time of the year which, due to the low temperature and very gloomy days, does not encourage walking. Even very active puppies feel it. Movement in the fresh air is still very important to them. However, you will certainly notice that your pet instinctively wants to stay outside the warm house shorter and shorter.

During winter, dogs love to spend frosty evenings lying lazily on the couch with their beloved guardian. Their energy level is clearly lower than in spring or summer. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Your pooch’s body instinctively dips into a slightly more dormant mode. She enjoys having fun not only in the fresh air but also at home.

You cannot forget about the basic issue that occurs in winter and concerns each of us, including your pet. What I mean here is the fact that the winter, frosty temperature often takes its toll on walks and everyday existence.

Our quadrupeds also need protection against the frosty breeze during joint walks. What type of dog clothes you choose is an individual matter. It depends primarily on your pet’s needs. However, if you have no idea what to choose for your frostbite, I can recommend you dog sweaters made of French ASPEN lamb wool from Bowl & Bone Republic.

Not only are they extremely warm and perfectly protect the dog against low temperatures. They are also available in several beautiful colours. The rolled-up turtleneck ensures that no breath of cold wind will be dangerous for your dog.

Is the time of the year very important to a dog

The importance of the season for a dog does not play as much role as it does for humans. Nevertheless, it can be certainly admitted that this is not a matter of indifference to your pet.

Summer keeps your little dog full of energy for endless outdoor games. In autumn, he enjoys diving in a pile of leaves. In winter, he likes to spend frosty evenings lying on the couch. In spring, the energy that is slightly dormant in it comes to life with all the surrounding nature.

Or maybe your pooch reacts differently to the change of seasons? Let me know. I am waiting for your story 🙂


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