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Orthopedic dog mattress
BLISS pink

All dogs need a sense of security provided by a comfortable mattress adapted to their specific needs. More and more pets are struggling with health problems, among which joint diseases are common. There is also a large group of dogs with a genetic predisposition to developing conditions of the osteoarticular system.
BLISS orthopedic mattresses were created with our pets' health problems in mind. Their health-promoting properties help in a kind of therapy; on the other hand, they become an excellent means of preventing health problems in puppies.The filling of the mattress, consisting of two separate layers of foam with different characteristics, provides comfort while having a health-promoting effect. The BLISS mattress guarantees unbelievable comfort regardless of the dog's size and weight. For her, your best friend will surely repay you with a joyful wagging tail. The pink colour of the orthopedic mattress will add character and delicacy to the dog's corner, becoming a favourite place for healthy sleep and blissful naps.


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Another advantage of the BLISS pink orthopedic dog mattress is its low weight and ease of folding for transport. It is effortless to move the dog’s sleeping place daily, wandering between the living room and the owner’s bedroom. Taking the mattress to the home gazebo or garden is also not the slightest problem. Equally important is the ease with which you can take the orthopedic dog bed for a short trip or vacation, packing it in the trunk of the car

Dogs of all breeds will appreciate the pink BLISS orthopedic mattress. Greyhounds, German Shepherds, Yorkies, French Bulldogs, Shih-Tzus, Maltese, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Cavaliers, Jack Russells, Schnauzers and Golden Retrievers will fall in love with beds that give a complete sense of comfort. Through health support, the smallest and the giant pets will repay us with vitality and willingness to play.

Pink BLISS orthopedic mattress – take care of your dog’s joints

Extraordinary attention to craft characterizes the orthopedic mattress for a dog BLISS in pink. The zipper cover is straightforward to remove. An essential feature of the top layer of the mattress is its waterproofness. That helps in keeping the lair impeccably clean. You can remove minor dirt with a damp sponge, and larger ones quickly disappear during hand washing or in an automatic machine. So we do not have to worry about how our pet behaves and whether it always has clean paws. The mattress is also efficient in difficult moments, such as recovery after surgery. It is also perfect as a puppy bed.

The strong point of the pink BLISS orthopedic mattress is the cover material, which is pleasant to the touch. You can be sure that your four-legged friend will feel thermal comfort and the feeling of being wrapped while lying on a mattress made of two layers of foam with different properties. The first layer is a 5 cm thick flexible foam. In turn, the second 3-centimetre layer of the so-called memory foam ensures a perfect fit of the bed to the dog’s body. This way, your four-legged friend gains comfort and a therapeutic effect on the joints and skeletal system.

Equally important, BLISS orthopedic mattresses are made of materials with above-average durability. Even intensive, everyday use of Bowl&Bone Republic orthopedic beds allows you to enjoy their quality and aesthetic appearance for a long time. Mattresses retain their therapeutic effect, stimulating the dog’s development and helping to get rid of joint problems. The particular pink structure of the BLISS orthopedic mattress helps dogs get rid of joint pain. It also has a significant impact on the daily well-being of our pets.

In addition to craft quality, Bowl&Bone Republic designers also pay special attention to the aesthetics of our products. The design of the BLISS orthopedic mattress is the best materials, proven technology, and an eye-catching appearance. Attention to detail and elegance match any interior. In addition, we offer a wide range of colours for our product. In addition to the pink colour, you can buy the BLISS orthopedic mattresses for dogs in the Bowl&Bone Republic store in grey, yellow, red, blue and cream versions.

It is worth combining an orthopedic mattress for your pet with blankets and sleeping bags from the European manufacturer Bowl&Bone Republic. Our premium dog products will create a durable, aesthetic and health-supporting layette for your pet.

Size chart
Special features
Product composition
Product care
Sizes of orthopedic dog mattress BLISS
in pink colour

S size
70cm x 50cm x 8cm
(≈ 27,6" x 19,7" x 35⁄32")

M size
80cm x 60cm x 8cm
(≈ 31,5" x 23,6" x 35⁄32")

L size
100cm x 70cm x 8cm
(≈ 39,4" x 27,6" x 35⁄32")


The orthopedic mattress for a dog BLISS in pink makes a great set with ROYAL blankets and DREAMY sleeping bags.

The most important advantages of dog mats from the Bowl&Bone Republic:

  • made of exceptionally high-quality, dog-friendly materials,
  • removable, zippered cover,
  • filling made of combined memory foam and flexible foam, for great comfort of your pet,
  •  additionally trimmed with waterproof material for easy insertion and removal from the cover,
  • there is an option to buy an additional cover,
  • possibility of washing the mat cover by hand or in a washing machine,
  • designed and manufactured in the European Union,
  • unique design appreciated, among others, by VOGUE, GLAMOR and KENSINGTON & CHELSEA MAGAZINE.

The outer material is 100% PES compliant with the REACH 1907 certificate, the fabric is characterized by abrasion resistance of over 80,000. Martindale cycles. The filling is 37% thermoplastic foam and the rest is polyurethane foam.

Keeping the BLISS orthopedic
dog mattress clean

BLISS orthopedic mattresses in pink are equipment for particular tasks. As manufacturers, we know that dogs often use these mattresses during difficult healing after illnesses, surgical procedures, or puppies. That is why we have made every effort to keep the orthopedic mattresses clean as efficiently as possible.

Our designers from the Bowl&Bone Republic equipped orthopedic mattresses with removable covers. It is, therefore, easy to clean it from time to time while ensuring that the inner part of the mattress remains free of dirt. The materials used to sew the mattress’s top layer suit manual and mechanical washing. Just remember not to use detergents containing chlorine or bleach under any circumstances. In addition, remember that the washing temperature must not exceed 30 ° C. If you want to preserve the cover’s original shape, it is best to dry it until it is completely dry in a horizontal position in a flat form.

You can find detailed information on how to wash the BLISS pink orthopedic dog mattress on the product label. Before proceeding with the removal of dirt from the cover, please read the instructions mentioned above.

Available colours
Other products
Made to measure

Custom-made BLISS orthopedic dog mattress

The Bowl&Bone Republic company, which creates premium dog accessories, perfectly understands customers’ needs. Apart from high aesthetic values, we know that our products must serve high functionality. We are also aware that many of our recipients need products ideally suited to the needs of their pets. That’s why we ordered the BLISS, made-to-measure, pink rehabilitation mattresses for dogs.

If you want to order a made-to-measure BLISS orthopedic mattress, please send your preferred bed dimensions to Our employees will prepare the order within 2-4 business days. When the orthopedic dog mattress you ordered is ready, we will send it to the address provided.

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Orthopedic dog mattress BLISS pink
– protect the health of your four-legged friend!

Bowl&Bone Republic specializes in creating premium products, including those for dogs with special needs. The highest quality of our products guarantees not only exceptional comfort but also health-promoting properties. The pink BLISS orthopedic mattress should be included in every layette for a dog at risk of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Our orthopedic mattresses work well not only as beds for adult dogs but also for puppies. Regardless of body weight, every dog rests wonderfully on our soft, comfortable orthopedic mattresses.

The pink BLISS orthopedic mattress consists of two layers of foam with different characteristics. The former is characterized by considerable flexibility, and the latter by the so-called shape memory. That is why an orthopedic mattress for a dog perfectly compensates for any unevenness and provides excellent comfort. The quadruped body is stably supported during sleep or rest, ensuring the skeletal system’s proper functioning. Prevention of joint problems is also essential for dogs whose breeds are genetically prone to common problems. In addition, the BLISS orthopedic mattress ensures natural body positioning, which promotes undisturbed blood and lymph flow.

orthopedic dog mattress pink

The use of an orthopedic mattress visibly affects the health of the dog. The pink BLISS lair is conducive to the harmonious development of puppies, guaranteeing a healthy sleep. It also benefits older dogs, which retain their vitality and willingness to play much longer. If they have health problems, it will stimulate their recovery through the rehabilitation effect of the orthopedic mattress. It provides your dog with a healthy body position while sleeping and resting translates into its overall physical condition. So you can be sure that caring for your quadruped from an early age will result in good health in the future. For this reason, it is worth using the BLISS orthopedic mattress. It will help the dog to enjoy fitness and willingness to take up physical activity for many years.

The undoubted advantage of the pink BLISS orthopedic mattress is its waterproof cover. The material we use is soft, gives a sense of comfort, and at the same time, effectively protects the inner layers of the foam against moisture. The waterproof cover also makes it easy to keep the bed clean. That is especially important if a puppy or dog uses the mattress during treatment.

Why accessories from Bowl&Bone
Republic are unique

Your dog's comfort is the most important thing to us

design and details that will delight you

we use only the highest quality materials

100% production in the European Union

tailor-made accessories with the possibility of personalization

To use this option, please send an e-mail to, including information about the size and colour of the cover that we should prepare for your pet.

We pack all our products in environmentally friendly packaging of 70% recycled cardboard. The motto of our company is to care for the natural environment.

Take care of a better tomorrow with your pet and the Bowl&Bone Republic





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