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New Year’s Eve with a dog – how to take care of him

Welcoming the new year is a moment that almost all of us celebrate. Unfortunately, dogs, whether they like it or not, also “must” participate in this human celebration. For our dogs, December 31 is a day that causes them tremendous stress and fear. Why? Due to the inherent roar of fireworks, which is, unfortunately, an integral part of this day.

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New Year’s Eve with your dog

On December 31, at midnight, we begin the next chapter of our lives, believing it will be even better than the previous one. This particular day is for us, and we experience great euphoria and joy. However, New Year’s Eve with a dog looks a bit different.

Unfortunately, although we associate it positively, it is the most stressful night of the year for our dogs. Welcoming the new year is a moment that almost all of us celebrate. The unique noise that accompanies this day, and above all, the ubiquitous noise of firecrackers or fireworks, evokes a feeling of fear and disorientation in dogs.

What’s more, remember that our quadrupeds have a highly developed sense of smell. As a result, the incredibly intense smell of sulfur floating in the air is particularly unpleasant for them.

Unfortunately, we are unable to completely separate the dog from the intense stimuli that reach him that day. However, we can try to slightly reduce the stress accompanying the dog and improve his well-being.

How does my dog ​​feel?

First, it is worth understanding your dog’s feelings on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, some dog owners underestimate this issue, so everyone should be aware of this problem’s importance.

The issue that most severely affects the feeling of stress in a quadruped is the loud sound accompanying explosions of fireworks or firecrackers. These noises are loud for us humans, depending on how close they are to the source of the blast.

Dogs have much more developed and sensitive hearing than humans. They perceive the sound of fireworks as much louder than humans. Considering the frequency of explosions occurring on New Year’s Eve and the fact that dogs are unaware of their source, this causes a massive feeling of stress in dogs.

As responsible guardians, our task is to care for our pets properly. A dog’s reaction to fireworks is often unpredictable. A dog on New Year’s Eve can fall into an enormous panic caused by the unexpected, deafening sound of fireworks.

dog sits on the snow in a grey jacket

In addition, you have undoubtedly heard many times about cases where a dog, frightened by a sudden bang, starts to run away, running all the time, regardless of which direction it is moving. That is a hazardous situation that can lead to an accident.

New Year’s Eve with a dog, how to prepare

First, a lot depends on how your dog behaves during New Year’s Eve.

Is your dog extremely agitated, then? Maybe, on the contrary, he tries to hide in the farthest corner at all costs.

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One thing is sure, and we do not influence the fact that the fireworks show is (unfortunately) an element of welcoming the new, coming year. However, we are happy that this trend is slowly becoming less liked and imitated.

Nevertheless, for the dog to accept the celebration of entering the new year a little more gently, we must familiarize him with a loud sound. We should not isolate the dog from loud noises at all costs.

To distract the dog from the noise

An excellent way to deal with a dog’s fear caused by a bang is to create a positive association due to loud noises. What do I mean?

Your task will be to distract the dog from the loud sound and search for its source by trying to transfer his interest to us. If you want to effectively distract the dog from the fireworks, as soon as you notice that the dog starts to tense, cower or whine, try to call him by name until he pays attention to you.

Then call the dog to you, pet it and invite it to play with you. It is essential to wait for the pet to approach us. Do not try to approach the dog yourself because you cannot predict how it will behave under stress and fear.

As soon as the dog focuses on you, try to keep him busy enough to forget what just happened. How to do it?

New Year’s Eve is an excellent time to give the dog a new toy, preferably one that will allow us to play with the quadruped. In this way, a dog excited by a new, unknown toy may pay less attention to sounds coming from outside.

Treats are an excellent way to distract your dog. Every dog ​​gourmand will be tempted by his favourite delicacy. You will learn how to make healthy and tasty treats for your pet from the entry entitled – How to make dried dog treats.

dog eats from the duo dog bowl

In addition, we will create a positive association with the dog. In this way, the dog will remember that despite the unpleasant feeling of fear, he can count on comfort in the form of his favourite snacks.

Change of environment

Large cities have far more fireworks and firecrackers during New Year’s. A good solution may be a joint trip out of town with your four-legged friend.

New Year’s Eve spent outside the hustle and bustle of the metropolis will undoubtedly be pleasant for us and our pets. The number of fireworks set off in rural or suburban areas will be much smaller than in the centre of a bustling city.

Medical supplies will help the dog on New Year’s Eve

If your dog is restless during New Year’s Eve and is particularly hard to endure this time of year, go to the vet for a consultation. Perhaps the only way to reduce the dog’s stress will be to give him medication to relieve anxiety and nervousness.

Unfortunately, for some dogs, this may be the only practical solution in this situation. Remember, however, that giving your dog medication should be a last resort. If there are no reasons to do so, you should not choose this option.

New Year’s Eve with a dog – take care of your pet

During New Year’s Eve, show your dog that he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything because he’s safe with you. The dog should feel safe and secure with you.

Under no circumstances should you leave your dog home alone this evening. Take care of your pet if you go to a New Year’s Eve party or a trip.

December 31 is a challenging day for every pet; remember that! Please tell me how you spend New Year’s Eve with your pet.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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